Saturday, December 15, 2012

November 2012 Cruise with Family and Friends

We went on another cruise instead of me buying Christmas presents this year.  It is very easy for me because I have nothing to wrap.  My travel companions this time besides the kids and their spouses were Kay McGuire, Jill Forbes, Janet and Reno Leblanc, and of course Stan.  We went on NCL's Star through the same countries that we visited the last time and had a wonderful time.  Vacations are a time to relax, catch up with each other, and to do new things. For me personally,  having been on a diet for several weeks it was going to be a total cheat week of gastronomical delight.  The kids traveled separately from us and left later.  Shane played a joke on me and texted me from Becky's phone saying that they were an hour and a half out. It was nearly time for the boat to leave.  I was in a panic and went directly to the desk, got escorted back to the offices where I was introduced to an officer who listened to my tale through my tears.  I told him that if my kids were not on this boat that I was getting off.  "No, no, no Madam, how far out are they?" I would have greatly appreciated just how handsome he was if I hadn't been so upset.  I couldn't reach Becky, Josh or Shane.  Finally Shane calls and the phone is broken up but I hear him say 7th and Atrium.  I realize that they are on the boat.  The lovely desk lady and the handsome officer were happily smiling and I was still in tears.  I go out to the Atrium and there they are.  I was torn between wanting to rip their heads off   or hugging them.  Shane bought me a shot of tequila and all was right with my world.  The best trip for me was in Cozumel  at the Salsa-Salsa venue.  We learned to cook 7 different kind of salsas and 2 different kinds of margaritas. I was pretty well plastered by the time we started to cook but the event was still a success.   In Belize we all went on the snorkeling trip and really had a good time.  The food was excellent.  I was in heaven just eating the butter and the dinner rolls.  I have learned that as I have gotten older that I cannot tolerate alcohol because it makes me swell.  By the end of the first day my ankles looked like logs, of course the more alcohol that I drank the less I cared.   I spent time in the casino giving money back to the cruise line and shopped in all the stores.  I  took over 2 hundred pictures with my new "best ever" camera,  I read 3 books,  and I ate all the butter that I wanted, and I was with the people that I love the most.   What more could a vacation offer!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Again I Am Blessed

I am so very blessed in my family. I never realized that I wanted to be a grandma until I found out about Allsion River Hart my first grandchild. I was so thrilled from the very bottom of my heart and realized that that is what I am supposed to be: a Grandma.  My sisters all have multiple grandchildren and I have just Allison who I was sure was very lonely being by herself with no cousins.  I hadn't given up on Becky but she is very very goal directed and difficult to nag about reproductive things. One day the middle of October she had come into work for me so that I could stay home a few hours and rest.  We had been a little short staffed.  Becky looked different to me.  She didn't look like she had gained weight but she looked
"fuller"( believe me I have paid over and over for that description) I can't really explain it but she looked different.  When she left I looked at the remaining nurses and asked if they didn't think she looked "fuller" they assumed I meant a weight gain.... I couldn't explain it but said I bet she is pregnant.  Heather said "Wouldn't she have told you if she was?" Nope.  Rebekah can keep a secret better than anyone I know.  And I knew better than to ask.  The next night she and Shane were taking Stan and I out to dinner for her birthday with Frances, Benny, Josh, Sydni,  and Tante Jill.  We were at Charlie G's and prior to eating the manager stood on a chair to take pictures of the table.  Instead of telling us to say "cheese"  he says " okay ready, BECKY"S PREGNANT".  I wasn't sure what I heard was right but then looked at Stan and he was crying, looked at Frances and she had her hand over her mouth and she was elated.  It only took a second or two but it finally registered that Becky was going to have a baby.  Her due date is May 7.  I am so very thrilled.  I cannot wait to be able to hold my second grandchild.  This is the continuation, the future, my mom's genes passing to the next generation.  I have been thinking about my mom a lot since I found out and know that she would be so proud of her youngest granddaughter and all of her success.  I know that she would have loved to see little Allison and her cousin to be.  When I hold both of these gifts that God has given to me I will tell them about the people whose strength, sorrows,  joy,  and  love that has been the steel that has forged this family.  I will share myself and my memories so that they will be able to know those who came before.  Being a Grandma is about sharing not only kisses, stories, cookies, love and smiles.... but it is about sharing history.  It is about being able to say " this is where you came from..........." I am blessed.  Thank you God.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote: This is the Most Important Election of My Life

