Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Most Excellent Cruise Adventure

It was decided that instead of me spending a fortune that I don't have on gifts for Christmas that Stan and I would spend a fortune and pay for cruise tickets for our kids. We ended up with a family affair and besides Stan and me we had Josh and Syd, Becky and Shane, my sisters Patti and Barbara, my niece Mindy and my friend Jill. We had a blast. We took NCL out of New Orleans on a 7 day trip thru the western Caribbean leaving on my birthday. All I can say is the food is great, the staff was wonderful, the entertainment the best and BRING MONEY. We are not big drinkers(not evidenced by the pictures in the blog below this one) You have to pay for all alcohol, and colas but the coffee and tea and water are free. You had an option of dining in the 'free' dining room and other free areas or eating in one of the speciality restaurants for a very reasonable cost. The first night we ate at Cagney's Steak House and had a surf and turf for my birthday. Everyday the staff all over the boat went out of their way to make us feel special. The cruise was not without mishaps however: on day two while I was walking by the pool I rammed my right pinkie toe(the one where the piggy goes wee wee wee all the way home) into a chaise lounger and broke/dislocated the damn thing. I had to pull it back in place. I am a weenie when it comes to pain and this hurt bad enough I had to cancel my day 3 trip to the Mayan ruins. The ship doctor looked at it and said to just avoid putting any stress on it so I chose to stay behind and concentrate walking from meal to meal and to the pool. Interesting enough the night that I hurt my toe they had a martini tasting party. I lost all feeling to my face by the second martini and didn't know I even had a toe by number 5. Needless to say I missed dinner that night because I was face down in bed with a limited memory of how I got there. The best excursion for me was playing with the dolphins and getting to get up close with a manatee. I was just in awe of the whole experience. We capped off that day with cocktails at Carlos and Charlies in Cozumel. Oh my goodness. All I can say is look at the pictures in the blog below. We got balloon hats, sombreros and danced in a conga line. It all seemed very normal to me. I think I was out in the sun too long. I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was to be with all my family. I loved the fact that my children were enjoying themselves and that Stan and I got to have a great vacation. I loved being able to get up at 3 am and go to the ship library and sit in the quiet and read. I loved being able to order won-ton soup and BBQ wings at 4am when I got the urge to snack. I loved being outside in the warm breezes with a cup of coffee in my hand watching the sun come up. I gained a little weight on the trip and discovered that I wasn't nearly the biggest woman at the pool. I am in awe that they make two piece bathing suits for 400lb+ women. I am in equal awe of the guts it takes to wear said bathing suit with an attitude that fairly screams "I am so hot". I kept to my one piece and I made an effort to sunbathe with larger women. It made me look good.... how shallow is that?!? It was just simply a wonderful trip with wonderful people. We are now planning next years trip.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

My Christmas traditions were changed in a big way this year and it has taken me out of my comfort zone. The biggest change was the no presents under the tree in favor of a cruise. In the following days I will post a blog concerning the cruise and all the pictures I can cram on the page. Until last night I had no decorations up. This is huge considering I am the person who puts up two trees and has 28 large boxes of decorations for the inside and outside of my home. I have not wrapped the first present... for there are none to wrap. The Cruise was the gift I gave to my family. I didn't realize how depressed I was until Joshua(who has been cleaning my house as his gift to me!!) made me get a few things down. Thank God. We put up a few items and my mood lifted. I really didn't realize how important all my little traditions were to me. Maybe only to me at this time. When we are blessed with grand kids I imagine that my traditions will resurface and make memories for a new generation. I know that for me the birth of our Lord Jesus is foremost on my mind during this time of the year and the decorations are the icing on the cake of the single most important event in the history of the world. I remained focused the past few weeks on celebrating the birth that changed the world and realized that no decoration, no present, no party could ever match the gift that God gave the world. I sat alone last night with my tree lights on and watched the movie "The Nativity" twice, back to back, on TV. The first time was wonderful. The second brought my tears. I was so moved by the awesomeness of the birth, the acceptance of Mary and Joseph to allow God to use them with total trust. I cannot explain how wonderful I felt and how CLEAN I felt within my spirit. Praise God for his wondrous gift to us. This Christmas as you are enjoying time with your family take time out to reflect on the reason that we celebrate, the gift of the Child from a merciful God. I will miss my traditions and miss my multiple decorations but I am so very blessed by the journey of a simple man and woman into the town of Bethlehem. In the stable surrounded by animals Mary gave birth to the King of Kings. This event, this one thing, changed my life and that of millions. May God bless you this season and give you peace. Hallelujah Jesus is born.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I have had it with ALL the news channels including my very very favorite Fox. I don't want to hear another thing about Tiger Woods or his problems. Let the man alone and deal with his family privately. We have no business with our noses in his affairs... maybe that was a poor choice of words. My feeling is that Tiger is an athlete, he doesn't make foreign policy. You understand what I am trying to say? I have a vested interest in who is getting boinked in the White House or what transgressions are committed by those idiots who represent us. I pay them. I vote for them. I expect them to behave a certain way and if they don't then they need to tell me why. Tiger is a golfer. He makes a lot of money. Good for him. His lack of self control doesn't raise my taxes or cause me any hardship. I don't know why he chose to wander around like a tom cat and further more I just don't care. If I played golf... which thank God I have the good sense not to do....I don't think the fact that he was indiscreet, got into a fight with his wife, and had an accident, would affect my game one way or the other.

Some advice Tiger if I so may offer:
You don't like what you have at home??? Learn to like her. You liked her well enough at least twice that I can see. Something else, you are incredibly stupid for such a successful young man. You really think some bimbo who is willing to sleep with you, knowing that you are married, doesn't really have dollar signs in her eyes? It's not that you aren't just the cutest thing because you are and you know it....But really, she and whoever else you wandered with had two things in mind. 1) maybe he will marry me and then I can get all the attention and money and 2) if he doesn't marry me then I can sell my dozens of text messages to the highest bidder. You walked into that with your eyes open and that is just plain stupid. And Lord Almighty.... the phone message asking the bimbo to change her message because your wife was checking out your phone. You should have just 'fessed up and told your wife what was going on and then took your punishment like a man.

To the women in his life(except his wife)
You are money grubbing, pond scum sucking bottom feeders. You knew he was married and you took the ride anyway. Down in the south here we have a cute little name for opportunistic women like you... sluts... bless your little hearts.

