Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Becky

28 years ago today I gave birth to my daughter Rebekah. Her dad wanted to call her April. I'm not sure why and for some reason the name Rebekah was on my heart. Stan agreed and Rebekah she became. Her middle name is from her Aunt (Nancy Elaine) She was born at 12:30pm at St Joseph's Hospital in Bryan, Texas. She was delivered by Dr. L. Rasberry. In attendance in the delivery room was her daddy Stan and her 'Aunt' Jojo. This delivery couldn't have happened quickly enough for me.

I was living in Tulsa when I found out I was pregnant and within 2 days(seemed like)I was in maternity clothes. I was sick intermittently throughout the day and I would up-chuck without warning. I was in the grocery in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma shopping and was looking at the meat. I didn't feel sick but as I looked over the bacon I just threw up, in the case. The meat man was not happy with me and I was encouraged to leave the store. Like I would really like to hang around after that episode. I was the size of Manhattan and miserable. My bra size had increased to EE's. My nurse friend Bryan W. would tape my boobs in a figure 8 and bring the tape over the back of neck so that I could breathe. My favorite food was french fries with mustard and ketchup and I indulged every night. By the time we moved to Bryan I had gained nearly 100 lbs and my 'cankles' were awesome sight.. or so I have been told. I hadn't seen my feet in months. Lady Di and Prince Charles married just months before she was born. I remember laying on my side in bed watching the wedding on a small black and white TV and feeling very huge. I still had my size 10 string bikini made out of a black crochet type material. My worst ever day was when I thought I would go outside and sunbathe and I got my little suit out. Just to give you an idea I was 120 when I wore that suit and by this time I was well over 200lbs. 4year old Joshua looked at me and said 'WHOA mommy!!' I have no idea how I could have thought I would fit. I was hysterical and packed up Joshua and went to the Dairy Queen at the end of the block we both were happier after we had cones.

I went into labor early in the morning. I was at the hospital by 7:30am and had an erratic labor. During my entire pregnancy Becky hardly moved. She was saving it all for the labor part and kicked me every time I had a contraction. She kicked so hard that my boobs would bounce. Dr. Ras finally decided that because of slowing heart rate that he would drag her out with forceps. Let me tell you that it felt like my brains were being suctioned out. She arrived screaming weighing in at 10 lbs and 9 ozs and she was 20 and 1/2inches long Stan tells me that she was big enough to carry a football. My friend Jojo pronounced her beautiful I looked at this black haired baby of mine through happy tears and whispered to the nurse "where is her nose" I didn't think the others had noticed that she didn't have one. She had such chubby cheeks that her nose was barely visible. The nurse Ms. Pat promised me that she would fix the problem and my baby went home 3 days later with her little pug nose where it was supposed to be.

She was my mother's last grandchild and my mother-in-laws first granddaughter. She was adored by her big brother and protected from birth by Sam the Boxer(a story for another day) She was my angel, her daddy's girl and the answer to her big brother's prayer. Happy, happy birthday precious girl. I wish you so many more.

Love Mom

Friday, October 16, 2009


Recent events gave me my idea for tonight's posting. Manners. My knowledge of manners comes from my Momma. Probably most people got most of there manners whupped into them by their parents. I only had one parent that I recall teaching me anything worthwhile. Well that's not quite accurate. My dad briefly had his law office in the front room of our home and on a summer day he had clients and the door was open. There wasn't air-conditioning back then and screens in the doors and windows kept the breeze up. Well for whatever reason I took it upon myself to go to the door and stick my tongue out at my father. He got up and walked outside and smacked me on my well deserving butt. I can't remember why I did that but I can still remember the bitter metallic taste of the screen. I took from that experience that sticking my tongue out at my father was a big no-no. He didn't say anything to me to reinforce that this was poor manners but as I grew I took care that when I did stick my tongue out I couldn't be caught. I was a closet tongue-sticker-outer.
My momma taught me that you didn't belch out loud, you always said please and thank you, you offered your seat to anyone older than you, you sat with your legs together and you didn't touch your body parts even if they itched. Ladies don't spit, pass gas or forget to flush the toilet. If you stayed at someone's house you offered to clean the table, wash or dry the dishes, and tried not to be a pest. You didn't eat the last thing in the bowl if you had guests and all guests were given the best selections of food. You learned to write thank you notes and call everyone Ma'am or Sir. I could go on for days about this but the one thing that I want to hammer home is that it is common for people to issue a blanket invitation to friends to come eat, come visit, drop in, or call. Take it from me. They mean every word they say but it is beyond rude to take someone up on a blanket invitation without first calling. You have to give the future host an opportunity to do the dishes, comb her hair, sweep the floor and RENEGE on the invitation if the time isn't right. You never,never ever inform your host that you are coming over by having someone else call. Manners dictate you must call yourself and tell the host that you are taking them up on his or her offer especially if the host is going to be put out by more than a cup of coffee and a danish.
End of my rant.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