I have never failed to vote in a presidential election.  My mom used to tell me that it was important that we go to the polls and cast a vote so that we can participate in the election of our president.  The first president I voted for was Nixon.  Look how that turned out.  With current Presidential shenanigans it amazes me that Nixon was impeached.  Nixon lied and he was impeached and resigned.  Clinton abused his position and had sexual encounters with Monica and LIED about it(ohh I forgot he didn't have sex he just got a blow job).  He lied about having a personal relationship with her.  Our current POTUS promised the most "transparent" administration ever.  He hadn't finished the first year before he lied and lied and lied again.  For those you with selective and incredibly short memories  remember Obamacare??  The meetings were supposed to be open so that we could see what was happening.  He promised.  He lied.  During his campaign he said that Bush was unpatriotic because of the 4 trillion dollar debt that he incurred.  Well Mr. PRESIDENT does the amount 16 trillion mean anything to you?  That represents a 36.4 percent increase since Obama's inauguration.  Way to go!! So far our POTUS is a liar and unpatriotic. Obama spent 20 years in a church with Rev Wright but failed to realize that his friend was decidedly anti-American.  Some of Obama's friends are unashamed  past members of US terrorist organisations,  communists and socialists. The majority of his close advisers are anti-capitalists and believe that we should "share the wealth". In his own words his mentor(def: trusted councilor or guide) Frank Marshall Davis made a great impact on him and was like a father. Frank Marshall Davis was a communist.  Obama believes that those that work should support those that don't.  He obviously believes in huge Government and that said government should supply food, shelter, education, health care and everything but apparently jobs. The most ridiculous thing ever is the "Obama phones" that an acquaintance told me is "free and I got 3 of them".  When I commented " you know that I paid for those phones"  I was told "girl, get out of here, Obama paid for this".  That would be the mentality that this POTUS is encouraging.  This same mentality may get him elected again.  Free shit. There are those people that are lazy and they don't want to work. The government nanny state is right up their alley.   I believe that there are more people who really want to work and those people are unable to find a job.  We have a POTUS that has done all he could to kill small businesses.  He does not respect initiative.  Remember "You did not build that" reminding people that we owe everything to Mr. Obama and the government because we didn't do anything alone.  The collective, socialist WE.   I have got news for you.  I am BETTER than the person that sits home  on his or her lazy ass and collects government benefits.  I am EQUAL to the person who wants to contribute and to work but cannot find a job because of this administration, it's taxes, and its over the top regulations.  This president and his health care program are trampling the rights of the church in attempting to force church related businesses to offer birth control when they are fundamentally against that option. If he is successful then what other religious rights will he stop.  He is treading on ground that the Constitution says he has to stay off of and it doesn't make a difference.  He does just want he wants and the majority of the press lives in his pocket and they just smile and write what a WONDERFUL leader we have.  He let the "Fast and Furious" congressional investigation go for over a year while his friend Atty General Eric Holder ducked, dodged and refused to provide requested documents.  Finally  protecting himself and his friend he declared "executive privilege" and called a halt to congressional fact finding.   Most recently we have the Benghazi debacle where four Americans were killed knowing that their country deserted them.  POTUS is refusing to answer any questions and of course the investigation will take place AFTER the election. Then if he wins he will claim executive privilege again.  Odd thing that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has dropped off the map.  She has only been seen rarely on ANY of the news since the incident.  The last time was when she took blame for the incident.  I wonder how much Clinton extracted from the power brokers to lay her neck on the line.  Now to be sure Obama did say that the buck stops with him. He let those men die when help was an hour away.  Shame on him.    If that is the case then he needs to come clean.  But he won't.  He never has and he never will... it is always someones fault but his own. He is a spoiled child in many aspects.  He will never be able to accept fault and he loves just hobnobbing with the celebrity group.  In fact shortly after our men were murdered he was in Vegas, on the View and other TV programs blaming the attack on a video(that we all knew wasn't true the first day) and denying the terrorist aspect even though it happened on 9/11.  I am insulted that he thinks we are stupid.  I am also insulted that he can lie and expect votes.  His renewable energy goal is laudable except that he allowed contracts to go to political cronies and they were not successful and several have filed bankruptcy while absconding with our tax money.  He  has nearly halted oil, coal and gas exploration in our country on federal land. He wants to increase taxes for the very wealthy to help with  the deficit.  ARE YOU SERIOUS.  The amount that we would get wouldn't be a drop in the national debt bucket.  However it would directly affect the economy.  Kennedy and Regan understood that concept but it is beyond Obama's understanding.  It would also go against his socialist leanings.  Our current President has said over and over that with the killing of Usama bin Laden that al- Qaeda is crippled.  He is clueless or living in an alternate world.  They are stronger than ever.  Denying their existence doesn't make it so.  