To his wife.
Elin, I don't want to know what your problems are but if you love him then get into counseling. People do stupid things all the time and deserve to be forgiven. It will take time but if the love is there then you both can make it work. If he does it again let me offer some advice: Years ago a woman presented into the ER accompanying her husband who was on an ambulance stretcher. She was whacking him about the arms and head, much to the amusement of the paramedics. The whole way in she was yelling at him to "tell the people, go on you !#$%&*!+, tell the people just what you did to me." He was a rutting dog and she had had her fill. She got him loaded one night and while he snored in his alcohol induced sleep she glued his man parts together. Specifically she took superglue and stretched his penis up as far as it would go and glued it to his stomach. She glued each of his testicles to each other and to the sides of his legs. When she did this his legs were drawn up in the fetal position so that it would be painful if he tried to straighten his legs out. Then she slapped the living shit out of him to wake him up. I don't know who called the ambulance but isn't that the most precious little story!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

In My Daughters Opinion.....

After I published my entry my daughter called me at work. I read her a paragraph and she commented that my blog has gotten political. She is right. My Blog was initially created to talk about the wedding and then progressed to family happenings and then I somehow got political. I want this blog to be something that my grandchildren will read so that when I am gone they will understand who I was and what I was about. I want my memories to be kept here. I want my heart to be on each page whether I am funny or not. I will continue to comment on what is happening within my world but I will be writing more about me and mine. I will write about the past that is still real in my heart. I will introduce my future family to the ones that have long gone before my memory gets dim. Thank you Beck for the wake up call.
Love mom

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jesus, Paul , Boobies, Coochies, and the Russians

This is going to be a long blog with several different topics as evidenced by the title. First issue is a friend told me during a discussion about the fact that we have a socialist for a president that if that was true than Jesus was a socialist. OMG. Well here is my answer. In Matthew 26:8 when Jesus was getting his feet washed and perfumed. His disciples questioned him about the waste when the money could have been used to give to the poor. Jesus told them(paraphrasing here) to back off that the woman did a nice thing for him. He also said that the poor will always be with you but you will not always have me. Then let's visit with Paul.. those of you familiar with the bible will remember that Paul was Saul before he was blinded and convicted by God and went off to serve the people. In Thessalonians (3:6-15) Paul warned the Thessalonians to keep away from every brother who is idle. The rule was that if a man did not work he shall not eat. Now think about what is going on today. We have a group of jackasses and elephants in Washington who are hugely busy making sure that the idle get to continue being lazy and we get to pay them to be that way. In Thessalonians 3:14 note that Paul really hits them hard with the admonition that if anyone does not obey our instruction in this letter, take special note of him. Do not associate with him in order that he may feel ashamed. Take that Nancy, Harry, Barney, and Barack!!!! We are fast approaching a time when the government will be entrenched in our lives from home ownership to health care. It has got to stop. The people who can make it stop is ourselves because once the nanny state programs are in effect we will pay the devil to get rid of them. When did we become a nation of sheep? When did we stop caring about our freedom to choose what is best for our own selves and just handed the reins to the bozos in Washington.

Last week we had a semi wake up call when "a committee" in Washington determined that women didn't need mammographies and pap smears as often as we are getting them that they are scary and unnecessary. Okay for those that didn't hear this.... also included in one of those scary unnecessary tests was self breast exams. Sounds like the beginning of heath care rationing to me and to a lot of my medical friends. When my cancer was diagnosed I didn't find a lump. My small malignant tumor was found on my mammography and that test saved my life. Now as I was over 50 I would have been able to get a yearly mammography done but what of the many friends that I met during my therapy and treatment that were found with breast cancer, many under the age of 48. These women would be dead if we followed the new guidelines. The news channel had a family practice doctor arguing on behalf of the government and a specialist dealing only with women's health arguing on behalf of the current standards. Now I don't know about you, but trust a nurse on this one, go with the specialist. The family doctor they had on had to be picked for her looks because she is just stupid and it showed. Looks don't mean anything if you don't have research and brains behind them. The cancer society and complaints from thousands of women caused Harry Reid to stand up and down play the whole event assuring women in the United States that they would get what tests they would need. Yeah???? For how long Harry??

Did you all know that Hillary Clinton went to Russia? She was hoping to meet with Vladimir Putin but he took a side trip to China and Siberia instead. What a huge slap in our face. President Obama stopped all missile defense agreements with Poland and the Czech Republic to make the Russians happy in hopes that they would support sanctions against a nuclear Iran. Well Russia made a statement at the P5+ 1 meeting that sanctions would frighten the Iranians. I have a question??? Can something actually frighten those crazy sons of bitches? Well Obama is a putz and we are double putzes for putting this pussy in the White House. We are seen all over the world as weak and ineffectual. It scares me that France has bigger balls than we do. We sold out our friends in Poland and the Czech Republic for nothing... send in the clowns!!! No wait....... you don't have to send them in just turn on C-SPAN.

Oh, that thing that happened at Ft. Hood? Mr. President you are spineless. That attack was single act of terrorism. Why are you so afraid to admit that, and want call it by another more gentle non threatening name.

Oh and by the way Mr. President, you and Eric Holder???... good idea bringing those TERRORISTS from Gitmo to stand trial in NYC. Do you lay awake at night and think of these brilliant ideas on your own?? Your lack of compassion and understanding of human nature astound me. When history gets done with you(if you don't manage to fix the books!), you might even beat President Carter as the worst leader this country has ever known. I am looking forward to 2012.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Accupuncture and Zumba OMG

Tuesday I had a session in acupuncture done to help my sore lower back. My back is constantly sore for many reasons. The first and main reason being I have a few pounds that I carry in front and it multiplies the pressure on my lower back each and every time I move. John a Lafayette acupuncturist(leave me a note and I will give you his number) is one that my children have successfully used and I felt I would give him a try despite my morbid dislike of needles. First of all there was no pain. Every once in a while I would feel a "shock" in the nerve that was not unpleasant. I had needles in my back and down my legs to my feet in one or two in each hand. I am here to tell you that I will not miss my appointment next week. My lower back hasn't felt this good in a long time.
I went to the gym yesterday and did my 40 min. on the treadmill and decided to take Lisa up on her offer to attend her Zumba class. Lisa is Bronson's lovely wife and the mom of his equally lovely baby daughter. Lisa is a bouncy, fun, young lady who looks you directly in the eye when she is talking to you... and makes you BELIEVE that you can do Zumba. I have done many things in life that have looked foolish and I figured ....what's one more? The class had people of all sizes. No one stopped dancing and pointed at me and said to throw me out because I couldn't keep up and I didn't know the routines. They were way to busy keeping their own selves on target and up with the music to notice the large sweaty woman in the front. Lisa you are amazing. Girl if I had your energy I could probably get my house clean. I lasted 15 minutes with a few breaks during that time. I walked out on rubbery legs and Bronson made me a protein shake... remember I had said that you earned one if you had vigorously worked out.... well dadgumit.... I earned one. It wasn't wedding cake but it was good.
Lisa I will be back. I will do 20 minutes the next time. I will be able to swing my hips and move my arms like I am supposed to. I will be able to keep on the right foot and shake the right leg. I will be able to move in a circle... swing my hips and wave my arms. My goal is to last 20 minutes and to memorize one routine... the rest of the time I'm just going to move and have a good time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It's To the Gym I Go

