Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our President promised us transparency. When I think of the term transparency in relation to actions it means that the action and outcome of said action are obvious. The past few weeks I think he has kept his promise in a manner of speaking. Let's review two things that have been happening in the news.

The Oil gush off the coast of Louisiana is a major disaster in more ways than one. The effects are not only environmentally horrific but economically as well. Our President has been pushing a very green agenda since his campaign. In March he did an about face and angered the left by proposing to open huge areas of American coastlines to oil and natural gas exploration. Now I'm am not into conspiracy theory stuff but it was a huge coincidence and damn convenient for the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon. Obama was probably doing a happy dance in the oval office. That and his golf game would explain why he has taken so long to do what little he has done. He made the 'right' happy by his proposal of off shore drilling then the explosion happened and he then said there would be no further deep water drilling for six months. Now the 'left' is happy. Louisiana did what was expected and went to court and the decision was against the White House. Now the White House is seeking an injunction against the Louisiana ruling but the WH will more than likely lose. Obama is still happy and has kept his butt firmly on the fence. He can go on TV and look appropriately sober and say we have tried to protect the environment but got overruled.

Illegal Aliens and Arizona
Obama owes a tremendous debt to the Latinos for his election and Arizona just purely put his back up. He can't bring Gov. Brewer under control by criticizing her to the press and since we do have an immigration LAW that is not being enforced by Washington, he has a problem. It also hurts that 70% of the American people support what Arizona is proposing to do. Now, the fact that a majority of Americans are against what BO(Barack Obama) is doing is not going to stop him(please remember Obama care) but he does have an image problem. If this goes to court his administration is going to look really really stupid because they are not enforcing the laws that are in place already. What is his solution? He hedged his bets again and is very transparent (at least to me)by naming Harold Hurtt, a former police chief in Houston and Phoenix,as the new director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office. Director Hurtt is a firm supporter of 'sanctuary city' policies which goes against the law of the land. Can this man actually support a law that he has no respect for?? This is a gift to the Latinos from BO. I swear that Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen.. he is even worse than Jimmy Carter, and that is saying something.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

She is Still HOT

First of all Happy Father's Day to all those fathers out there. I kinda struck out when it came to fathers but I have been blessed to know some awesome dads, so A BIG SHOUT OUT TO DADS.
Now along the same vein, I sort of forgot that this was Father's Day till this morning at 6am when Troy asked me to call his wife to remind her that it was Father's Day and to give her time to get up and get a card(in case she forgot)and to prepare something special. Somehow I refrained from that suggestion(you owe me Jeana). I took off early to go to Walmart to get a card and some gifts. Before I tell you the rest of the story I want all my male readers to just be pea-green with jealousy at all the great gifts I got Stanley. He got Pepperidge Farm cookies(two different kinds!!)shortbread cookies, AA batteries, the movie Avatar,a card and(this is the best)... a SHAMWOW. It was in the checkout aisle and I just couldn't resist(this should end all wonder as to why I don't have any money).
During my shopping foray I was contemplating cards and a gentleman approached me and asked if he could have my advice. Below is the conversation.

Man: Ma'am can I ask you to give me some advice about socks.
Me: Sure(I was pretty much ignoring him and was looking at cards) The young gentleman wandered off and was gone for about 10 minutes and then came back.
Man:(holding a 6 pack of ankle socks with pastel rings around the ankle part) ummm are these socks that a woman would wear
Me: sure.
Man: do you wear these kind?
Me: yup, all the time.

At this point I should have realized that I was temping this poor man beyond all reason. I think he was breathing just alittle more deeply... not quite panting but really really close.

Man: umm do you have bunions?
Me: (looking up at him finally and noting that he was looking at my feet) Nope, no bunions.
Man: Do your feet hurt?
Me: Nope my feet feel great!(actually they hurt so freeking bad it felt like I was walking on my ankles)
Man: Umm I'm doing a study for ummm school and can I take a picture of your feet, with ummmmm no shoes and socks on.
Me: ummmmm let me think.....ahhhh no.
Man: ahh okay you sure?? It's a project?? I be quick.
Me: I'm really sure but thanks anyway.
All in all I feel pretty guilty about this. He probably caught sight of my cankles(remember that's where your calf flows into your ankle) hanging over my ankle socks and was driven by cankle lust. I need to be more careful in the future... he did follow me thru the store at a discreet distance. It's a burden at times to be an object of lust.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Becky Story

My friend Christy called me yesterday with concerns about her son. She gave me the symptoms and I suggested that she go to the hospital because it sounded like he might be having appendicitis. He was admitted but thus far no surgery yet. It reminded me of a Becky story. She was about 3 or 4 and had just finished her Christmas program at Kinder Care in College Station, Texas. As we were walking out to the car she complained that her "leg hurt her stomach". What she was telling me was that when she walked and her right heel hit the ground it made her right side hurt. I was in charge of the emergency department at a Humana hospital and was(and still am) a capable nurse but I was a mother first. What that means is I immediately went into denial. Nothing could be wrong with my baby. I called Rosa the nurse on duty that night and told her the symptoms.. which included lower right side rebound tenderness and nausea. She tsk-tsked me and said "bring her in". We went to the ER, her white count was 21 thousand and she was examined by Dr. Bohne, a wonderful general surgeon. He admitted her and decided to wait till the morning before he made the decision to operate. I was frantic because Stan was out of town and despite my competence, I did not do sickness well when it involved my babies. Starting the IV (or IB as Becky called it) was an event that took 5 of us. Becky did NOT want that IV. The hospital was not geared for pediatrics so we put her in an adult gown and put her in a bed. She was started on antibiotics and we waited out the night. In the morning her pain went away and her white count was normal. You have to remember this was before CT and MRI scans. Stan was on his way in but hadn't made it yet. Becky was having the time of her life ringing the nurse call button, getting ice cream, and raising and lowering the head of the bed. As much as she didn't want the "IB" to begin with, she refused with big tears to let us take it out till her daddy got there. He walked into the room as she was bare butt in the air, with her hand down by the bed controls, making the head of the bed go up and down. He announced his presence and she flopped over on her back and looked at him with her big eyes(that she had managed to squeeze tears from) and said weakly "hey daddy, I been sooooo sick. I hab a IB". It was pitiful but the acting job was great. Stan made all the appropriate comments all the while trying not to laugh. She then looks at him with her wet eyes and said "you brung a present to me?" We were allowed to take her IV out, she thanked all the nurses.."tank you so berry much for the ice cream" and we went home with her appendix intact. She was such a drama queen when she was young and I wouldn't take anything for the wonderful memories that she has given me. I love you sweetheart.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Wasted Day, Demi and the Ben and Jerry's

