Saturday, May 31, 2008

Valuable Makeup Tip

This is just a short note about something I learned at my daughter's engagement party. Joshua's friend the wonderful Lauren, makeup person to the stars(truly)gave me the secret as to why actors don't sweat. Deodorant. I am standing there mopping up sweat off my face like a factory worker and I asked her what do you do to stay un-wet. She tells me that they use unscented deodorant. I didn't ask but I am really sure its the clear kind and not the white kind or you would look like a geisha. Anyway you put that on first then do your make up.... isn't that the best idea. I am trying it tomorrow. Don't forget ladies that if you have bags under your eyes use a little Preparation H to tighten up that skin. You know if you really put your mind to it you can think of all kinds of uses for these two products. Well more later. Tomorrow I will have pictures of the engagement party
hugs to all

ER Pet Peeve #2 thru #7. We Are Not Stupid

Hey you out there before you come into the Emergency Department I want you to realize that I AM NOT STUPID. I may look it at times but it's intentional. I have perfected that look over the years because it gets me out of a lot of work. My first pet peeve was mentioned in detail in the blog from 10/09/07

Peeve 2: the more you explain in lengthy detail the cause of your back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain etc...... from 20 years ago AND you come in carrying your MRI Scans, CT Scans and previous doctor reports from 10 years ago, the more WE know you are seeking medication of the narcotic variety. We are not stupid and we are very busy. We would really respect you more if you said " hey I am addicted to Lortabs and ran out yesterday can you refill a hundred for me"? You are not going to get them but your chances of getting them with that 30 minute story you have memorized, isn't going to get you pills anyway.

Peeve 3: When you travel all the way from the other side of New Orleans to Houston to see your doctor once a month for your 120 Lortab 10mgms and your 90 Soma 350mgms AND you go with a van full of people to the same doctor you cannot convince us that you are not addicted. You are addicted and probably giving half the prescription to the van driver. You are also hitting doctors in the surrounding states as well, once a month for the same prescriptions. You don't use your state card or insurance card so that it can't be tracked, because these paragons of the medical community only take cash.

Peeve 4: To the above mentioned person in peeve 3: When you get your medication it is not smart to take A LOT of each one for fun because you end up in the ER with breathing problems. Don't tell us that "I only took one of each pill" because it took 3 doses of Narcan(a narcotic antagonist) to get you to even open your eyes. Take note, we WILL drug test you, we will count your medication to see how much is missing AND we are not stupid.

Peeve 5: Again refer to peeve 3.... get a job. I am tired of being responsible for you. You have a medical card that you are using to pay for the ER visit and I help fund that with my taxes. Oh I am sorry I forgot you CAN'T work because when you were 20 you hurt your neck(or back or shoulder) and you have pain that requires taking Lortabs and Somas on a daily basis. Remember though, we know that you are sitting in a crowded vehicle with many others going from state to state to get your medication refills. Surely you could find a job that requires less effort.

Peeve 6: To any of you healthy individuals that present to any ER with a medical card and disability medicare benefits.... do not brag to the nurses about the jobs you are doing "off the books" so that you won't lose your check. I am tired of supporting your lying,cheating, lazy butt. There are people out there who really need help and can't get it.

Peeve 7: (the last for rant is almost over) No, I do not believe, nor will I ever believe that you dropped all 100 of your pain pills in the toilet while you were putting on your false eyelashes. Take note: unless you drag your dead or stoned dog( or cat) in here I will not believe that they consumned all your medication. I AM NOT STUPID!!!!

To my two faithful readers, every once in a while I get irritated when I am confronted with system abuse. I am tired of my money supporting the dead wood, cheating, scum bags of society. I want my money to go to those people who are truly unable to work,for those who work hard but don't make enough for health care, and for the elderly.
Later to you all

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Good Man Died Last Sunday....

A good man died May 18th. Actually according to the paper a lot of people died that day. The difference is that I knew this one and he was an important part of my daughter's life. May 18. 2008 was when Steven Billeaud(pronounced Beo) died in a tragic accident and left what seemed like half the city of Lafayette in mourning. I went to the funeral today at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral to pay respects. I sat in awe of the church. In silence I looked around at the stained glass that sparkled like jewels on all sides of the massive sanctuary... the incense was sweet and the air inside was cool. I really felt a sort of peace during the entire service as I sat there hoping that Steve was looking down seeing the vast number of people that called him 'friend'. He was the father of Rebekah's best friend Leigh. They were friends since the third grade at Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau. They have carried each other thru life's good times and bad times and this was surely the worst for both of them. Becky is blessed to be 'part' of their family and shared many happy times with the Billeaud family. Leigh is Becky's Maid of Honor. My heart ached for his wife Sarah and there is nothing that can be said to take the pain. They had a slide show at the funeral home that really celebrated his life. In the midst of the horrible sadness you found yourself laughing thru tears at the pictures that were selected. The unreserved joy that was his life touched so many people, that much was evident.
Sarah the only thing that I can say that would offer any comfort is that the best of him is in your three beautiful daughters and your granddaughter. Leigh, Lexie and Audrey you had a wonderful father and he taught you honor, dedication and a zest for life. He was so proud of all of you.
Steven Billeaud was a good man.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just a Question