This President has nearly changed the course of this wonderful country.  He has increased our indebtedness to the point that I am not sure we can recover.  Every time he gets on the air and promises more benefits I want to scream WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM.  Our countries indebtedness is the talk of the world  so I want to thank you Mr. President, even they know it's not Bush's fault.  You are an embarrassment. 

Before anyone calls me a racist(because you know if you don't want Obama you are a racist!) let me tell you that I loved Herman Cain.  Last time I looked he was black.  The big difference between the two was that Cain is proud of our country, he is not a socialist, and he believes that the smaller government the better. 

I can only pray that Obama will not be elected. I do not respect him, trust him or want him leading my country. His actions the last two weeks on TV are not Presidential.  We do not vote for revenge Mr. Obama we vote, as Romney has stated,  for the love of our country.  I pray that tomorrow night when I go to bed, I will know that the Obama reign has come to an end.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy 31st Birthday Rebekah!!

It was 31 years ago that you came into my life and each day I have watched you grow into this wonderful woman.  I remember getting up that morning at about 5am with some stomach pain and realizing that I was in labor I woke your dad up.  We went to St. Joseph's Hospital in Bryan, Texas at 7am and you were worn at 1215pm.  You were 20 and 1/2 inches long and weighed 10lbs 9ozs and you entered the world with a lusty cry.  You were independent as a toddler and would insist on "I do it byself mommy( not a typo... it  was always byself and not myself). Your will was awesome even at that age and it has carried you through your life when faced with difficulty. You never let anything stand in your way and used stumbling blocks as stepping stones to reach your goals.  You are so steadfast in your loyalty to family and friends.  Rebekah I love you more than the stars in the sky, more than zebras, and more than all the grass.  Happy birthday my sweet baby girl!!!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Linda Guidry 9/30/2012 RIP

Today is a sad day for a number of us here in southern Louisiana.  We are all just  a little less than we were when we went to bed.  Our dear and wonderful friend Linda Guidry, LPN died this afternoon surrounded by her family.   Linda the wife of Blackie, the mother to Alvin, Emily, Camella, Susie, and Matthew,  and the Grandmother(Ahnee) to a host of grandchildren has gone to be with Jesus after a short illness.  I can't explain to those who don't know her how much her death affects those who knew her and loved her.  She was a fixture at St. Martin Hospital and you would be hard pressed to find a worker or a patient that didn't know her. She   was a wonderful nurse and a fierce protector to her patients.  When my friend Jill and I went to visit her in the hospital last week we found her sitting up in bed struggling to breathe and to find a comfortable spot.  I got off at midnight and called Jill and off we went. Linda, Jill and I worked the same schedule for years at different areas of the hospital and we knew that she would be awake. What they say is  once a night nurse, always a night nurse, and in the wee hours of the morning we are often awake even if we are off. As she was struggling her thought was "what do we do to our patients" between breaths she was letting us know that we don't do enough for our elderly patients who are unable to care for themselves.  " We have to make sure we give them water more than every hour, we have to make sure that they are comfortable, we have to help them better".  I was in awe that in her struggles that she was focused on how to care for those who couldn't care for themselves and depend on nurses for comfort. I promise Linda that I will remember everything that you said that night.  Every time I will deal with a recalcitrant patient  I will remember and care for him or her as if I was caring for you.

Linda would occasionally work in the ER with me and a long time ago when we both had bottle reddish hair( we did love our red hair) a patient that I was helping her with looked at both of us and said "ya'll must be twins" ( and she was serious). I looked at Linda who was 50 lbs less, 4 inches shorter and who looks NOTHING like me and we both said yes.  Then I added the comment - but she was born first!  The patient stated " I knew it,  you look exactly alike."  From then on whenever we greeted each other it was "hey sister".  For years whenever I would give a butt shot I would say "okay get ready ...big shot" as I would hit them with the needle.  Linda did this as well.  One evening she went into the room of a particularly large woman and explained she would be giving her an injection in her rump.  She then wiped off the area and said "Okay get ready, one, two, three, BIG BUTT."  She went back to the inpatient side refusing to come back until after the patient left.  We have laughed over this for years.