I have been laid low by the 'funk' for over a month. Don't know what it is but I have been wheezing, coughing, sneezing, running a fever, and having a morning stuffy nose. Okay even the most non-medical person recognizes that this looks like allergies but I have never had allergies except to cats. I have felt like crap with the energy of a limp noodle. I mopped the floor yesterday and I was worn out afterwards. The most awesome nurse practitioner Aimee Guidry (in practice with the equally awesome Kayla Sonnier RN,FNP) felt I had pneumonia and has dosed me with antibiotics. I am faithfully taking them and still have a wheezing cough but no fever AND thanks to the antibiotic I now have diarrhea. I know, I know, to much information but it's my blog. For the last month on my days off I have pretty much sat on my ample butt and felt sorry for myself. I have logged on tremendous time on the computer and have become hugely addicted to face book. My farm is doing well as is my tropical island(Farmville and Tropical Isle) and I am haphazardly playing at Sorority(thank you so very much Becky!!) I am transfixed with others lives as I read through each comment. I have got to stop, this is a crazy waste of time!!

I managed to go get my tires changed today and stop at the store. I had the 'wants' of some sushi and Albertson's has the best California rolls, but not today. I have been so good on my diet and with the CRUSHING disappointment of no sushi I immediately went to the ice cream section and got some Ben and Jerry's "everything but the..." flavored ice cream. Can we say eating disorder. Anyway I took my ice cream, Swifter stuff and my lettuce and came home. I got a phone call after unpacking the groceries and of course promptly forgot about putting everything away. I was worn out from talking and plopped my butt into my chair to rest up so that I could take a nap later before work. Demi, the wonder dog, was on the kitchen couch looking out the window at the birds(I thought). She came walking into the living room about 15 minutes later with the pint sized ice cream container completely on her muzzle. I wish I had a camera. She stretched out on the floor and used her paws to move the container around and off her face. Her white muzzle was chocolate covered and she looked very, very pleased with herself. I called the vet to find out if a pint of mostly chocolate ice cream would hurt her and was instructed to 'watch her'. Well she saved me about 1000 calories and made me smile. She is currently on the floor, on her back with her front legs straight in the air. I would be concerned but that is her favorite position after the curled-in-a-ball-on-the-bed one that she assumes when sleeping with me. I will be posting pictures and a synopsis of the dance performance that Joshua's school did on June 5th at a later date. Becky and Shane have been having the best time hosting "Hollywood" at their house these last few weeks. Their property is being used as a site in a movie and that's all I can say. I think it's supposed to be a secret. Big hug to my 10 readers and keep the prayers coming for the oil crisis. We are being hurt in such a big way.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home, Health, National News and Israel. It Just Keeps Getting Worse

HOME FRONT NEWS: I was up at 3 am this morning because I have had a lingering cough related to an unending allergy. My nose is stuffy and then I sniff and cough. Stan is NOT happy with my early morning noises. To make matters worse my sense of smell is gone. I can breathe thru my nose but realized yesterday that I can't smell anything. Nothing smells bad..which is advantageous at work considering the great number of nasty smells we come in contact with on a regular basis. But on the other side nothing smells good either.

HEALTH CARE NEWS: Canada is now reevaluating their national health care because it is burying their country in debt. Well DUH. We are headed in exactly the same place. Current polls are indicating that 60% of people are in favor of a repeal of the Obamacare debacle. We are on a steep slippery slope to socialism and we are currently reaching unsustainable financial deficits. Like Margaret Thatcher said "socialism is wonderful until you run out of other people's money". BO our POTUS is ruining our country and we STILL have people who think he is the best thing since mashed potatoes. WAKE UP AMERICA.

NATIONAL NEWS: We are on day 44 of the worst disaster this country has faced. The oil leak(leak?? what a joke)is apparently confounding the experts. All the greatest minds allegedly are dealing with this disaster and Obama is fully in charge and states he takes full responsibility for the problem. Now before the spill is stanched and cleaned, Eric Holder is talking about law suits. If I were BP I think that faced with that I would keep secret the 'fix' until I got immunity from prosecution. But Barack is LARGE AND IN CHARGE and he knows best. They have apparently run through all of our "experts" and have consulted with James Cameron the movie director. You see, he thinks out of the box and did do the Titanic which makes him an expert for all things underwater. I am in awe of the thought process going on here. Where is Flipper and Lloyd Bridges when we need them(referring to the shows Flipper and Sea Hunt to those to young to know the reference). Now, I will eat my words in this blog if good old James can actually fix this mess. Well, whatever, he at least will get a movie deal out of the contact.

Louisiana has such a delicate ecosystem and we will suffer terrible losses no matter what happens. My prayers continue for a rapid solution.

Final thought on the news for the day. We MUST support Israel.