I discovered a profound truth recently and I wish to impart this knowledge to all my blogging friends. It doesn't matter how many gyms you have joined you must go to them and use the machines for anything to happen to your body. I have been a member of some of the best gyms in my town and towns nearby. I have belonged to at least 2 gyms at the same time and have yet to lose more than 20 pounds. 3 weeks ago I decided that I needed a NEW gym because I was still fat. I scouted around and looked at a new gym that was open 24 hours. The problem with this new gym is that it is not staffed during the time that I would be there. I questioned the owner stating that I was of a certain age that cardiac problems have been known to occur...and what would happen if I had a heart attack while on the treadmill. There is a slim to none chance that would happen because I would probably need to be exercising vigorously and not just watching the TV. He happily stated that they have an AED( and AED is an Automated External Defibrillator.. a device that is used to provide a hands free cardiac emergency evaluation and subsequent electric shock if needed) . I said (somewhat incredulously) you want me to use it on my own self? I don't think this boy took the AED classes to heart. At any rate that is way to risky to me so I returned to my own standby gym that I pass on the way home and announced that I needed to lose 100 pounds in the next month but I would be happy with 20. Rayleen smiled and raised her eyebrows(bless her heart she didn't fall down laughing)Bronson the owner said you can do it!!!! That's the kind of positive attitude that I needed. This gym is the best. They have nice people, good equipment and it is staffed with people who can work an AED.... better still they are the kind of people who know that you can't use the AED on one's own self. Big plus is that they have the best protein shakes to be consumed after you have worked out vigorously.... I haven't had a protein shake yet. I went 3 days then got sick. I will go back on Monday. I really feel better after about 40 min on the treadmill at 3 miles an hour and then on to the elliptical. When I get above 5 minutes on the elliptical I may treat myself to a protein shake!! I will keep you posted on my return to good health via diet and exercise.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Becky

28 years ago today I gave birth to my daughter Rebekah. Her dad wanted to call her April. I'm not sure why and for some reason the name Rebekah was on my heart. Stan agreed and Rebekah she became. Her middle name is from her Aunt (Nancy Elaine) She was born at 12:30pm at St Joseph's Hospital in Bryan, Texas. She was delivered by Dr. L. Rasberry. In attendance in the delivery room was her daddy Stan and her 'Aunt' Jojo. This delivery couldn't have happened quickly enough for me.

I was living in Tulsa when I found out I was pregnant and within 2 days(seemed like)I was in maternity clothes. I was sick intermittently throughout the day and I would up-chuck without warning. I was in the grocery in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma shopping and was looking at the meat. I didn't feel sick but as I looked over the bacon I just threw up, in the case. The meat man was not happy with me and I was encouraged to leave the store. Like I would really like to hang around after that episode. I was the size of Manhattan and miserable. My bra size had increased to EE's. My nurse friend Bryan W. would tape my boobs in a figure 8 and bring the tape over the back of neck so that I could breathe. My favorite food was french fries with mustard and ketchup and I indulged every night. By the time we moved to Bryan I had gained nearly 100 lbs and my 'cankles' were awesome sight.. or so I have been told. I hadn't seen my feet in months. Lady Di and Prince Charles married just months before she was born. I remember laying on my side in bed watching the wedding on a small black and white TV and feeling very huge. I still had my size 10 string bikini made out of a black crochet type material. My worst ever day was when I thought I would go outside and sunbathe and I got my little suit out. Just to give you an idea I was 120 when I wore that suit and by this time I was well over 200lbs. 4year old Joshua looked at me and said 'WHOA mommy!!' I have no idea how I could have thought I would fit. I was hysterical and packed up Joshua and went to the Dairy Queen at the end of the block we both were happier after we had cones.

I went into labor early in the morning. I was at the hospital by 7:30am and had an erratic labor. During my entire pregnancy Becky hardly moved. She was saving it all for the labor part and kicked me every time I had a contraction. She kicked so hard that my boobs would bounce. Dr. Ras finally decided that because of slowing heart rate that he would drag her out with forceps. Let me tell you that it felt like my brains were being suctioned out. She arrived screaming weighing in at 10 lbs and 9 ozs and she was 20 and 1/2inches long Stan tells me that she was big enough to carry a football. My friend Jojo pronounced her beautiful I looked at this black haired baby of mine through happy tears and whispered to the nurse "where is her nose" I didn't think the others had noticed that she didn't have one. She had such chubby cheeks that her nose was barely visible. The nurse Ms. Pat promised me that she would fix the problem and my baby went home 3 days later with her little pug nose where it was supposed to be.

She was my mother's last grandchild and my mother-in-laws first granddaughter. She was adored by her big brother and protected from birth by Sam the Boxer(a story for another day) She was my angel, her daddy's girl and the answer to her big brother's prayer. Happy, happy birthday precious girl. I wish you so many more.

Love Mom

Friday, October 16, 2009


Recent events gave me my idea for tonight's posting. Manners. My knowledge of manners comes from my Momma. Probably most people got most of there manners whupped into them by their parents. I only had one parent that I recall teaching me anything worthwhile. Well that's not quite accurate. My dad briefly had his law office in the front room of our home and on a summer day he had clients and the door was open. There wasn't air-conditioning back then and screens in the doors and windows kept the breeze up. Well for whatever reason I took it upon myself to go to the door and stick my tongue out at my father. He got up and walked outside and smacked me on my well deserving butt. I can't remember why I did that but I can still remember the bitter metallic taste of the screen. I took from that experience that sticking my tongue out at my father was a big no-no. He didn't say anything to me to reinforce that this was poor manners but as I grew I took care that when I did stick my tongue out I couldn't be caught. I was a closet tongue-sticker-outer.
My momma taught me that you didn't belch out loud, you always said please and thank you, you offered your seat to anyone older than you, you sat with your legs together and you didn't touch your body parts even if they itched. Ladies don't spit, pass gas or forget to flush the toilet. If you stayed at someone's house you offered to clean the table, wash or dry the dishes, and tried not to be a pest. You didn't eat the last thing in the bowl if you had guests and all guests were given the best selections of food. You learned to write thank you notes and call everyone Ma'am or Sir. I could go on for days about this but the one thing that I want to hammer home is that it is common for people to issue a blanket invitation to friends to come eat, come visit, drop in, or call. Take it from me. They mean every word they say but it is beyond rude to take someone up on a blanket invitation without first calling. You have to give the future host an opportunity to do the dishes, comb her hair, sweep the floor and RENEGE on the invitation if the time isn't right. You never,never ever inform your host that you are coming over by having someone else call. Manners dictate you must call yourself and tell the host that you are taking them up on his or her offer especially if the host is going to be put out by more than a cup of coffee and a danish.
End of my rant.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