Linda and I love our "bling".  When you realize that we are always at work and rarely have opportunity to wear our "sparklies" we decided that the saying "less is more" did not apply to us and that 'more is more and BETTER was our mantra!!" We would always have something shiny on.  I nearly broke our hearts when they sent a memo stating that the  dress code was going to be enforced.  Lots of bling is not listed for the dress code of a  professionally dressed nurse.  We could wear watches, a tasteful ring( and not on at least 3 fingers.... can you believe THAT???!!!)and non dangling earrings.  It has been a struggle for both of us to find shiny things that fit within that description and still remain true to the more is more mantra.

My current ED manager Denise told me the other day that Linda taught her to be a nurse.  She was a brand new RN years ago when she first came to "the Gary" as our hospital was then called.  Linda took her in hand and helped her find her way.  Linda as a LPN was a better nurse than most RN's that I have worked with over the years. She had incredible instincts and a wonderful sense of humor that never left her.  Whenever I had an IV on a baby I would call Linda.  She was the best.  Make no mistake.  If you worked with Linda you had to work and if you didn't work she had no patience for you.  No matter that she had a temper that was awesome to see, she was at heart a peacemaker.  I can still hear her say to me when I was dealing with a co-worker problem " now sister, just let that go...let that roll off your back".  She read her bible at work and was a source of spiritual insight.  She was an active member of New Beginnings Church and her family  provide the music ministry.  Susie and her husband Rene Armentor, and Blackie are up there each Sunday singing to the Lord and providing incredible blessings to all the members.

I could go on and on listing all the wonderful memories that I have of Linda, the arguments that we have had( we are both pretty strong willed), the way she would "pass" you a pair of eyes that made you realize you screwed up.  I could tell you all the times that she prayed for me when I had cancer.  I could tell you all the times that she provided me with her faith when mine was nearly gone.  I could tell you about ALL the patients that benefited from her care.  I could go on and on about her sense of humor.  I could do all these things but you still wouldn't understand the impact that she had on me.   I will miss you so much "sister".  You have left a legacy of love in your children and grandchildren.  "Ahnee" will not be forgotten.

Tonight I am wearing my sparklies....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11. 2012

Eleven years ago on this day American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2.  Around the same time American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.  United Flight 93 was headed for the Capital Building when the passengers thwarted that attempt and the plane crashed into the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  These attacks were brought about by a group of militant Islamists from the al-Qaeda network of terrorists headed by Usama bin Laden.  The listed reasons for this heinous attack was America's support of Israel, our presence in Saudi Arabia and sanctions against Iraq.  Reality is that they need no excuses.  They hate us totally for our way of life.  For their sacrifice the terrorists who killed nearly 3000 people are sitting in their heaven with 7 virgins or some such crap as that.   I continue to feel into my deepest being the tragedy of that day.  I watch the timeline that Fox produced each time it is on.  I have nearly memorized the speaking parts.  The other night as I was watching the timeline, my daughter in law brought my little granddaughter over and I was able to hold her and smell her precious baby smell.   She remarked that I was again watching something that makes me cry every year.  I acknowledged that fact and as I held Allison River I realized that the reason I remember is for her.  If we forget,  the victims of that day will have died in vain.  We have to remember to be able to fight against the spread of terrorism.   We have to teach our grandchildren the value of freedom and that it is worth our sacrifice.  Our way of life, our country, and our values are under attack from all sides and if we do not stand guard we will lose all that we hold dear.   I watch each year to honor those husbands, wives, moms, dads, sisters, brothers who lost loved ones and who are left behind to carry the torch. In my memory that is the last time that our country stood together regardless of political party to announce to the world that WE ARE AMERICANS and we will not be destroyed.   Remember today all those who lost their lives and pray for those who lost  their loved ones.  Finally pray for our country.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

