Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The past few days I have been thinking about the power of the word. I am not speaking in the biblical sense although the bible does say what you speak with you tongue is taken into your heart( very literal translation) What I am talking about is what we share with others. Words that are texted, written, blogged and spoken. I am known for my bluntness and have taken some amount of pride in that. I often say don't ask me if you don't want to know something because I have long ago stopped trying to preserve someones feelings if they have asked me a question. My feeling is that if you care enough to ask then you deserve my honest answer. If you want to really know if those pants make your ass look like the Goodyear blimp ask me. But if that question is rhetorical then don't make it in front of me. I am blunt in the ER about odors, teeth, poor hygiene and poor parenting. I am fairly blunt in dealing with most of my everyday contacts but now I am wondering if I need to watch how I say certain things. I am wondering if I have inadvertently injured a friend or co-worker. I am a fierce protector of the freedom of speech but because of recent personal events wonder if we should spend more time thinking of the wounds that our words cause. My heart has ached recently because of words spoken to me and I know that it will take time for those wounds to heal. Are words spoken in anger to be taken to heart? I don't know but I feel that if they are uttered then they were festering in the person who said them. It is difficult not to lash out at those who hurt us. I recommend the old adage of counting to 10 and waiting for the shock to pass. Once spoken they can't be taken back and the damage caused can be deep and long lasting. Texting and IMing is a very incomplete way of communicating even though I personally use it frequently. When you text you can't experience the subtle nuances that a personal conversation can convey so that misunderstandings can develop. Then there is the fact that the text can be reread over and over and foster the hurt and make it deeper and long lasting. I vow to be more circumspect in how I address issues with people. As an example I might educate my patient who is filthy about the need to bathe in relation to disease prevention... umm no maybe that isn't a good example it's just easier to say "look Ms. Smith you have seeping boils because you don't bathe" Maybe if I say it with a smile it will go over better. I will take care with those that I love but I will not couch the truth with meaningless platitudes.

Oh by the way as heartfelt as I feel about what I have written, I stand behind every written word I have put down about those shortsighted, power hungry, morons in Washington. Every word I have spoken about Pelosi, Reid and Obama stands without apology.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Not every blog is going to be political, funny, or even worthy of reading. Today I am writing for me and if you get something out of it, then great. Today I feel less. I feel less worthy, less important, less smart... lots of lesses. What I feel is diminished from what I was yesterday. I know that we are responsible for our own happiness, worthiness and positive outlook. A lot of times though all those things are tied into something or someone else and it becomes hard to be separate. I loathe the current psychobabble about finding and maintaining your own personhood to the expense of all those around you. I can't function like that. I just have to be able to close off the part of me that invests my all into whatever project I am involved in doing. I must learn not to allow words and others actions to make me feel less. I AM a really good person and I really am smart and intuitive. I am not negative but I am a realist. I am for better or worse the person that God made with all my blessings and flaws.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Glen Beck

Just a short blog to let you know that I couldn't stand this man over a year ago. I finally started to watch and take notes and research what he said on TV. Guess what. He was "spot on" everything he talked about. I no longer spend hours researching what he speaks about unless I want more information. I do however spot check some of his facts. I have never been disappointed. We all as Americans who really love our country need to tune in every night and pay attention to what he is saying. He is against big government and the progressive movement. I encourage you all to watch and research just like I did. I don't care what religion he is or that he is a recovering alcoholic I just care that what he says you can take to the bank. I believe that he is a patriot.

Health Care and Deem and Pass

Can things get more confusing? Why yes they can. Deem and pass is just another way for the Democrats to shove the overloaded health care bill down our throats. The House voted last week by a narrow margin to set aside a resolution that would have required an up and down vote for health care. This resolution would have prevented the deem and pass(demon pass) way to approve the senate bill. To explain what this is I will quote the Washington Post: "under this scenario the House would "deem" the Senate bill passed when the chamber approves the rule governing debate for health care and then would vote on a package of "fixes" to the Senate bill negotiated between the two chambers". With this process there would not be a direct vote but there would be an indirect vote for the 'rule'. The rule outlines the rules for an upcoming vote. This vote would be on the package of reconciliation fixes. By passing this rule the House would deem the Senate bill passes with a ' hereby' statement..."we hereby deem etc.." The Senate health-care bill could be considered passed even if they never vote on the reconciliation fixes.

By passing "the rule," the House also would "deem" the Senate bill passed (with a "hereby" statement. "We hereby deem..."). The House would then vote on the package of reconciliation fixes. But the Senate health-care bill would be considered passed even if they never vote on the reconciliation fixes. Now according to MSNBC's First Read the following will happen:

The "rule" can be written several different ways to include passage of the Senate bill. Though no decisions have been made -- including whether or not the rule will be used -- there are two scenarios most often discussed, according to a Democratic aide knee-deep in the process.