God Boxes

I was very stressed out this past 2 weeks and over the weekend talked to my sister Barb. She told me about God Boxes. This is where you put a problem with which you are having issues. The problems can be about a person, finances, current events, whatever it is that has you bound up and tearful, stressed out, worried, angry and ill. You close your eyes and picture a box and put the person, problem, bill, health issue etc, in that box and close the lid and give it to God. Then don't worry any more about it and let God deal with the issue. If the problem leaks out then you prayerfully reseal the box and give it back to God. Obviously for someone with my intelligence this is a metaphorical fix to just keep me from having a heart attack and missing my cruise. I put a recent problem I was having with a person into the box and within 2 days the problem was gone. Some metaphorical fix!!! It was over and done. Okay so maybe I'm not so smart or just maybe my faith has been lacking but all I know is that after that result I spent some time putting things in boxes and I have a warehouse full. The one I have Nancy Pelosi in has a handle on the side and plays music: once a day she pops up and scares the shit out of me.(sorry I couldn't help it... it just slipped out of me.)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Please Note

Please read the comment section in the blog "From a Rotten Acorn a Mighty Obama Grows" Brittanicus wrote a good piece.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Okay well I just love the title.... my sister Barb gave me that and I don't know where she got the nice little play on the word abomination but it fits. I got next to no sleep because I watched the news this morning and found out this little tidbit. Hold your seat.... our current president is a liar or he passed through law school on his charm and looks. Especially his constitutional law course. Remember his big talk about not letting the illegal aliens get any form of the government sponsored insurance? Even I sort of believed him. He stated emphatically that it will be put in the bill that they will not receive any part of that health care offering. Well according to the constitution .... this has been tested in Texas and California... any government social offering is available to anyone living in this country. The test cases were about education and the right of the state to deny education to children living illegally in this country. The states lost so just to make sure that you understand IF A BILL FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM INCLUDES A GOVERNMENT/ PUBLIC OPTION THEN REGARDLESS OF WHAT THAT TWIT PUTS IN THE BILL ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN WILL BE ABLE TO BUY INSURANCE THAT WE HAVE PAY FOR. Do you understand??? Not only will we have to pay for the dead beats in our own country we will now have to take care of all the illegals currently living here.
He would have made sure to have an exclusion put in the bill to look good when he knows darn good and well that it wouldn't hold up in court. Our president is a liar, stupid or a manipulator take your pick. I am grossly disappointed. More than ever I want this country to expel the illegal aliens from whence they came. Get out, stay out and don't come back. Live off of your own country and quit bleeding ours. I don't care if they have one or 50 kids born here...they NEED TO GO HOME.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From a Rotten Acorn a Mighty Obama Grew

I has been a few weeks since I have commented on anything and the news has been rife with possibilities. The ACORN scandal is almost old now. In case anyone out there has missed the news, ACORN is finally being investigated by our government for a whole slew of nasty stuff. We are all aware of the voter fraud that went on and has been ignored by most of the news stations. Except for individual states in which it happened our central government has not really looked into anything involving their pet pig. Two very inventive college students caught multiple offices in a layman's sting that really showed of what these people are made. Congress finally had to do something because the ACORN offices hit by these two kids were offering advice on tax cheating, underage prostitution and slavery. Now I am aware that there are good ACORN offices somewhere and I am sure that when Obama worked with them that they were just squeaky clean but come on they have taken millions and millions of dollars and they are CHEATS and almost got away with it. What amazed me(and it really shouldn't) is that when questioned about the scandal our "brilliant" president looked puzzled and said he really didn't know what was happening and hadn't really heard anything. Is this guy for real???? Does he honestly think we buy that load of crap. He was notified the minute the scandal hit and his peeps were working on spin control and doctoring.

The Heath Care reform situation is still worrying me. We as free people must stay viligent and keep the government out of our health and home. I could go on and on about what they want to do for us because they think we are stupid sheep and don't know our butt holes from our bellybuttons. I loved the idiot from Florida who said ON THE FLOOR that the Republician answer to Health Care Reform is to die quickly..... and then made other nasty statements including equating deaths suffered so far(without health care reform) to the Holocaust. The idiot(who I will not name..don't want to give him any more name recognition) is JEWISH. What a moron. When the Gentleman from South Carolina said to the President "YOU LIE" during his address on Health Care(refering to the giving of insurance to illegal aliens... the Pres said it wouldn't happen thus the comment) I felt it was pretty inappropriate and the man apologized directly and publicly. My best girl Nancy Pelosi...I am being hugely sarcastic here...nearly swooned and in a statement later equated the outburst( 2 words) to what happened in the 60's and 70's with all the violent retoric of that day.She was actually teary eyed and had some facial expression. When asked about the Idiot Gentleman from Florida she didn't seem to be too upset by his comments. What a gal!!!!

Obama is back from his failed trip to intice the Olympic Comittee to play in Chicago in 2016. My gosh he made such an effort. He and Michele and Ophra went on 2 separate planes at tax payer expense and took 2 sets of security detail at tax payer expense. I really didn't pay attention to how Ophra got there. She is richer than Midas so I don't care unless she hooked a ride with her pal Michelle. I think Obama actually thought his presence would sway the group. I loved the headline from the Druge Report when he returned. It read 'The Ego Has Landed". Now he has to face Valerie Jarrett his chief whatever in the White House. She is a slumlord in Chicago. They did a special on her property and its disgusting how she has let it rundown. I'm sure that she was planning on unloading her property for a HUGE profit as an Olympic village venue.

Well that has been the news in a nut shell this past month. Oh I forgot, unemployment is still up, the stimulus is still not working, and they want to put more money into whatever they put it into the first time that didn't produce what they promised it would. That was a run on sentence sorry. So all is status quo in Washington.