War on Women, Birth Control, Abortion and the VaJJ Costumes

I love the news.  I love watching all kinds of news.  I shamelessly love Fox BUT listen to the others to be able to get an idea of what is being said by the obvious liberal media.  I know people who won't watch Fox because allegedly Fox is  too conservative. They say they have watched but if they had they could not make that accusation.   They don't watch.  Period.  I get both sides from Fox.  This has to be the reason that they have been #1 for years.  I was TV bound during the conventions.  I really love this stuff but this time, this election is probably the most important of my life.  Fox was the only station that covered nearly the whole conventions.  All the major speakers were covered completely on both sides.  No one else can say that.  I love the pageantry, the speakers, the delegates and the whole process on both sides.  You have to watch if you really want to be informed.  At the Republican convention they had a group of aging hippies dressed as vaginas.  I was enthralled  and disgusted at the same time.  It was like a train wreck: to awful to see but you just couldn't turn away.      They sang a song and the whole thing was to point out that the Republicans have declared war on women.    I know my sister reads my posts and my daughter other than that I don't know for sure who else takes the time to read what I have to say.   But if another woman reads this please know that THIS woman is much more than her vagina.  Believe it or not, I have a brain.  I read, I think, and I have my own ideas not fed to me by my choice of a political party.  Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student spoke.  She is the Democratic poster child for birth control. She just graduated from Georgetown Law( it costs approximately 50 thousand a year) and graduates from this prestigious school usually start out at 150 thousand a year.  Maybe now she can afford her birth control pills.  During her education period she could have gone to any planned parenthood office and received her pills free or at a discount.  Instead she wants insurance companies to pay. The problem comes in when employers who are fundamentally against birth control are forced to provide insurance that will provide the pill for their employees. Who is more right.  We have a right to choose. You don't have to work for a company that does not want to provide your pills.   Better yet,  pay for your own pills if you are living your life in such a way that  unplanned pregnancy is a concern.  Or even better have your partner pay for the privilege of sharing your bed.  My daughter and I differ on this I am sure because she had commented in the past about the cost of the pill.  Before I get comments from people who have known me in the past I offer this disclaimer:  I have changed.  About many many things.  I have spent years conflicted about choices that I made when I was young and stupid. I have come to terms with my choices and know that who I am now is because of the good and bad choices that I made in the past.  Been there done that, and I have the tee-shirt.  I just don't trot it out all the time. I also rest in the assurance that I have been forgiven.  

In abortion news Representative Todd Akin  made a really stupid statement.  He said that  and I quote “It seems to be, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, it’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.

Okay well he is stupid.  But I would still rather have dinner with him than with Sandra Fluke.  He is at least educable.  I posted on face book how I felt about this and will repeat for this blog.  Years ago that was the common view.  That in cases of violent rape the chances of getting pregnant were nil.  We know that is not the case. From what I have read the term "legitimate rape" is the most insulting to women everywhere.  Get over it.  I am sure it will come as a shock to you that women actually lie about rape.  I have been in the ER venue for nearly 37 years and I have seen my share of LEGITIMATE rapes and those that were bald faced liars who needed an out to face the parents or the husband.  Or in a worse case scenario to get even with a guy who dumped you.   In any case in most ERs you are offered a morning after pill.  Keep in mind that if you state that you just KNOW that this rape caused you to get pregnant and demand a test we then know that you really are pregnant already.  Yes this has happened... it was years and years ago and I can still see the surprise that we didn't believe her. The morning after pill does not work if you are already pregnant.  

I am a borderline right-to-lifer.  If that upsets some pro-life people then I am sorry.  Strict pro-lifers would not offer a morning after pill.  I would.  I have changed drastically  in my abortion-for-birth-control  opinion.  I had a defining moment  years ago when I participated in an abortion in an ER that I worked.  I can still hear the girl say " Doc I got pregnant again, shit"  The female doctor that was our ER physician escorted her into the first room and I set up the suction machine.  It was over and done with in a few minutes and I was changed.  I watched a mass of blood and tissue sucked out of her and realized that this was a baby.  It was really a life.  I refused to assist in any more abortions and made up my mind that if it meant my job then so be it.  It didn't come to that but I changed.  All women who want birth control abortions should be made to take part in one.  If you are pregnant and don't want the child you can offer that gift to a childless couple who desperately want a child.   Recently a couple had a baby named Braxton Bergeron.  His story is on  They are local people known by friends of mine and I was encouraged to read Braxton's story.  I encourage you to read it as well.  But get a tissue...or a box of tissues.  They were informed early on that Braxton had "broken bone disease" and would not live long after birth.  They elected, after being given the choice of an abortion, to carry Braxton to term.  Their story is poignant and bittersweet.  Braxton's story is a story of life and victory.  Braxton died hours after birth in the arms of his parents.   The parent's choice of opting for the more difficult path has changed countless people within this community and that is Braxton's victory and legacy.  

