Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going to Hell in a Handbasket and Playing Golf, Unions and the Dayton Police

Lots of things have been happening in our world in the last few weeks. My prayers and donations have gone to Japan for the devastation that has happened in their world. It just wasn't enough that an earthquake hit because what it didn't ruin the resultant tsunami took care of. The Japanese are tough, resilient and will overcome this but to add insult to injury the quake and tsunami did a number on their nuclear power plants and they are damaged, on fire and spewing radioactive material. The Japanese government states that all is okay but as we know here, governments lie. It just depends on who has the most money to lose. The Middle East is in a state of chaos the likes that I have never seen in my lifetime. Israel is hunkering down and waiting. The biggest terrorist this side of bin Laden, Libya's own Muamar Gadaffi is murdering people in his own country to control a rebellion set to dethrone this monstrous dictator. What are we doing? WE(that would be the royal we) are playing golf. I really don't begrudge Obama a game of golf but come on, the world is falling apart and he is on the green. Someone, maybe his wife, since his advisers don't have the sense that God gave a goose, needs to tell him that there is a time and a place to play. NOW IS NOT THE TIME. I did not vote for this idiot. It's your fault.

On the home front Scott Walker, Republican Governor from Wisconsin, took on the unions and won. They will now have to pay slightly more for their health care and pensions and they also have their collective bargaining rights restrained. This affects ALL public employees except the police and fire departments. The teachers have been up in arms and have involved their students in the demonstrations as evidenced on the news today when on a class trip the little kids were chanting and holding signs. What a crock of shit. If I lived up there and my child were involved in this I would be scalping their teacher. Talk about indoctrination. I have union issues. I understand about workers rights. But unions by and large protect substandard employees. I applauded the firing of 13 of the 15 Chysler auto workers who were caught on tape during their lunch break using drugs and drinking. Two were suspended without pay but then reinstated. Don't know why.. maybe they tested negative for the alcohol and drugs but THEY WERE THERE. They knew what was going on and by their passive participation, they felt that it was okay. Fire them too. We have teachers who lie, cheat(fake MD excuses.. and the doctors that wrote those notes should lose their licence's) and demonstrate on days that they should be in the classrooms. I wouldn't want that kind of influence on my children. In Dayton, Ohio the police entrance exam now has to have a passing rate of a 60 to allow minority races who have been "educationally deprived"(where were the teachers?) to pass so that they can carry guns, protect the public and write tickets and fill out reports... good luck with that.. you can't even pass the entrance test. The excuse is that they didn't receive the same education that their classmates had and that the exam is geared more towards Caucasians. Could it be that those same individuals didn't a)attend class b) were socially promoted, c)played football, baseball etc. and were given grades(which is the administrations fault and not the teachers)d)had parents that didn't participate in their education, or e) God forbid, just plain stupid? If all the above things don't apply then they had a rotten teacher.. and just to show you I am not prejudiced.. there are rotten nurses out there practicing as well. If the teacher is rotten then thanks to the unions she can keep on under-educating students till she retires. So follow me here, if those individuals in Dayton, Ohio who can't pass the police entrance exam... attended class, didn't play sports, studied 4 hours a day, had parents who attended each teacher conference and made sure their homework was done, then they had a rotten teacher and thus a union problem.

I have many friends who are teachers and love what they do. They express the ongoing concern that the kids are disconnected from school and, that friends is traced back to the parents. If the home is single parent and said parent is gone working or playing instead of keeping track of what junior is doing then the fault is partially theirs( if they haven't instilled the fear of God in their little angels to study), the rest lies with the individual person. My mom was a single parent and worked 2 jobs. I did my homework, I studied(not as much as I should have) and I was able to go to college. You want to get ahead apply your lazy ass to the seat of a chair and study. Self motivation can even beat the worst teacher. It is ridiculous to dumb down a test to accommodate a person who lacked the self motivation to help themselves.

Wow... end of my rant.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Kansas, Missouri, Flying, Constipation, and Cerner

I went on a trip from February 27th through March 4th. My director asked me to take her place and go to Kansas to spend the week at Cerner Corp. I hate to fly. This is a vast understatement. It took me hours to give her an answer but I had decided to take her place. My hospital is part of Lafayette General Medical Center and the whole computer system is being overhauled to accommodate the changes in the health care system. We are still pushing paper at my little hospital and I really have been looking forward to computerized charting not only because it will streamline the work that we do but, because of the design, patient care will be positively affected. I still stand firmly against our government having ANYTHING to do with my medical records but recognize the local need for rapid transfer of information. That being said I went to Kansas for classes.