In case anyone is wondering. I do know the difference between my butthole and bellybutton.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Because I have to borrow computers until I can get my own I am a day late on my 9/11 blog. I again sat in front of my TV with tears rolling down my face at the familiar pictures of the terrorist attack in our own country. I do not want this anniversary date to be rolled into a 'feel good' day where we are helping each other, planting trees and painting houses. Quite frankly we should be doing this every day and not just once a year in memory of the worst attack our country has suffered since Pearl Harbor. What we need to focus on is that fact that planting a tree and painting a house does not make up for the fact there are groups in the world that want nothing better than to see the United States destroyed. So why not spend the day praying for those that were lost and studying up on those who wish to destroy us.....up to and including our elected officials. We need to understand all those who are setting out to destroy our country from outside and from within.

Our children need to see the images and know just what happened on that day. They need to understand that they can make a difference..... they can't change what happened before but as they grow they can directly affect the future by their knowledge and their vote.

The Twin Towers collapsing.
The people who jumped to their deaths, choosing their own way... and holding hands with co-workers so not to go alone.
The Pentagon in flames.
The Brave men and women on Flight 93 and Todd Beamer's call to "lets roll".
The mother speaking to her daughter on flight 93 knowing she would never see her again.
The firefighters, medics and average 'joes' who went into the towers trying to save others and who never returned.
The heartbreak that each of us felt as the scene unfolded before our eyes.

Remember the brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers who died that day for a hate filled ideology that few Americans can understand.

Remember the joining together as a nation to grieve, to yell, to cry, to hold on to our loved ones, to know the pain of a strangers loss as our own.

Remember the pride that we felt that we are AMERICANS and nothing and no one will keep us down and take away our liberty and our spirit.

Remember seeing the flag and the eagle and being moved to tears.

America don't ever forget, don't let a 'feel good' day take away the horror, pain, agony and anger that was so present that day.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Health Care and Welfare Rant

Tonight we get to hear from POTUS (president of the United States)about the health care bill that he is just bound and determined to jam down our throats. I will listen avidly to see what spin he is going to put on this that will make me want to run to my computer and wildly type to my representatives and senators to immediately sign anything that he offers. The truth is that there is nothing that this man can offer that I will trust. I am tired about hearing that everything is George Bush's fault. When does it become your fault Barrack. The thing we teach our kids is that regardless of what goes on you have to assume responsibility for your own actions. So Barrack, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. We need health care reform but we don't need a government provided insurance policy that will bankrupt our country. Oh wait, I forgot we are already bankrupt. I feel like a broken record, just repeating things over and over. But maybe just maybe once more will be enough. If you take from the rich and give to the poor.. this is health care, homes, food, etc. then the "poor" will have no incentive to work to better themselves and the rich are going to resent the hell out of taking care of not only themselves and their families but everyone else as well. If we continue have give away programs with no incentive to work(like workfare...if you get a check you have to do something for it.... not just sit on your ass and watch TV and eat) then we will cease to be the country that we know and love and capitalism will be something long gone and forgotten except in memory. We need to revamp the medicaid system and the welfare system. You want a check??? Good, go pee in a cup. If you have drugs on board then you don't get your check. If you are on disability then the government(which is currently hell bent on being involved in our lives) can get involved in finding you something that you can do. If you don't want to "do" anything then you can starve. You can have a baby but if I'm paying for it you don't get to have 5 by different fathers. If you are not married and keep having babies then you need to be fixed and you need to lose your "check". You have a "right" to as many children as you want. I have a "right" not to have to pay for your flagrant promiscuity. I am tired and I am angry. I do not want to support anyone but "mine". You support yours and don't depend on the government to give your lazy butt a check. The end of my rant.

P.S. Will someone please, please, please keep Nancy Pelosi off of the TV.

September Mopes

I have the "mopes". You know that feeling that you aren't really depressed you are just, well, mopey? I've been feeling this way for several weeks and it seems that the mopey feeling has affected several areas of my life. I let house cleaning go, went of my diet several times and laundry was done as needed only. I am not the best housekeeper on a good day but it was getting bad in my house. I have been of the mind frame that the house fairies could come and do it because I just didn't care. I would walk in the house from work go to the laundry room and strip down, dump it all in the washer and put on jammies that i keep in the laundry room so that I don't have to walk thru the house without clothes. I would let out the dogs, watch the early morning news, put my clothes into the dryer, go to bed, get up, bathe, do the hair and teeth go back into the laundry room and get dressed from the dryer, get some coffee and go to work. Nobody can say that my life isn't exciting. Blah. I sent my blogging niece Carrie a text wanting to know where my sister Barb was. I hadn't even called either of my sisters over the least I don't think I did(see my memory has the mopes too.) For whatever reason I sent her my password so that if anything would happen to me she could get in to my blog and let my 2 faithful readers know that I was..ummm... well, not going to be blogging any more. She texted back was I planing on dying soon?? The whole conversation finally struck me as funny and bizarre especially when she asked me to write a goodbye letter and save it to draft so that she could publish it afterwards. So Carrie, I don't know what you did or what you triggered but I got up and did some laundry, the dishes and started cleaning. I really don't feel too mopey right now and I am glad. My plan is to do the bathrooms and my bedroom tonight and finish the mounds of laundry that I have to do. Life is good. I guess it just takes someone to remind you of that. I feel like blogging again. I hope you feel like reading.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I may have to go on blood pressure medication if I continue to watch the news. The only good side of news watching is the mainstream media MAY be seeing a glimmer of the truth. I don't hold out a lot of hope because they are still disgustingly enamored with this current President. I swear that my blood pressure spikes every time Nancy Pelosi gets on the air to contribute her vast knowledge into human behavior and every time I hear her tell me why I make the decisions that I make. Nancy, you big ass, I have my own mind. I know what I want and need and if I choose to make a decision that is not good for me then it becomes (again) my choice. I don't need you or anyone else in Washington telling me what is good for me, what I need in health care and how "influenced" I am by outside forces. Read it here first Nancy no one from any insurance company has contacted me nor have they any influence over my thoughts. I am intelligent and can make my own decisions .
I cannot believe that you think I am that stupid that I can't see through the crap that you and your cronies are trying to shovel over my head. Stay out of my life and the lives of my children and grandchildren. The town hall meetings are just that. There is no one standing at the door letting only conservatives in.(like the Black Panthers during the election... only that was to intimidate the conservatives) They are people, Americans who are waking up from sleep hopefully in time to stop the madness. I am deeply amused by the Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs. He is like comic relief every time he gets on camera. He is not quite as good as Biden but then again they make an effort to keep Biden of the air. Robert your statement that the town hall reactions are like "staged, manufactured anger" just serves up what a moron you are. I am PISSED. My anger is not staged or influenced except by my own investigations into what is happening in our country. I am angry what your boss is doing to my country and I will take my anger out at the voting booth. I will do anything to elect a person(Democrat, Republican, or any Independent) who will guide our country from the brink of socialism and take back our freedoms that we have given away by our complacency. I really don't care that our President is a Socialist, that is his choice. I wish he had been more honest about it in the beginning but it was there in front of us for all to see and he got elected anyway. That then was our fault. When I am gone I want my grandchildren to be able to read that I cared for my country, for our freedom and fought to maintain that to the best of my ability.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Apparently I was Right