I believe in the sanctity of life.  I believe that the Republican party does not hate woman but is remaining true to the majority of their constituents of both sexes.  Yes Romney has changed his mind about the pro-choice issue.  But then so have I.   The issue of rape is still a hot topic and one that I will take an active part.  I will write to my congressmen and expect them to take a harsh view as to the punishment of a rapist.  I just hope that the accused is not a victim of a liar. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Politics:Families and Friends

Nearly four years have passed since B. Obama became President.  It's that time again for tempers to rise, opinions to be stated and arguments to happen.  In our family we are diverse with one sister a very liberal Democrat and three of us Republicans/Independent.  In my personal family I am married to a former Democrat who joined the Republican Party after he completed his military duty.  He states that  he changed because he saw how the Democratic Party mislead his generation. Stan can go on for hours about this but  to  cover it in one run-on sentence:  In his travels in the service he saw the positive and negative of American influence in the world and he felt that the Democrats did not represent the truth.  We have both voted for Democrats in the state but have stayed with the Republican ticket in the presidential elections.  My son feels that we are in the biblical end times so it doesn't much matter who we vote for but he usually votes Republican.  Rebekah is the hold out politically and never talks about her views much to her very  Republican husband's distress.  But in defense of my daughter she is right her views belong to her and if she wants to share them she will.  I think she delights in the fact that she won't tell!.  During the last few years she told me that I was writing to much politically on my blog and not enough about family.  I agreed to an extent and have made an attempt to keep my views to a rare entry.  Sometimes though I cannot stop myself.  I loathe this current administration and what it has done to our country.  I adore a political conversation, discourse, debate, and  argument.  A former co-worker Eric and I used to go round and round.  He was an Obamaphyte and thought that the air he expelled was holy(slight exaggeration here.... sorry Eric... but it's close to being true!) We would tie into it and almost get to the yelling point!!!  It was great.  Afterwards we would always agree to disagree and go on. I really valued what Eric had to say.  I didn't agree with it but I did listen and consider his opinion briefly before I ignored his view.  He would be the first to tell  you how wrong I was but he listened too.  He just ignored anything I said.  On Facebook I have a friend named Bob who puts out some of the funniest anti-Obama stuff you have ever read.  He is obviously a die-hard conservative and has a friend named Hugh who is the exact opposite.  I love reading the debate between these two.  It makes me think, provides me laughs and there are always those who have to enter in a comment. Including me.  I think Hugh is deluded but I love reading his comments.  Discussion is how we exchange information, form opinions, and clear the air.  The only thing that I hope I can accomplish through Facebook and my blog is to make people pay attention to what is happening politically and to THINK before they vote.  The most important thing we do for our country is to vote.  You can vote for whomever you wish but don't do so because  Bob, Eric, Hugh, or I  told you our candidate is the best.  I have another friend who refuses to watch the news and doesn't read anything unless it is written by Nora Roberts.  She always asks me how to vote.  I have railed against her flipping ignorance about current events to no avail.    She called me the other night and said "we don't like Obama do we?"  I just laughed and told her that I couldn't stand him but she needed to form her own opinion.  Her problem is she doesn't want to get involved.   You have to read books and articles from both sides of the Aisle.  You have to watch news from ALL sources and not just a minute before you change channels.  Quite frankly I will watch CNN/MSNBC to continue to confirm the liberal ideological bent of those news agency.  This is something that I will go into in another blog. I listen to Fox because I get an ACCURATE accounting of both sides of the fence. I don't want to be fed only one view.  I want to hear opposing sides.   Obama doesn't like Fox.  They hold his feet to the fire and the others don't.   Know this.  I am an American.  I love my country.  I do not like what this Administration has done to the Republic. If you wish to debate me I would love it but if you ONLY get your information from  news shows that are shamelessly  liberal, or read only those things that support your opinion save your breath.  You are ignorant, I have better ways to waste my time.  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meet the Family Allison River Hart

Dear Allison River Hart,

Welcome to the world my precious little granddaughter.  It must be pretty strange for you about now.  All the noise, the lights, and smells.  I imagine that the change in temperature must be pretty scary too.  I just wanted to let you know that you were very much wanted and loved even before you decided to enter the world.  You are part of a very wonderful family and I thought that I would take the time to introduce you to everyone so that we all don't seem so strange.

