Saturday, January 24, 2009

China Imports and Obama Antimama

Coming to work tonight I heard on the news that we have a ton of expensive homes built with drywall from China that is now making people sick. They have traced this to homes built after 2005 till 2007 when we were unable to keep up with demand post hurricanes. Apparently this is mostly in southern Florida and the builders started bringing this crap in from China. Two things come to mind. Number one is: good things come to those that wait. The good things being non-contaminated supplies made in the USA. Number two thing is the absolute scary learning curve demonstrated by the Government officials in charge of protecting us and the lack of memory that we ourselves demonstrate when we purchase things made in China. HELLO doesn't anyone recall our poisoned dogs and cats or how about toys made for our kids with lead based materials, or better yet tainted medication... just to name the three that really stuck in my mind. We have problems of our own in America with contaminated food etc. without importing this crap. Crawfish are a mainstay down in this area. We have local crawfish farmers who stock our stores and we have Chinese crawfish being imported at a greatly reduced price. I am here to tell you that I will never, EVER buy imported crawfish from China.. my mom didn't raise no dummy. It is not surprising the number of people here that prefer to buy the more expensive locally raised crawfish vs. the Chinese import. I guess Louisiana folk are smarter than the average Government official at least when it comes to crawfish. Stan was upset greatly while shopping at Christmas when almost everything traditional to the holiday was made in China. While we waited in line we heard people buying Chinese imports discussing how bad our economy was and the loss of jobs! I now look at all products that I purchase and I try to buy exclusively from the USA and not out of country. But that's just me.

Obama I had hopes for you and then you shot me down within the first week by reversing the ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions. And being the shy retiring man that you are you did it with little to no fanfare.... or were you hoping to slide that one by us? Now I realize that it is a hot political topic and that the ban on the bill was like a boil on the collective liberal ass. They whined that the ban denied U.S. aid to the worlds poor by refusing to fund those groups sponsoring abortions. Those same groups also deal with family planing and HIV/AIDS. That is probably truth. It's simple, to get our money just knock out the abortion clause. Anyway, I have a lot of misgivings about sending money into countries that hate us anyway and I don't think that we should have to contribute money to support a policy that we personally don't agree with. My mom always said that you can't buy your friends because those friends will be able to be bought by someone else with more money. Before I read comments about what a selfish individual I am, let me state that I whole heartedly agree with family planning and global research on HIV/AIDS. Over the years I have changed my mind about abortion. I am not a rabid right-to-lifer(for instance I agree with giving treatment to prevent pregnancies after rapes) but the rabid pro choicers are, well words don't express how I feel about them..... but to use abortion for birth control and/or population control is an abomination. Have we become so jaded that we have lost the alarms of our consciousness?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One of Those Days

First of all I am way behind in my blogging. I will probably send out the one about Christmas in the next few days but this day just screamed to be blogged about. I did not make resolutions this year because it just sets you up for failure then you feel bad. Anyway they are the same each year: lose weight, grow hair, lose weight, stop smoking, lose weight, be nicer, lose weight...yada, yada, yada. You get my drift.

I worked last night(Thursday)and went home with no particular sense of impending doom or that this was going to be one of those days. Stan was getting ready to go out of town and in fact had left only to return slightly later having forgotten something. He left again and I figured that I would do my check book. Should have never, ever done that. It is sometimes just better off not to know just how black(or red as in the banking sense) and deep a hole can be. While I was sitting there mulling over the fact that I should ask for a government handout like the big three auto makers are, Stan called and informed me that the car was acting up. He was on his way back to Lafayette and for me to call the dealer. I did so and woke Joshua to see if he could go get his dad. Unfortunately he was very late for work and couldn't but would drop by the check for his car insurance. I should have written the check in red if you get my drift. We then had a discussion about money and he left and I was still miserable. It is now going on 11am and I am waiting for Stan to call me back and I have to be at work for 7pm. I called work to get an hour sleep time and was graciously granted that request and I felt better knowing that I was going to get at least 5 hours of sleep. I went to to the bank to deposit a check(robbing Pete to pay Paul) in my jammies and took Demi the Dog with me. They gave her a dog biscuit at the bank window(how cute is that) and she snarfed it down. It hit me that in checking my bank account that I had forgotten that I had set up the insurance payment for autodraft which would mean if they sent my written check thru I would be paying double and then have a 35$ fee on top of it all. I couldn't run by the insurance office because of my jammies and I hadn't combed my hair. I called them. Joshua had been in but paid with his check instead of mine, bless him, so I called him back explained the situation and he went to retrieve his check. Stan called and said to go to bed that he would wait for his car. I gratefully took two sleeping pills(benadryl) and got Demi, the smartest dog in Louisiana, and went to bed. By this time it's about 1220pm and I am so tired I was stupid. Demi jumped off the bed and threw up in the corner. I got up because she throws up in threes and got a towel and followed her around and waited till she retched the aforementioned times. I cleaned everything up and wiped her mouth and we got back in bed( I love this dog) Within a minute she let out a small yip and was in a seizure. I didn't last long and she didn't lose control of her bladder or bowels but she was dazed and I was hysterical. I jumped up threw my scrubs on( have you ever noticed in a time of emergency that you can't find underwear?), got her down and ran to the car calling Stan, crying hysterically and took off to the vet's. On the way I called my boss and got a 4 hour reprieve for work. You got to love a small hospital where your dog's health is taken into consideration.... or maybe it was because I was crying hysterically...who knows. I get to the vet only to find out that she was out to lunch and did I want to leave Demi and pick her up at 5pm? I couldn't even imagine leaving her. I sat in the corner, in my scrubs(commando... couldn't find my drawers) with snot and tears dripping down my face and my hair sticking out every which way. Demi was sitting beside me snuffing in my ears at my distress and looking normal. I think the receptionist got tired of watching me wipe my eyes and nose with my arm and we got called back in less than 15 minutes. They drew blood, did a physical and told me she probably has epilepsy. They don't treat it unless she has lots of seizures. Way, way to cavalier of an answer so I will email the best vet in the South, Dr. K. McGuire of Texas and ask her. We went back to the car and home where I took 2 more benadryl because I was 'wired' and we settled back to bed. I slept till 9:30pm got up with the bed head. Bad hair days are nothing to sneeze about. I tried to get it in order, brushed my teeth, dressed in different scrubs(the commando ones are being washed), packed my lunch with Stan's help and was still teary eyed. I got in my car and I am driving down the highway when I notice that my wheel is pulling to the left. Bad. SHIT!!!!!!! I pull off at the gas station and of course I have a flat tire. It costs a DOLLAR to get air. Remember the cherry red bank account?? I was ass in the air crawling all over the car looking for spare change because it only takes QUARTERS. I went into the station and exchanged all my change(lots and lots of pennies) for quarters and filled my tire. I called Joshua and he came and exchanged cars with me and I was off to work. I am safely here now and nothing bad has happened so maybe the rain cloud that has been following me took a header to go lay on someone else for a time. So tonight I will say a prayer for Demi the Dog, my finances, the continued heath of my family, and a car prayer. I will thank God that all things that plagued me today were minor and that something good will come out of the mess that was this day.