I listened to the news tonight and according to both news channels that I accessed Mr. Gates Jr. was behaving unseemly. He was loud obnoxious and resorted to name calling. He is a very smart man and I believe set up an escalating situation so that he could scream racial profiling. Now I am sure there are many who disagree with me and that is fine after all this is my blog and you can stop reading. I am aware that there are many times that police have been involved that because of race the subject was not listened to or treated as well. So Mr. Gates you didn't help the situation nor were you a victim of profiling. You cried wolf and you lied. Shame on you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Middle Aged Men With Canes and PO(President Obama)

Besides playing Mobsters I have kept up with the news. I have been writing myself notes about what I want to blog about next. The health care situation is a mess and I haven't figured out a way to deal with it in my blog. I was watching the President speak about Health Care reform when a question was asked about the Henry Gates Jr. episode and the Cambridge, Mass. police department. PO(President Obama) made the statement that the police acted "stupidly" in their handling of the situation. PO further stated that how dangerous can a middle aged man with a cane be?. I wanted to laugh. I know that PO is a very smart man and you know full well he was briefed by his staff to expect questions about that situation so what he said was exactly what he wanted to say and was no accident. So PO, YOU were really stupid. A middle aged man with a cane can be very dangerous. I work in an emergency room. A cane can be a lethal weapon in the hands of ANYONE who is pissed off. For instance a middle aged man who was stopped by the police because a neighbor called in a possible breaking and entering. I wonder if during the situation Mr. Gates could have been thinking that this was a great way to get some publicity and proceeded to make a stink that he could turn into a racial issue. What they should have done was tased his butt, drug him off to the hospital and straightened it all out after he finished drooling. You PO, then compounded the situation by condemning the police department. I was mildly amused about the offer of having the two men involved come to the White House for a beer. How about saying "gee I was wrong and made a stupid statement and considering I am the most powerful man in America I should have said that I have no comment and let the situation be handled by the powers that be in Massachusetts". I don't know what the officer is going to do about the invite but I wouldn't go. He was insulted by the President and I just don't think a beer covers it. I find it interesting that his fellow officers of all races are standing behind this man.


11 days ago my daughter got me hooked on a game on Facebook. Mobsters. I cannot believe that I have let it take over my free time. Not wanting to be alone in my addicted state I have turned on several people at work to the joys of the game. I didn't understand it at first and went to my daughter's house for a tutorial that lasted about 2-3 hours. She like to never got me out of her house. Once I figured it out, I got to attack people and steal their money, buy property, make deals and add other unsuspecting persons to my mob("you don't have to play just join my mob".... knowing full well if they start it just pulls you in) My understanding is that Joshua was the original ringleader and he roped in Becky. Becky got Shane involved and then to his parents. Francis, Becky's mom in law told me she hated my kids. I know why. I just want to quit but heck I own a bunch of property, make about 80 thousand dollars an hour, I am responsible for multiple thugs and other mobsters and I have a cachet of weapons that a third world country would love to have. Oh and I have about 18 million in the bank. My last day off I was sitting at home(sans computer) and it was raining. Pretty soon I was obsessing about how much money other mobsters were stealing from me because I couldn't bank my money(if it's in the bank it's safe from stealing) I got dressed and went to the library and used their computer and I am glad that I did... I would have lost about 200 thousand dollars. I am not lying when I tell you it is easier to quit smoking.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Telephone Etiquette or How Not To Answer Your Phone

I just love caller ID. You can screen your calls and just not answer when someone calls that you don't want to talk to. If you answer your phone and are speaking to a person that you don't wish to converse with you then have to manufacture an excuse to end the call because no one really wants to be perceived as rude.

This morning I was chatting with my lovely daughter Becky about a cruise that we are planning for our Christmas presents to each other. I had spent the night online looking at the different cruise options and called to dump it in her lap because she is so much better at the planning of such an adventure. My phone was dying and I had to go to the bathroom so I told her to call me back on my home phone in about 5 minutes so that I could properly "finish". I no sooner sat down than the phone rang. It stopped after 4 rings and rang again a minute later. I am thinking that my daughter is just doing this to me as a joke. I hurried... and really had not finished if you get my drift when the damn phone rang again!! I picked it up without glancing at the caller ID and stated in a loud voice "WHAT!!!!!!!! I WAS POOPING!!!!!! I then heard a choked laugh, a masculine choked laugh and I compounded my gaffe by saying "oh shit, who is this?"It was Javier, a lovely representative from one of the cruise lines I had investigated the night before. He was having trouble talking and I was trying to fill in the silence with inane chatter some of which was about how it was nice to be regular. He continued to try to talk and then would start to laugh again. We finally got down to business and I asked him about rates and rooms. Then he tells me innocently I am sure, that the bathrooms are lovely and not far from the bed area which started the laughter all over again. I told him that he needed to talk with Becky and gave him her phone number requesting he not call for 5 minutes so that I could tell her he was calling. I called my daughter and filled her in on my phone etiquette lapse and told her Javier would be calling. He did call her and the laughter continued according to her. You just know as soon as he got off the phone he told everyone in his office. I even said that at one point and his answer was "well yes(laugh, laugh)I sure will tell everyone"
You all have a nice day ya'hear!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