What possesses a 35 year old 250 pound woman to think that orange hot pants and a stretchy top make up good fashion sense... possibly the same woman that has diamonds at the tip of each nail. The nurse that just gave her a shot adds that the fashionesta above has on a pink and green g-string.... that picture will remain in my head the rest of the night.
I remain continuously surprised
hugs to all

Friday, May 16, 2008

Elite School And Cornerstone Dance Theatre

Last October 2007 Joshua and Desiree were being booted out of their previous building... they however weren't aware that it was happening. We suspected that the owners of their previous building had sold but they wouldn't admit it and wanted to continue to charge the kids rent... "bastids" ...I accidentally found out and told the kids to move right away. They went out looking and found this fabulous building with 6500 square feet. Actually what happened was Joshua found a church and close by a street named Luke.... he felt it was a good omen and tada... there was the building. The above pic is the lobby and the office
Here is Joshua doing things he never thought he would or could do.

This is the finished product in less than a week. This was an effort of both Des and Joshua and the families. The studio has three rooms the main room is a 50 by 50 room that is used for the main dancing area the pictures here show the finished room and Josh hanging the 14 foot black and white curtains a gift from Ted Viator. The next room is the baby room and it originally was the loading dock. It was a mess and literally within 10 days they had it up and running. The large baby blocks, pink curtains and the huge cracker jack box was also a gift from Ted. The rooms pictured below are the baby room (which by the way is about 12 by 50 ) and another 50 by 50 room that is used for hip-hop, ballroom and Latin dancing. Joshua has put his exercise equipment into the area for his workout clients. His dancers also have to workout!

The main room looked alot like the back room and they got in there with black and white paint and made it look wonderful in about a week. I have never seen work done so fast or so well.

They have created such a beautiful space and have a group of dancers that take my breath away. They have an Elite show coming up the 12th of June where all the school dancers including the Cornerstone members will perform. Our baby dancers are just wonderful. Cornerstone will have a performance in October and in February of each year featuring the junior and senior company dancers and select professionals from around the country. I am a proud mother and board member as if you couldn't tell. We are taking donations for our Cornerstone Student dancers. Since Cornerstone is a non- profit company any donation that is given is tax deductible. A lot of our students are financially strapped and need support. Please consider us if you have an excess of money and just need to give it away. Our students would be so very, very, grateful. God Bless,
Mama Deb( what the Elite students call me)

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12 Letter to Mom

Hi Mom,
I miss you, it's been 6 years since you died and I think about you all the time. My children have certain characteristics that remind me of you and I find myself smiling with good memories. I spent Patti's birthday in Illinois with everyone but Joshua, Mark, Robbon and Stan. You will be so pleased to know that we are all close. My sisters and I love each other like you would have wanted us to. In fact its because of you that we are so close.... you made us 'family'. You being you gave us the example that family is everything and I am so grateful to you for that. You will be happy to know that Patti reminds me of you and Barbara reminds me of Edna. It's a hoot when we are together.... I don't know who I remind people of but usually they say it's you. Because of circumstances we have rekindled a relationship with Jo Anne. I know that you would have approved because she needs us. She doesn't have family like we have. Mark and Robbon have two children... two beautiful girls Mia and Ashley. Carrie and Ben have three boys: Joel, Drew and Evan. Mindy is still just as sweet and you should see Suzanne..... Mom she is just beautiful. Barbara and Bob are such wonderful grandparents. Patti and Jack are grandparents as well. You remember Chris's little girl? Well Chrystin( I never can spell that right) is a beautiful young lady. Chris has a new wife Jen and thru her you have 2 new great-grandsons, Malcom and Keenan. Mom you are probably busy up there but keep your eye out for Chris's kids till he and Jen can get custody of all of them. Jenny and Brandon have little Ian( like your name Ina) who is a trip. You would have absolutely adored him. They are trying for another one so like the last time when Jenny was pregnant... keep watch over her. Your youngest grandchild Rebekah is getting married to a wonderful young man named Shane. Oh Mom you would just love him. He makes Becky laugh and really really loves her. Becky is a nurse now. Mom she is just beautiful and so smart. I am in awe of her. I know that you walk with her and give her help when she is tired and discouraged. Joshua is doing well. He says he is never getting married. He got a tattoo.... I know that you weren't crazy about them but I actually like them. The one on his chest is about you. It's a small cross with GL3 under it. ... stands for Great Lord God Loves Grandma Lucky. He is such a beautiful dancer and Mom he finally owns his own business with Desiree Doucet, his partner. I believe that each time he dances that you see and that you are proud and that you give him wings. Mom I love you today as much as I did when you were here. You were the best.
Love, Debbie