The Flight Coming and Going
I flew with several co-workers from each hospital. Denise and I were roommates and managed to sit beside each other on the flight going. We had two 1 and 1/2 hour legs, the first to Dallas then on to Kansas. Dear God in heaven. The SEATS. Okay I am not stupid and I realize that my butt has increased over the years but I don't need a seat belt. I just have to cram my ass into the chair and the overflow that squeezes though the armrest more that amply secures me to the seat. I sat on my seat belt when I first got on board and like to NEVER found it. As soon as we got in the air I raised the arm rest between Denise and me and sort of flowed over onto her side. She was very gracious about the whole thing. Coming back on the last leg of the trip I sat in the single seats on the left side of the plane( I prefer to call them "seatlettes" sort of junior seats for junior size butts)Prior to getting on they announced that our bathroom didn't work and apparently they didn't have another plane in the whole fleet of American Airlines that they could substitute. That's okay. What they did though was announce repeatedly that the bathroom did not work and that we would have to go to the john prior to leaving. What happens when you know that you can't go to the bathroom for a period of time... like in a traffic jam, on a stuck elevator, first in line at the Wallmart Black Friday Sale OR in an airplane without a toilet. YOU HAVE TO PEE. It doesn't matter that 5 minutes before the flight you have urinated, the minute the doors slam shut you just got to GO. To make matters worse my seat beltlette cut into my bladder the the ride was a little rough.

The Hotel and Being Roommates
As stated before I roomed with Denise. Similar to me she doesn't like anyone to come in the room while we were gone so we opted out each day for housekeeping. We were just a little messy(paaaahaaaaa). I didn't realize just how messy we were till we saw Kathleen's room. It was spotless, nothing out of place.. looked like she had just come in. She was by herself for 2 days... if that had been me I would have been all over that room like a bad rash..... I would have pillows, clothes, computer, books etc all over the place. I have known Denise for 10 years but I have never pooped in her vicinity. And since my poop doesn't smell like roses I had a problem. I would bet that anyone reading this who had to room with someone other than a relative had the same issues. To make it worse when I travel I tend towards constipation so I take ducolax with me to handle the issue. To poo or not to poo. A way to deal with this is the "garlic" method. You know when you go out to eat with a boyfriend and you want to eat garlic?? You make him eat garlic too so that he won't gag when he kisses you goodnight. What you have to do is convince the person you are rooming with that they are constipated as well!!!! Then you can bond over ducolax pill. It really worked... by the end of the trip we were farting in front of each other!!!!(Denise is just going to kill me for telling that)

Eating and the Per Diem
30 bucks a day really is plenty to eat on. You cannot go to beer gardens, Jack Stax BBQ for ribs, Houston's Steak House and the Cheese Cake Factory, order room service every day for breakfast and stay within the budget. I went over my per diem by about 130 bucks. I just had an AHA moment. There is a definite correlation between the way I eat and the size of the plane seatlettes. Anyway, we ate well and often. To those of you that have a Cheese Cake Factory in your town let me HIGHLY recommend the Shepard's Pie. OMG!OMG!OMG!. I have never been in a Cheesecake Factory restaurant so I don't know if they are are constructed the same but in Kansas City the bathroom is on the second floor. You can walk up the stairs in the middle of the restaurant or you can take the elevator. Just a suggestion: Get rid of the mirrors in the elevator or cut them off at waist level. I got on and was assaulted by different views of my butt. Even closing one eye didn't make it smaller. I still ate the cheese cake.

All I can say is WOW. Cerner rocks. I am a technotard and was lost the first 2 days but claim victory because on the third day I started to understand. This is an amazing facility that included several buildings over some of the prettiest acreage I have seen. The people are dedicated to helping you understand and working on a solution that best meets your company's needs. Just a little suggestion. Chair lift to the cafeteria. From our building you have to walk up a hill to the cafeteria or you can take the outdoor stairs. I made it the first day... my heart rate was 148(not kidding) when I got to the top. I should have done it every day. I really did enjoy myself and I am looking forward to seeing this huge project take shape.

I so enjoyed meeting people that I had only talked with on the phone. There are some funny people at the main hospital and I laughed more this week than I had in a long time. My big concern was my clothes but I held up my end of the business casual dress code. Thanks to everyone for answering questions when I asked, and thanks to whoever put this together.. the logistics must have been a nightmare. Big thanks to Denise. You are an awesome roommate!!!!!!