God Boxes

I was very stressed out this past 2 weeks and over the weekend talked to my sister Barb. She told me about God Boxes. This is where you put a problem with which you are having issues. The problems can be about a person, finances, current events, whatever it is that has you bound up and tearful, stressed out, worried, angry and ill. You close your eyes and picture a box and put the person, problem, bill, health issue etc, in that box and close the lid and give it to God. Then don't worry any more about it and let God deal with the issue. If the problem leaks out then you prayerfully reseal the box and give it back to God. Obviously for someone with my intelligence this is a metaphorical fix to just keep me from having a heart attack and missing my cruise. I put a recent problem I was having with a person into the box and within 2 days the problem was gone. Some metaphorical fix!!! It was over and done. Okay so maybe I'm not so smart or just maybe my faith has been lacking but all I know is that after that result I spent some time putting things in boxes and I have a warehouse full. The one I have Nancy Pelosi in has a handle on the side and plays music: once a day she pops up and scares the shit out of me.(sorry I couldn't help it... it just slipped out of me.)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Please Note

Please read the comment section in the blog "From a Rotten Acorn a Mighty Obama Grows" Brittanicus wrote a good piece.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Okay well I just love the title.... my sister Barb gave me that and I don't know where she got the nice little play on the word abomination but it fits. I got next to no sleep because I watched the news this morning and found out this little tidbit. Hold your seat.... our current president is a liar or he passed through law school on his charm and looks. Especially his constitutional law course. Remember his big talk about not letting the illegal aliens get any form of the government sponsored insurance? Even I sort of believed him. He stated emphatically that it will be put in the bill that they will not receive any part of that health care offering. Well according to the constitution .... this has been tested in Texas and California... any government social offering is available to anyone living in this country. The test cases were about education and the right of the state to deny education to children living illegally in this country. The states lost so just to make sure that you understand IF A BILL FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM INCLUDES A GOVERNMENT/ PUBLIC OPTION THEN REGARDLESS OF WHAT THAT TWIT PUTS IN THE BILL ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN WILL BE ABLE TO BUY INSURANCE THAT WE HAVE PAY FOR. Do you understand??? Not only will we have to pay for the dead beats in our own country we will now have to take care of all the illegals currently living here.
He would have made sure to have an exclusion put in the bill to look good when he knows darn good and well that it wouldn't hold up in court. Our president is a liar, stupid or a manipulator take your pick. I am grossly disappointed. More than ever I want this country to expel the illegal aliens from whence they came. Get out, stay out and don't come back. Live off of your own country and quit bleeding ours. I don't care if they have one or 50 kids born here...they NEED TO GO HOME.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From a Rotten Acorn a Mighty Obama Grew

I has been a few weeks since I have commented on anything and the news has been rife with possibilities. The ACORN scandal is almost old now. In case anyone out there has missed the news, ACORN is finally being investigated by our government for a whole slew of nasty stuff. We are all aware of the voter fraud that went on and has been ignored by most of the news stations. Except for individual states in which it happened our central government has not really looked into anything involving their pet pig. Two very inventive college students caught multiple offices in a layman's sting that really showed of what these people are made. Congress finally had to do something because the ACORN offices hit by these two kids were offering advice on tax cheating, underage prostitution and slavery. Now I am aware that there are good ACORN offices somewhere and I am sure that when Obama worked with them that they were just squeaky clean but come on they have taken millions and millions of dollars and they are CHEATS and almost got away with it. What amazed me(and it really shouldn't) is that when questioned about the scandal our "brilliant" president looked puzzled and said he really didn't know what was happening and hadn't really heard anything. Is this guy for real???? Does he honestly think we buy that load of crap. He was notified the minute the scandal hit and his peeps were working on spin control and doctoring.

The Heath Care reform situation is still worrying me. We as free people must stay viligent and keep the government out of our health and home. I could go on and on about what they want to do for us because they think we are stupid sheep and don't know our butt holes from our bellybuttons. I loved the idiot from Florida who said ON THE FLOOR that the Republician answer to Health Care Reform is to die quickly..... and then made other nasty statements including equating deaths suffered so far(without health care reform) to the Holocaust. The idiot(who I will not name..don't want to give him any more name recognition) is JEWISH. What a moron. When the Gentleman from South Carolina said to the President "YOU LIE" during his address on Health Care(refering to the giving of insurance to illegal aliens... the Pres said it wouldn't happen thus the comment) I felt it was pretty inappropriate and the man apologized directly and publicly. My best girl Nancy Pelosi...I am being hugely sarcastic here...nearly swooned and in a statement later equated the outburst( 2 words) to what happened in the 60's and 70's with all the violent retoric of that day.She was actually teary eyed and had some facial expression. When asked about the Idiot Gentleman from Florida she didn't seem to be too upset by his comments. What a gal!!!!

Obama is back from his failed trip to intice the Olympic Comittee to play in Chicago in 2016. My gosh he made such an effort. He and Michele and Ophra went on 2 separate planes at tax payer expense and took 2 sets of security detail at tax payer expense. I really didn't pay attention to how Ophra got there. She is richer than Midas so I don't care unless she hooked a ride with her pal Michelle. I think Obama actually thought his presence would sway the group. I loved the headline from the Druge Report when he returned. It read 'The Ego Has Landed". Now he has to face Valerie Jarrett his chief whatever in the White House. She is a slumlord in Chicago. They did a special on her property and its disgusting how she has let it rundown. I'm sure that she was planning on unloading her property for a HUGE profit as an Olympic village venue.

Well that has been the news in a nut shell this past month. Oh I forgot, unemployment is still up, the stimulus is still not working, and they want to put more money into whatever they put it into the first time that didn't produce what they promised it would. That was a run on sentence sorry. So all is status quo in Washington.

In case anyone is wondering. I do know the difference between my butthole and bellybutton.