Scenario No. 1: The Senate bill is deemed passed with the passage of the House Rule for debate. So once the House passed the rules for debating the reconciliation package, the Senate bill could immediately be sent to president for his signature.

Scenario No. 2: The Senate bill is deemed passed with the House's passage of the reconciliation bill. Since the vote on "the rule" happens before the vote on reconciliation, this would delay the bill being sent to Obama.

Now I ask you do you really understand this crap. I am intelligent, well read and watch the news and keep up with world and political events. I have looked up on the Internet as much as I can about this rule and still am having trouble understanding why they are using it except that a straight up and down vote will likely lose. If the Dems are having to resort to this then something is horribly wrong. The President is telling his party members that they have to support this bill or his presidency will fail. I am aware that the Repubs have used the deem and pass on multiple occasions but never concerning this huge amount of national debt.

Hell froze over the other night and the President appeared on Fox. I was disgusted with our President. He delivered talking points and stated that to vote no was a vote against health care reform. You ASS. We all want health care reform but not this overdone piece of crap loaded with special 'presents' to your cronies that you have had to bribe for a vote. I want tort reform but that would upset your lawyer friends, I want portability for insurance, I want the corruption and graft stopped with medicare and medicaid. When Bret Baier attempted to ask questions you got pissy. It's apparent that you don't like being questioned.. you wanted to deliver a speech to the vast Fox audience. Bret has come under some fire for attempting to redirect you back to the question asked. Apparently it is not appropriate to redirect the President. Tough. You work for us. Answer the damn questions and quite prevaricating. I am so sick and tired of what is happening in Washington. We need to scrap the whole bunch and start over. Few Democrats are listening to their public and poll after poll indicates that an overwhelming number of people are upset. Do you all not understand that YOU WORK FOR US. You weren't sent there to do what you think is best you were sent there to represent your constituents and you are not listening to them. The House wants to do WHATEVER it is they are going to do be it deem and pass or a vote this weekend, probably on Sunday. They can't risk any Democrat going home and coming in contact with the peeps they represent. They might be swayed from the yes vote they have been pressured to make.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Personal update and Health Care Reform

I have a new computer. I am so excited! You don't realize how important a computer is until you don't have one. I have had a blast the last week playing, getting my mail, farming, face booking and doing the fun social stuff. This week is studio tax week. I have to buy a quick books program for my new computer so that I can use the saved files on the flash driver thingy. I only know this because my son-in-law told me I had to do that. I still remain, as I said in one of my first ever blogs, a technotard.
Earlier in the week I was laid up with a stomach virus. Man, I thought I was dying. I was alone because Stan was out of town, Becky was in Boston and I couldn't call Josh to help me because he had a dance competition this weekend. I wanted to go to the hospital for IV fluids and to have someone feel sorry for me. My option was to be one of those loonies I talk about who inappropriately use the ambulance and call for a ride. It lets you know how sick I was that I even considered that option. I have many friends I could have called but you don't take a chance of giving this shit to someone you like. I stayed home and obviously survived. Demi the dog stayed with me and I could see real sympathy in her eyes.

Becky just got back from Boston. She was there for a Burn Conference and while there got her teaching certificate for Advanced life support for burn patients. She said that she had a great time and that was really interested in the research seminars. She came home yesterday afternoon and immediately started studying. I am in awe of her self motivation and dedication. I don't think I was ever like that.

Josh took 5 girls to Baton Rouge for a dance convention. We don't really do the dance convention thing because it costs a lot of money for our parents and times are tough. He competed 2 numbers a trio and duo. He won with both. One was a Platinum first and the other was a third high gold. There were 7 ro 10 numbers entered in our division and three prizes awarded and we got the first and the third!! Our dancers did a wonderful job.

I am really going to try to blog about 3-4 times a week. I have just gotten bogged down with the amount of material the news affords me. What to choose?? The Honorable(and that term is used VERY loosely)Massa who "innocently" tickled one of his staffers. The more he talked the worse it got. Nope I will make one more statement about health care reform. Our ELECTED officials are not listening to us. I only hope that if this monstrous bill goes thru that come November the damage can be undone. I don't know why I feel like I have to keep saying this but listen up you jack asses in Washington: YOU. WORK. FOR. US. I really loathe Nancy Pelosi. She has her own agenda and has stated that we as John and Jane Q. Public don't really understand what we need and want. We are stupid and need guidance. Considering that we elected that last batch of Democrates and Republicans and Barrack, she may have a point. But you know what? WE WOKE UP. She is an arrogant leader who presumes too much. Nancy you need to listen to the pubic you serve. They don't want this bill. They want health care reform but not this over weighted piece of crap that you keep shoveling down our throat telling us its cake. I am amazed that there are people still breathing who actually do not pay attention to what is happening in our country. I feel sorry for you and wish you well. If we fail in taking back our rights you all better learn to speak Chinese