Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Politics:Families and Friends

Nearly four years have passed since B. Obama became President.  It's that time again for tempers to rise, opinions to be stated and arguments to happen.  In our family we are diverse with one sister a very liberal Democrat and three of us Republicans/Independent.  In my personal family I am married to a former Democrat who joined the Republican Party after he completed his military duty.  He states that  he changed because he saw how the Democratic Party mislead his generation. Stan can go on for hours about this but  to  cover it in one run-on sentence:  In his travels in the service he saw the positive and negative of American influence in the world and he felt that the Democrats did not represent the truth.  We have both voted for Democrats in the state but have stayed with the Republican ticket in the presidential elections.  My son feels that we are in the biblical end times so it doesn't much matter who we vote for but he usually votes Republican.  Rebekah is the hold out politically and never talks about her views much to her very  Republican husband's distress.  But in defense of my daughter she is right her views belong to her and if she wants to share them she will.  I think she delights in the fact that she won't tell!.  During the last few years she told me that I was writing to much politically on my blog and not enough about family.  I agreed to an extent and have made an attempt to keep my views to a rare entry.  Sometimes though I cannot stop myself.  I loathe this current administration and what it has done to our country.  I adore a political conversation, discourse, debate, and  argument.  A former co-worker Eric and I used to go round and round.  He was an Obamaphyte and thought that the air he expelled was holy(slight exaggeration here.... sorry Eric... but it's close to being true!) We would tie into it and almost get to the yelling point!!!  It was great.  Afterwards we would always agree to disagree and go on. I really valued what Eric had to say.  I didn't agree with it but I did listen and consider his opinion briefly before I ignored his view.  He would be the first to tell  you how wrong I was but he listened too.  He just ignored anything I said.  On Facebook I have a friend named Bob who puts out some of the funniest anti-Obama stuff you have ever read.  He is obviously a die-hard conservative and has a friend named Hugh who is the exact opposite.  I love reading the debate between these two.  It makes me think, provides me laughs and there are always those who have to enter in a comment. Including me.  I think Hugh is deluded but I love reading his comments.  Discussion is how we exchange information, form opinions, and clear the air.  The only thing that I hope I can accomplish through Facebook and my blog is to make people pay attention to what is happening politically and to THINK before they vote.  The most important thing we do for our country is to vote.  You can vote for whomever you wish but don't do so because  Bob, Eric, Hugh, or I  told you our candidate is the best.  I have another friend who refuses to watch the news and doesn't read anything unless it is written by Nora Roberts.  She always asks me how to vote.  I have railed against her flipping ignorance about current events to no avail.    She called me the other night and said "we don't like Obama do we?"  I just laughed and told her that I couldn't stand him but she needed to form her own opinion.  Her problem is she doesn't want to get involved.   You have to read books and articles from both sides of the Aisle.  You have to watch news from ALL sources and not just a minute before you change channels.  Quite frankly I will watch CNN/MSNBC to continue to confirm the liberal ideological bent of those news agency.  This is something that I will go into in another blog. I listen to Fox because I get an ACCURATE accounting of both sides of the fence. I don't want to be fed only one view.  I want to hear opposing sides.   Obama doesn't like Fox.  They hold his feet to the fire and the others don't.   Know this.  I am an American.  I love my country.  I do not like what this Administration has done to the Republic. If you wish to debate me I would love it but if you ONLY get your information from  news shows that are shamelessly  liberal, or read only those things that support your opinion save your breath.  You are ignorant, I have better ways to waste my time.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet the Family Allison River Hart

Dear Allison River Hart,

Welcome to the world my precious little granddaughter.  It must be pretty strange for you about now.  All the noise, the lights, and smells.  I imagine that the change in temperature must be pretty scary too.  I just wanted to let you know that you were very much wanted and loved even before you decided to enter the world.  You are part of a very wonderful family and I thought that I would take the time to introduce you to everyone so that we all don't seem so strange.

Mommy and Daddy:  Mommy's name is Sydni and she is the one who was nurturing you for the past 7 and 1/2 months.  It was her heart beat that you heard that provided you comfort.  It was her womb that you were resting in getting ready to join us.  Mommy is a ballerina.  She is a beautiful dancer and she took you on spins around the room every so often. Mommy is also a massage therapist which means that you will get wonderful back rubs when your tummy is upset.  Daddy is like a male mommy with a deeper voice.  He will get to hold you now that you are out.  He has big hands that can protect you and a gentle heart that will hear your unspoken needs.  He is a dancer too and a massage therapist.  He can tell a story without talking by moving his feet and hands. He is a beautiful dancer too. When he holds you , you will be able to hear and learn what his heart sounds like.    Mommy and Daddy both love God and will teach you all about Him as you grow older.

