Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Apparently I was Right

I listened to the news tonight and according to both news channels that I accessed Mr. Gates Jr. was behaving unseemly. He was loud obnoxious and resorted to name calling. He is a very smart man and I believe set up an escalating situation so that he could scream racial profiling. Now I am sure there are many who disagree with me and that is fine after all this is my blog and you can stop reading. I am aware that there are many times that police have been involved that because of race the subject was not listened to or treated as well. So Mr. Gates you didn't help the situation nor were you a victim of profiling. You cried wolf and you lied. Shame on you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Middle Aged Men With Canes and PO(President Obama)

Besides playing Mobsters I have kept up with the news. I have been writing myself notes about what I want to blog about next. The health care situation is a mess and I haven't figured out a way to deal with it in my blog. I was watching the President speak about Health Care reform when a question was asked about the Henry Gates Jr. episode and the Cambridge, Mass. police department. PO(President Obama) made the statement that the police acted "stupidly" in their handling of the situation. PO further stated that how dangerous can a middle aged man with a cane be?. I wanted to laugh. I know that PO is a very smart man and you know full well he was briefed by his staff to expect questions about that situation so what he said was exactly what he wanted to say and was no accident. So PO, YOU were really stupid. A middle aged man with a cane can be very dangerous. I work in an emergency room. A cane can be a lethal weapon in the hands of ANYONE who is pissed off. For instance a middle aged man who was stopped by the police because a neighbor called in a possible breaking and entering. I wonder if during the situation Mr. Gates could have been thinking that this was a great way to get some publicity and proceeded to make a stink that he could turn into a racial issue. What they should have done was tased his butt, drug him off to the hospital and straightened it all out after he finished drooling. You PO, then compounded the situation by condemning the police department. I was mildly amused about the offer of having the two men involved come to the White House for a beer. How about saying "gee I was wrong and made a stupid statement and considering I am the most powerful man in America I should have said that I have no comment and let the situation be handled by the powers that be in Massachusetts". I don't know what the officer is going to do about the invite but I wouldn't go. He was insulted by the President and I just don't think a beer covers it. I find it interesting that his fellow officers of all races are standing behind this man.


11 days ago my daughter got me hooked on a game on Facebook. Mobsters. I cannot believe that I have let it take over my free time. Not wanting to be alone in my addicted state I have turned on several people at work to the joys of the game. I didn't understand it at first and went to my daughter's house for a tutorial that lasted about 2-3 hours. She like to never got me out of her house. Once I figured it out, I got to attack people and steal their money, buy property, make deals and add other unsuspecting persons to my mob("you don't have to play just join my mob".... knowing full well if they start it just pulls you in) My understanding is that Joshua was the original ringleader and he roped in Becky. Becky got Shane involved and then to his parents. Francis, Becky's mom in law told me she hated my kids. I know why. I just want to quit but heck I own a bunch of property, make about 80 thousand dollars an hour, I am responsible for multiple thugs and other mobsters and I have a cachet of weapons that a third world country would love to have. Oh and I have about 18 million in the bank. My last day off I was sitting at home(sans computer) and it was raining. Pretty soon I was obsessing about how much money other mobsters were stealing from me because I couldn't bank my money(if it's in the bank it's safe from stealing) I got dressed and went to the library and used their computer and I am glad that I did... I would have lost about 200 thousand dollars. I am not lying when I tell you it is easier to quit smoking.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Telephone Etiquette or How Not To Answer Your Phone

I just love caller ID. You can screen your calls and just not answer when someone calls that you don't want to talk to. If you answer your phone and are speaking to a person that you don't wish to converse with you then have to manufacture an excuse to end the call because no one really wants to be perceived as rude.

This morning I was chatting with my lovely daughter Becky about a cruise that we are planning for our Christmas presents to each other. I had spent the night online looking at the different cruise options and called to dump it in her lap because she is so much better at the planning of such an adventure. My phone was dying and I had to go to the bathroom so I told her to call me back on my home phone in about 5 minutes so that I could properly "finish". I no sooner sat down than the phone rang. It stopped after 4 rings and rang again a minute later. I am thinking that my daughter is just doing this to me as a joke. I hurried... and really had not finished if you get my drift when the damn phone rang again!! I picked it up without glancing at the caller ID and stated in a loud voice "WHAT!!!!!!!! I WAS POOPING!!!!!! I then heard a choked laugh, a masculine choked laugh and I compounded my gaffe by saying "oh shit, who is this?"It was Javier, a lovely representative from one of the cruise lines I had investigated the night before. He was having trouble talking and I was trying to fill in the silence with inane chatter some of which was about how it was nice to be regular. He continued to try to talk and then would start to laugh again. We finally got down to business and I asked him about rates and rooms. Then he tells me innocently I am sure, that the bathrooms are lovely and not far from the bed area which started the laughter all over again. I told him that he needed to talk with Becky and gave him her phone number requesting he not call for 5 minutes so that I could tell her he was calling. I called my daughter and filled her in on my phone etiquette lapse and told her Javier would be calling. He did call her and the laughter continued according to her. You just know as soon as he got off the phone he told everyone in his office. I even said that at one point and his answer was "well yes(laugh, laugh)I sure will tell everyone"
You all have a nice day ya'hear!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America

I love July 4th because of what it represents. I love my country and I am unashamedly patriotic. I heard a portion of a news conference today with our favorite President O. Keep in mind I have been under a lot of stress the past week so I have tried not to listen to anything that man has had to say. I slipped today and heard him extol his spending spree and government interference thus trying to encourage Americans to get into the spirit "of our founding fathers." What he was trying to pass on to us was the idea that our founding fathers would just love what he (President O) is doing with all the spending and all the care taking that the government is currently doing. Now I don't know where you graduated from High School nor do I care but our forefathers, Mr. President, stood for liberty and small government. They certainly did not want this gigantic rolling wave that you have started that threatens to take over all aspects of our lives. Contrary to what you and Nancy and Harry believe I am capable of making my own decisions and do not want you EVER to do that for me. The one thing that you will be remembered for(in the event that you get passed all the government run programs) is that you will have created the single largest dependent society since FDR. And once you give the freeloaders within our society something you can't ever take it back. You are such a HUGE disappointment. I believe that you will be the ruination of our country if you are allowed to continue to spend money that we don't have taking care of people who feel that they are "owed". Our forefathers would not recognize what you have done to our country in such a short time.
We each still have a voice and we need to be heard. Contact your Representatives and let them know that you are finished with government interference in your lives. These people of both parties answer to us at the voting booths and if they don't listen to us then we will put someone in who will.