Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At The Library and Robert B. Parker. RIP

I had breakfast with two friends this morning. We have decided to start a book club where we will meet for breakfast and discuss the chosen book. I personally think this is just the best excuse to eat but anyone who knows me well understands that I have a voracious appetite for books as well. I have read fair books, good books, excellent books and books that I buy in hardcover so that I can reread over and over. I am not so much interested in self help books and "get to know your inner self" type books because quite frankly most of that stuff is crap. You want to know your inner self, get a councilor. My friend Janet tells me "Oh heavens do you know who died"? I asked her if it was going to make me cry because since I have been without sugar since lent started, everything either pisses me off or makes me cry. She said you will probably cry. Robert B. Parker died. For me as a reader, this was an honest to God moment when I had to concentrate not to have tears run down my face for a man I don't even know. If you are readers and like detective stories you need to start at the beginning of the series and go straight through. He has written over 50 books and I love each and every one. Once I read the first one, I sat and finished about 10 in a week. I shared with those I know that like books, how wonderful the series was and my friend got me about 15 signed hardbacks as a gift. These are easy reads and so much fun. These books won't solve world peace or get rid of hunger. Reading these books will not solve what is happening with all the bozos in Washington. They will not give you answers of why you have to have the toilet paper wrapped a certain way or why your kids are morons. But for a moment in time you will escape to some other place and in your imagination walk with the characters in the book and learn about their lives.
So please do yourself a favor and look on line to and type in Robert Parker's name. It will give you a list of all his books. Start at the beginning and you can follow through and watch how he makes his characters grow from book to book. It just slays me that I will not find out what happens... does Jessie end up with Sunny??? How about Pearl the Wonder dog and will Sunny get a new dog since Rosie died. What will happen to Hawk and Vinnie? I guess that I will have to use my own imagination and put my ending for each of these characters that have entertained me for years.
So for Sunny, Jessie, Henry, Hawk, Vinny, Susan, Spencer, Pearl the Wonder dog, Rosie the Miniature Bull Terrier and a host of other characters you will live on for me on my bookcase shelve and you will be reread often. I will really miss you Robert Parker and my sympathy to your family and to your wife Joan to whom you dedicated each of your books.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where Did She Go? Update on Stuff

For my 8 faithful readers I am so sorry that I have not been able to blog. I am still short a computer and I am considering having a benefit for myself to be able to pay for it. There are so many more things that need my financial attention than a computer for myself. But my time will come. I am sitting at the library typing and it's not private. They have little desks but the users to the right and left can read what I am doing. It puts a damper on my creativity because I don't have the attention span I used to thus when the girl on the right of me looks at what I am typing it takes my attention off what I am thinking about.

I could write a book about what has been going on in Washington the last 44 days(since my last blog). Let me sum it up:
1)hell froze over: they elected a REPUBLICAN in Ted Kennedy's seat.
2)We still have a problem with the progressives in both parties. If you don't know what progressives are then you have a reality problem. Look. It. Up. If you can understand the written word it should scare the poop out of you for our country and our way of life.
3)Iran is now a nuclear country. Gee when did that happen?? The president had that situation so under control! Lay off health care President B.O. and pay attention to that maniac... never mind, I have a feeling that Israel... remember them.... will take care of that for us. Just a note to make sure that you all know that the UN is on top of things... they are concerned that Iran may be using all the nuclear stuff for arms.... YA THINK.
4) They had a huge snowstorm in Washington(and along the east coast) Where is that snake oil salesman Al Gore when you want to throw a snowball. Along the same lines my understanding is that Nancy Pelosi needed to have special sunglasses made, padded in wool, so that her eyeballs didn't freeze and fall out her head.(that was just a rumor)
5) Look out people they are going to send another stimulus our way. They are calling it by another name...allegedly to save jobs.... hey a rose is a rose is a rose.
6) The president had a press conference yesterday and I didn't hear a word he was saying... I was transfixed with Joe Biden. I had forgotten what yesterday was(living in the land of Mardi Gras I should be ashamed... hey I have been sick) All I could think was that he had one of the following: a previously covered up hole, a spider, a huge melanoma, or a huge bruise on his forehead. I mean it, I could not take my eyes off his forehead.. I was thinking surely someone sees that...I was waiting for it to move. Knowing how quick our President is(remember the fly that he killed on national TV?)I kept waiting for him to reach over and slap the crap out of ol' Joe's head and not miss a beat with his speech. I am serious, I didn't hear a lick of the speech. It wasn't till later in the afternoon when I saw a friend with ashes on her forehead that it hit me.
7) I think we have seen the last (at least politically) of John Edwards. I am very glad to note that my bullshit meter is still operating at about 99.9% efficiency. What a sleaze ball.

Shoot I am out of time. We only get an hour in the library for computer use. Will be back later.