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Peggy Hart:  Okay this gets a little confusing but Grandpa Steve is daddy's daddy.  Grandma Peggy is daddy's stepmother.  Grandpa Steve is a doctor and spent his time in the Navy.  He is a retired Admiral.  He had an important job but now his most important job is to love you.  Grandma Peggy owns a Tea Shoppe.  She is a successful business woman and a mommy too and she loves you so much as well and  maybe when you get older she will have a tea party with you.  They live in Iowa where you were born.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Shane Garrard:  Aunt Becky is daddy's sister and Uncle Shane is her husband.  Aunt Becky is a nurse practitioner and is very very smart.  She is tall and beautiful too.  She is going to be a wonderful aunt and will spoil you.  Uncle Shane owns a business with his family and works with computers.  Uncle Shane is very smart too.  And he is funny.  Really really funny. He has a big garden and rides a tractor.    Aunt Becky and Uncle Shane have chickens and live by the levee.  They have alligators near their house.  They also have two dogs, Maxi and Tig.

Grandma Stephanie and Grandpa Kurt Bourg:  This is mommy's mommy and daddy.  They came to visit you today.  Grandma Stephanie sells houses and  is very successful.  Grandpa Kurt is a fireman.  He puts out fires and saves peoples lives.  You are their first grandchild and they love you so very much already.  Grandma Stephanie is going to ride in the car with you all the way back to your home in Louisiana just in case you need something.  She thinks you are beautiful.

Uncle Seth Bourg:  This is mommy's brother.  He is marrying Kristen and she will be your other aunt.  Uncle Seth is a fireman too.  He is like grandpa Kurt and puts out fires and saves people's lives.

Great grandpa Allen and  Great Grandma Carolyn:  They are mommy's grandparents and they drove to Iowa to see you today too.  They have lots of time and love to give you.  They live close to your home and will see to it that you are spoiled rotten.

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Stan:  This is daddy's mommy and stepfather.   Grandpa Stan sold windows and is retired now.  He is very excited that you are here and can't wait to meet you.  He likes to hunt and has plenty of deer meat to share with you. Grandpa Stan likes to read and will sit with  you and read you books if you smile at him.      He is working as a carpenter's helper to pass the time right now until you get home.
Grandma Debbie is me.  I am a nurse in an Emergency department and used to fly on a rescue helicopter.  I also like to write and take pictures.  I will take hundreds of pictures of you and show those pictures to perfect strangers if they sit still long enough.  I have so much love in my heart for you already that it feels like it is bursting.  I can't wait to meet you.

There are so many other people that will be important to you that it would be hard to write about each one.  You have a Great Aunt Patti who is with the Red Cross,  Great Uncle Jack who is the Mayor of their Iowa town.  Great Aunt Barbara who is known as Aunt Bee and she is waiting to meet you too.  You have cousins, other aunts and uncles who are looking fofward to seeing you.  Grand Taunte Jill sends her love and thinks you are just beautiful.  There are so many many people who are just waiting to see you.  I will close this for now and will write again later.

I love you precious girl,

your grandma Deb

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Hart ..is Today the Day???

Sydni and Joshua are in Iowa for the Hart family reunion.  It is always the first weekend of August and Harts come from all over the US to attend.  Apparently the newest Hart, my granddaughter wants to attend too.  Sydni called me this morning to ask what it was like if your water broke.  She explained her symptoms and it sounded suspiciously like labor.   They were on their way to the hospital as she was talking.  Well they have admitted her and will keep her till the baby comes.  The princess Hart is 6 weeks early but I believe that God is there in the room and womb and all will be well.  What is serendipitous is that a year ago they were planning to get married in mid September and moved the wedding up to the first weekend in August to get married in Iowa at Hartland Woods, the family campground.  Well the baby was due mid September and they felt safe to travel to the reunion and now the baby is going to be born during the Hart family reunion time.  Except that it is a little early it couldn't be more perfect.  I wish I was there.  I imagine her mom will fly up and Steve and Peggy, Joshua's dad and step-mom will be near-by.  My heart is so full and it is taking all I can not to get in my car and go.  OHHHH  I just remembered... I don't have my car, they do!!! So sometime in the next few hours or days my little granddaughter will enter the world.  My little sweetheart when you make your presence known and enter this cold hard world know that you will be surrounded by love.  You are wanted and loved already.  I look forward to the first time I can look into your eyes.  You have such amazing genes.  Your great grandmother Ina is in heaven and I believe is watching and will be in the room with your mom and dad.   Oh Lord just surround their room with your peace.  Give them the strength and surety that all will be well.  Take care of Sydni and keep her in your loving embrace.  Oh Lord keep Joshua in  your  arms and provide him the words to express your greatness.  In Jesus name I pray.