Mommy and Daddy:  Mommy's name is Sydni and she is the one who was nurturing you for the past 7 and 1/2 months.  It was her heart beat that you heard that provided you comfort.  It was her womb that you were resting in getting ready to join us.  Mommy is a ballerina.  She is a beautiful dancer and she took you on spins around the room every so often. Mommy is also a massage therapist which means that you will get wonderful back rubs when your tummy is upset.  Daddy is like a male mommy with a deeper voice.  He will get to hold you now that you are out.  He has big hands that can protect you and a gentle heart that will hear your unspoken needs.  He is a dancer too and a massage therapist.  He can tell a story without talking by moving his feet and hands. He is a beautiful dancer too. When he holds you , you will be able to hear and learn what his heart sounds like.    Mommy and Daddy both love God and will teach you all about Him as you grow older.

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Peggy Hart:  Okay this gets a little confusing but Grandpa Steve is daddy's daddy.  Grandma Peggy is daddy's stepmother.  Grandpa Steve is a doctor and spent his time in the Navy.  He is a retired Admiral.  He had an important job but now his most important job is to love you.  Grandma Peggy owns a Tea Shoppe.  She is a successful business woman and a mommy too and she loves you so much as well and  maybe when you get older she will have a tea party with you.  They live in Iowa where you were born.

Aunt Becky and Uncle Shane Garrard:  Aunt Becky is daddy's sister and Uncle Shane is her husband.  Aunt Becky is a nurse practitioner and is very very smart.  She is tall and beautiful too.  She is going to be a wonderful aunt and will spoil you.  Uncle Shane owns a business with his family and works with computers.  Uncle Shane is very smart too.  And he is funny.  Really really funny. He has a big garden and rides a tractor.    Aunt Becky and Uncle Shane have chickens and live by the levee.  They have alligators near their house.  They also have two dogs, Maxi and Tig.

Grandma Stephanie and Grandpa Kurt Bourg:  This is mommy's mommy and daddy.  They came to visit you today.  Grandma Stephanie sells houses and  is very successful.  Grandpa Kurt is a fireman.  He puts out fires and saves peoples lives.  You are their first grandchild and they love you so very much already.  Grandma Stephanie is going to ride in the car with you all the way back to your home in Louisiana just in case you need something.  She thinks you are beautiful.

Uncle Seth Bourg:  This is mommy's brother.  He is marrying Kristen and she will be your other aunt.  Uncle Seth is a fireman too.  He is like grandpa Kurt and puts out fires and saves people's lives.

Great grandpa Allen and  Great Grandma Carolyn:  They are mommy's grandparents and they drove to Iowa to see you today too.  They have lots of time and love to give you.  They live close to your home and will see to it that you are spoiled rotten.

Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Stan:  This is daddy's mommy and stepfather.   Grandpa Stan sold windows and is retired now.  He is very excited that you are here and can't wait to meet you.  He likes to hunt and has plenty of deer meat to share with you. Grandpa Stan likes to read and will sit with  you and read you books if you smile at him.      He is working as a carpenter's helper to pass the time right now until you get home.
Grandma Debbie is me.  I am a nurse in an Emergency department and used to fly on a rescue helicopter.  I also like to write and take pictures.  I will take hundreds of pictures of you and show those pictures to perfect strangers if they sit still long enough.  I have so much love in my heart for you already that it feels like it is bursting.  I can't wait to meet you.

There are so many other people that will be important to you that it would be hard to write about each one.  You have a Great Aunt Patti who is with the Red Cross,  Great Uncle Jack who is the Mayor of their Iowa town.  Great Aunt Barbara who is known as Aunt Bee and she is waiting to meet you too.  You have cousins, other aunts and uncles who are looking fofward to seeing you.  Grand Taunte Jill sends her love and thinks you are just beautiful.  There are so many many people who are just waiting to see you.  I will close this for now and will write again later.

I love you precious girl,

your grandma Deb

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Hart Today the Day???