I love July 4th because of what it represents. I love my country and I am unashamedly patriotic. I heard a portion of a news conference today with our favorite President O. Keep in mind I have been under a lot of stress the past week so I have tried not to listen to anything that man has had to say. I slipped today and heard him extol his spending spree and government interference thus trying to encourage Americans to get into the spirit "of our founding fathers." What he was trying to pass on to us was the idea that our founding fathers would just love what he (President O) is doing with all the spending and all the care taking that the government is currently doing. Now I don't know where you graduated from High School nor do I care but our forefathers, Mr. President, stood for liberty and small government. They certainly did not want this gigantic rolling wave that you have started that threatens to take over all aspects of our lives. Contrary to what you and Nancy and Harry believe I am capable of making my own decisions and do not want you EVER to do that for me. The one thing that you will be remembered for(in the event that you get passed all the government run programs) is that you will have created the single largest dependent society since FDR. And once you give the freeloaders within our society something you can't ever take it back. You are such a HUGE disappointment. I believe that you will be the ruination of our country if you are allowed to continue to spend money that we don't have taking care of people who feel that they are "owed". Our forefathers would not recognize what you have done to our country in such a short time.
We each still have a voice and we need to be heard. Contact your Representatives and let them know that you are finished with government interference in your lives. These people of both parties answer to us at the voting booths and if they don't listen to us then we will put someone in who will.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good bye Bob and Chelsea

There should be a rule that children outlive their parents. A loss of a child has to be the most devastating loss imaginable. As parents we raise, nurture and instill all of our love into our offspring. Parental reward is watching our offspring grow, mature and often raise offspring of their own. It's a continuation of our line that's just supposed to be. Joshua's youngest sister Chelsea, the youngest child of Peggy and Steve, tragically died in the early morning hours of June 26. Joshua was devastated not only for her loss personally, but what that loss meant to his father and step-mother. I can't imagine the level of grief that is surrounding their home and can only pray that God will bring a measure of peace to them and provide strength to go forward each day.

My brother-in-law Bob died June 27th in the early morning hours. He had been fighting bone cancer and all thought he was doing well. He had been at the Cleveland Clinic where according to my sister he received the best of care by all the staff. He died of a cardiac arrest. It was sudden, unexpected and equally devastating to those who knew and loved him. He left behind my sister Barb, his three children, their spouses, his 6 grandchildren and his sisters Danielle and Connie.
My sister married Bob when she was nineteen(she always says I was 20 the next day!) They had a marriage that few could match. He adored her and his children. He was a compassionate man who loved the Lord and lived his life as a witness to the glory of God.
When I received the news that he was gone many things went thru my mind one of which was that he was so good to our mother. He went out of his way to help her when she needed him. He died on what would have been her 93rd birthday. I have often witnessed death and been blessed to see 'signs' that the dying often have visitors that we don't see. I have heard the dying whisper a name with a smile on their lips when they take their last breath. I believe that when it was his time to go that InaLee was there to help him as he did her.
Good bye Bob and Chelsea. You leave behind a host of people that will miss you for the length of their own lives.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weight Loss Incentive and the Hip-Hop Mama

While I was entertaining the men(and women) of dancedom(refer to Blog "It's Raining Men) I lamented that I was having trouble finding incentive to keep me on my weight loss path. I jokingly said that if I lost all my weight I wanted to do a dance with Keith, Travis and Chris. Keith said to me "mama if you lose the weight we will teach you to dance". Joshua pretty much vetoed the idea of me ever appearing in one of his productions but Keith will get his way. Since they left I have lost 14 pounds. That is 56 sticks of butter to put it in perspective and actually feel much better. I am going to hold the guys to it and do a hip-hop dance with them. Those that know me, close your eyes and picture me in black spandex pants and a red sequined top..... and red tennis shoes. Oh, don't forget the big hair... I just have to have big hair. There are a lot of people who would spend big bucks to see me get up on stage and dance. Joshua would have a sell out crowd. Stan just smiled and wisely did not comment when I shared my wish with him. He is still remembering trying to hoist my large ass into my Spanx for Becky's wedding.
I do have a concern that when I lose the weight my upper arm dingle-dangle will just get more saggy and I don't have the money to get it cut off. I can see me up on stage; I would slap the crap out of myself every time I moved my arms. I will just have to make sure that my red sequined top has tight fitted elastic sleeves.
I know there are a few of you that don't believe that I will do it. I promise you if the weight is gone come next June AND I can convince Joshua to let me, I will be out there popping and hopping with Keith, Travis and Chris. Won't that be a hoot!!!!!!


I had a blended family even before the Brady Bunch made it a good thing to be. I, of course, am the precious baby of which I am sure you had no doubt! Next up is my sister Patti(we share the same father and mother), then comes Barbara. Barbara is the oldest child of my mother and lived with us. My father's oldest child is Jo Anne. Jo Anne did not live with us but did visit. Up until last summer we had not seen Jo Anne for 40 years. The reasons are only important to us but as things happened my older sister Barb met Jo Anne at a paternal family funeral. We had a sisters weekend a few months later and now our circle is complete. I have three sisters. I am blessed. We are are so very different in the way we handle our personal lives, our personalities and the way we react to each other. We have three Republicans and one Democrat and all very passionate about our beliefs. We are Christian and have our faith to draw on in times of stress and trouble. I am in awe of my older sisters.

Patti works with the Red Cross and her position involves her finding money for their area and she is very, very successful. She is smart, loves her family, is logical and good to talk to when I feel most illogical. She and I fought the most growing up, but age and changing situations have a way of smoothing the edges to both of our personalities. Patti visits when she can and it is a joy to have her here. We just get to be ourselves and we have been able to provide strenth to each other when needed. When I was small she kept me safe. There is no price that I can put on that gift. I love you.

Barbara pretty much raised me till I was 4 years old because my mother was unable to do so. Our mom, who I still say was the best mom ever, went through a dark period and was unable to provide much care to an infant and later an active toddler. Even though I don't remember Barbara nurturing me, I know through stories that she fed me, changed me, and entertained me. She was a child doing a grown up job and she loved me. She loves me still. She lives a faith based life and she prays for all of us. Barbara listens to each of us and has the infinite capacity to love. She is wise in so many ways. I love you.

I have a picture of Jo Anne when she was a teenager and I felt she was a dead ringer for Liz Taylor during the time ol' Liz did the National Velvet movie. Jo Anne has lost two of her three children to untimely deaths. This would have dropped me to my knees if it had happened to me but Jo Anne remembers good times with her children and knows without a doubt that she will see Holly and Jimmy in heaven. She is really at peace. When we reconnected it was a tearful, happy time. There was some anger at least at the lies and secrets that kept us apart. Jo Anne is now so much a part of our lives that it makes me sad to think that we let years go without contact on our part. Jo Anne's heart is huge and her capacity to forgive can only be God given. I love you.

I am so grateful that God gave me my family. There is nothing quite like my sisters. When I am down, they are there to provide encouragement. We are united like only sisters can be and I pity those who don't have that kind of relationship with a sibling. Our family could have been torn apart by many things that happened in the past but somehow God blessed us and changed the darkness into light, the lies into truth and gifted each of us with the capacity to love and accept love. Our circle is complete. I so love each of you.