Sydni and Joshua are in Iowa for the Hart family reunion.  It is always the first weekend of August and Harts come from all over the US to attend.  Apparently the newest Hart, my granddaughter wants to attend too.  Sydni called me this morning to ask what it was like if your water broke.  She explained her symptoms and it sounded suspiciously like labor.   They were on their way to the hospital as she was talking.  Well they have admitted her and will keep her till the baby comes.  The princess Hart is 6 weeks early but I believe that God is there in the room and womb and all will be well.  What is serendipitous is that a year ago they were planning to get married in mid September and moved the wedding up to the first weekend in August to get married in Iowa at Hartland Woods, the family campground.  Well the baby was due mid September and they felt safe to travel to the reunion and now the baby is going to be born during the Hart family reunion time.  Except that it is a little early it couldn't be more perfect.  I wish I was there.  I imagine her mom will fly up and Steve and Peggy, Joshua's dad and step-mom will be near-by.  My heart is so full and it is taking all I can not to get in my car and go.  OHHHH  I just remembered... I don't have my car, they do!!! So sometime in the next few hours or days my little granddaughter will enter the world.  My little sweetheart when you make your presence known and enter this cold hard world know that you will be surrounded by love.  You are wanted and loved already.  I look forward to the first time I can look into your eyes.  You have such amazing genes.  Your great grandmother Ina is in heaven and I believe is watching and will be in the room with your mom and dad.   Oh Lord just surround their room with your peace.  Give them the strength and surety that all will be well.  Take care of Sydni and keep her in your loving embrace.  Oh Lord keep Joshua in  your  arms and provide him the words to express your greatness.  In Jesus name I pray.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sore Knees and the Quest for Fitness

Yesterday an attractive young lady(30-40 yo) said to me as she was showing me through her business  "okay then young lady you just come this way and you be careful that you don't hurt yourself".  I was momentarily insulted to be addressed in such a patronizing manner.  I decided that I needed to join yet another gym.  I work in Opelousas part-time and I am in Breaux Bridge full time.  My favorite gym that I don't attend is Sure Fit.  The people there are wonderful, funny and seem happy to see me every time I wander in.  I have been giving them my money for two years and haven't seen the inside.  I figured that I needed another gym  not to attend on the days that I am in Opelousas so I joined Community Fitness.  They were running a special for 99$ a year including the use of their pool.  This need for fitness came about last week when I was working with my daughter in the ER.  On our break she talked me into walking around the outside of the hospital a total of 2 times.  It rather felt good to stretch my legs and I was sweating just a little when we went back inside.  Then my knee started to hurt. It continued to hurt into the  next week and still hurts.  I am sitting here typing with an ice pack on it and feeling really old.   Anyway, so yesterday Stan drove me to the gym and I limped in, filled out the paperwork and then asked if they could show me around.  My knee was killing me but I managed to keep up and got the 50 cent tour.  I can only ride the bikes for now and she suggested not much resistance.  I will also do some upper body work.  I am in the worse shape I have been in in years.  When I was at my highest weight at over 300 lbs I was in better shape.  I have been just floating along getting older, more stiff and feeling the arthritis move around in my body.  I haven't put on any weight recently but I haven't lost any either.  The young lady comment was meant to be nice but it stuck in my craw like a burr.  I say stuff like that to my older lady patients in the ER.  I never knew that I was being patronizing.  The thing it did for me was wake me up.  I am not a young lady, I am a sixty year old grandma-to-be who is hiding a bikini clad body under 100 pounds of adipose.  If I don't do my level best to get rid of this fat I am going to be using a cane to get around and I will be damned if that happens before I am 75.  I figure that for the next month if I can ride a stationary bike for about 30 min or start a slow walk for a mile 5 days a week that will be a start. I am really anxious to see my peeps at Sure Fit.  I know they will be happy to see me and will help me in any way.  I just have to dig deep to maintain the motivation.  Someone asked me if I wanted an exercise buddy.  Not now.  For now I am on a solitary journey that will take all my concentration.  I have found that talking and walking aren't such a good mix for me.  I tend to be competitive and in about 50 lbs will find a partner to work out with but not now.  I can do this.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rebekah May 4, 2012

May 4th represented an educational triumph for my daughter. She was awarded her Masters in Nursing and is a Family Nurse Practitioner or will be when she sits for her exam. I am in awe of her. She knows so much and is able to put into practice all that she has learned. She is a credit to the profession and will be a blessing for those she treats. Her husband, in-laws, mom,dad, grandmother Thelma, and her brother and sister-in-law all were there to witness her graduation and celebrate her success. We had a blast. Congradulations sweetheart.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Joshua 35 Years of Pictures

Happy Birthday to my son. I had a blast looking through boxes of pictures and had to really limit myself. I had added several from his wedding to Syd but took them out because I already have the same pictures on a previous blog. Josh you are such a gift from God and I thank Him daily for allowing me to help you grow.