I have one final comment to make that only my sisters will understand. Mike and George you lost, big time.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Health Care, Korea, Iran, and the Prom King

WAKE UP PEOPLE. We are being sold a bill of goods by our charismatic president. I can only hope that we wake up quickly enough to save our country from it's rapid slide into socialism. Iran is in turmoil and our leader says that we won't meddle. I think that as our leader President O should at least offer verbal support to the masses protesting the election results. He will probably wait to see which side wins then he can jump on the bandwagon and offer countless platitudes that the press, those liberal Obamamaniacs will cover glowingly. While waiting for Iran to settle down he has his fingers crossed that North Korea won't start a nuclear war because someone farted upwind from Kim Jong-il. He did make a radical statement that a nuclear armed Korea posed a 'grave threat'. Boy oh boy he had me shaking in my boots. Just the way he said "grave threat" sounded so masterful. It's just my opinion but this wouldn't be happening if Kennedy, Reagan, Bush or (to a small degree) Clinton were in office. Obama is a pussy in a 600 dollar suit. The terrorists in the world have drawn a line in the sand and our Leader has turned around and walked the other way.

The government has the banks, the auto industry and now is moving into the health insurance field. We need health care reform not a national insurance plan that will put us squarely into the socialized medicine arena. I have posted many pet peeves that I have working in the medical field relating to abusers of the system. We need a new Czar(I HATE that term by the way) We need someone to revamp the current medicaid system that hands out cards willy-nilly to just about anyone that has a medical issue. Case in point a few weeks ago a healthy 35 year old man shows up in the ER with his medicaid card that he has because he is diabetic. He takes oral medication not injections and HE CAN'T WORK. He was healthy, well nourished and had a minor medical problem that he wanted to have taken care of before he left on VACATION. It is a testimony to how badly I need to work(I need my medical insurance) that I didn't slap the snot out of the lazy SOB. I am supporting enough people now. To pay for the uninsured with my taxes is a bit too much. I read on posts from other nurses across the country and know that what I experience is the norm. We have a country full of people that expect the working class to take care of them. Listen up, just because you have a uterus doesn't mean you have to fill it every other year. I am not your mama and should not have to pay for your illegitimate children. Children cost money and if you want to have one or some, you need to be able to pay for them. I have had people actually tell me that they can't work because they have children. I wanted more than two children but I couldn't afford more. Maybe if I didn't have to take care of your kids I could have had more. I have no problem helping out the WORKING poor and don't bat an eye when they present a medicaid card. They. Are. Working. They are not totally living off government programs, driving new cars, getting free health care and food. We have a huge number of people that do not marry but live together and have kids so that they can get medicaid. These people live better than I do. I am for free medical care for the working poor. Have the government subsidize free clinics all over. To get free care you would have to be employed or show at least a job history. You can come to the free clinic if you just lost your job if you are actively looking for another one. You would have to show your tax statements for the last several years and if you can afford health insurance but refuse to get it then you get booted to the street, sick or no. It's not my fault you want the boat, camp, hunting lease, jewelry and clothes more than you want to invest in insurance that you might never use because "I don't get sick". My doctor told me of a case of a wealthy Lafayette couple that she was friendly with, that got a divorce because the husband is sick. They still live together but because the wife got everything in the "divorce" the ex gets medicaid benefits. We need to go after the wife and force her to pay for medical insurance for her ailing ex-spouse. I have a good idea. I am paying a lot of taxes to support healthy people to stay home and I need work done at my house. How about this, you continue to get your "checks" that my taxes pay for and you come clean, do my lawn, and cook for me. I have to work hard to supply what my family needs and look out for your family as well, so my house work never gets done. I, of course, will not pay you because you are already getting paid BUT if necessary you can bring your kids as long as they are quiet.

I still pray every night for the safety of our President because the thought of Joe Biden stepping up to the plate just scares the crap right out of me. Obama had to know what a doofus Biden was before he selected him as a running mate. He does make Obama look smart.

Obama is a charismatic man. He would have to man up before he could come close to what I expect the leader of the free world to act like. I didn't vote for him for president but with his smile and personality I would have voted him for prom king

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elite Season One Finale with Cornerstone Dance Theater

Every year I swear it's the best year ever. This year surpassed even my expectations. We had a record number of guests. Six guests accidentally came thinking they were at a piano review(held in the same building but down the hall) They left our review to go to the piano recital and came directly back. Afterwards these lovely people told me that they would make an effort to be at every show that we produced. They said "This was a dance review?" "This isn't like any review we have ever seen." We had a couple from Baton Rouge that also said they would never miss anything we staged.
Joshua you did good, really really good!!! There was no delay between numbers, the dances were beautifully done, the dancers were simply the best.... even the babies!! I couldn't choose pictures to represent all the acts there were just too many good ones, I selected a few but really nothing can show you the actual level of professional performance that all of our kids displayed. The adult class gave me chills. It was done in shadow and only at the end did the spots highlight the dancers. You adults should be so proud of yourself. I believe that we have the absolute best adult dancers in the city. No dance review can go off without help. Back stage, Christy and Lisa and Annette handled all the hair, makeup, clothes changing and nervous dancers. No parents are allowed back stage even with the babies. Our dancers are taught to get themselves together, get in line for make-up and hair(those that can't do it themselves) and keep their belongings together. I can't forget BEFORE the production we had many parent helpers. A huge SHOUT OUT to Mike and Mary Flowers who printed our book(that Chrisy compiled late at night) with the help of David and Yvette Burleigh. Mike also built the huge stage prop used in the first number. Anyone who needs outstanding handyman service email me and I will get you his number. He is the BOMB. David did a video that was shown during the performance showing what the last 4 years have been in the eyes of the dancers. David and his wonderful wife Yvette have been faithful supporters of Joshua and his vision. David does video montages of your family pics and does an fabulous job. Again anyone wanting that service please email me and I will get you his number.
Elite typically does not use any props for their performances. Our dancers don't need props or sparkles. They come out on the stage and you're riveted to your seat. This year we used a record number of props... two. We had a large box like prop for the first number and we had a bench used in another number. Elite guys and gals. You are simply the best. Meagan, Leigha, Jazmyn, Amanda and Christy : you have the gift of teaching. You have given our dancers so very much of yourselves.
Joshua, this is your calling and your blessing. Thank you for allowing me along for the ride. I am so very proud of you.