Saturday, September 12, 2009


Because I have to borrow computers until I can get my own I am a day late on my 9/11 blog. I again sat in front of my TV with tears rolling down my face at the familiar pictures of the terrorist attack in our own country. I do not want this anniversary date to be rolled into a 'feel good' day where we are helping each other, planting trees and painting houses. Quite frankly we should be doing this every day and not just once a year in memory of the worst attack our country has suffered since Pearl Harbor. What we need to focus on is that fact that planting a tree and painting a house does not make up for the fact there are groups in the world that want nothing better than to see the United States destroyed. So why not spend the day praying for those that were lost and studying up on those who wish to destroy us.....up to and including our elected officials. We need to understand all those who are setting out to destroy our country from outside and from within.

Our children need to see the images and know just what happened on that day. They need to understand that they can make a difference..... they can't change what happened before but as they grow they can directly affect the future by their knowledge and their vote.

The Twin Towers collapsing.
The people who jumped to their deaths, choosing their own way... and holding hands with co-workers so not to go alone.
The Pentagon in flames.
The Brave men and women on Flight 93 and Todd Beamer's call to "lets roll".
The mother speaking to her daughter on flight 93 knowing she would never see her again.
The firefighters, medics and average 'joes' who went into the towers trying to save others and who never returned.
The heartbreak that each of us felt as the scene unfolded before our eyes.

Remember the brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers who died that day for a hate filled ideology that few Americans can understand.

Remember the joining together as a nation to grieve, to yell, to cry, to hold on to our loved ones, to know the pain of a strangers loss as our own.

Remember the pride that we felt that we are AMERICANS and nothing and no one will keep us down and take away our liberty and our spirit.

Remember seeing the flag and the eagle and being moved to tears.

America don't ever forget, don't let a 'feel good' day take away the horror, pain, agony and anger that was so present that day.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Health Care and Welfare Rant

Tonight we get to hear from POTUS (president of the United States)about the health care bill that he is just bound and determined to jam down our throats. I will listen avidly to see what spin he is going to put on this that will make me want to run to my computer and wildly type to my representatives and senators to immediately sign anything that he offers. The truth is that there is nothing that this man can offer that I will trust. I am tired about hearing that everything is George Bush's fault. When does it become your fault Barrack. The thing we teach our kids is that regardless of what goes on you have to assume responsibility for your own actions. So Barrack, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. We need health care reform but we don't need a government provided insurance policy that will bankrupt our country. Oh wait, I forgot we are already bankrupt. I feel like a broken record, just repeating things over and over. But maybe just maybe once more will be enough. If you take from the rich and give to the poor.. this is health care, homes, food, etc. then the "poor" will have no incentive to work to better themselves and the rich are going to resent the hell out of taking care of not only themselves and their families but everyone else as well. If we continue have give away programs with no incentive to work(like workfare...if you get a check you have to do something for it.... not just sit on your ass and watch TV and eat) then we will cease to be the country that we know and love and capitalism will be something long gone and forgotten except in memory. We need to revamp the medicaid system and the welfare system. You want a check??? Good, go pee in a cup. If you have drugs on board then you don't get your check. If you are on disability then the government(which is currently hell bent on being involved in our lives) can get involved in finding you something that you can do. If you don't want to "do" anything then you can starve. You can have a baby but if I'm paying for it you don't get to have 5 by different fathers. If you are not married and keep having babies then you need to be fixed and you need to lose your "check". You have a "right" to as many children as you want. I have a "right" not to have to pay for your flagrant promiscuity. I am tired and I am angry. I do not want to support anyone but "mine". You support yours and don't depend on the government to give your lazy butt a check. The end of my rant.

P.S. Will someone please, please, please keep Nancy Pelosi off of the TV.

September Mopes

I have the "mopes". You know that feeling that you aren't really depressed you are just, well, mopey? I've been feeling this way for several weeks and it seems that the mopey feeling has affected several areas of my life. I let house cleaning go, went of my diet several times and laundry was done as needed only. I am not the best housekeeper on a good day but it was getting bad in my house. I have been of the mind frame that the house fairies could come and do it because I just didn't care. I would walk in the house from work go to the laundry room and strip down, dump it all in the washer and put on jammies that i keep in the laundry room so that I don't have to walk thru the house without clothes. I would let out the dogs, watch the early morning news, put my clothes into the dryer, go to bed, get up, bathe, do the hair and teeth go back into the laundry room and get dressed from the dryer, get some coffee and go to work. Nobody can say that my life isn't exciting. Blah. I sent my blogging niece Carrie a text wanting to know where my sister Barb was. I hadn't even called either of my sisters over the least I don't think I did(see my memory has the mopes too.) For whatever reason I sent her my password so that if anything would happen to me she could get in to my blog and let my 2 faithful readers know that I was..ummm... well, not going to be blogging any more. She texted back was I planing on dying soon?? The whole conversation finally struck me as funny and bizarre especially when she asked me to write a goodbye letter and save it to draft so that she could publish it afterwards. So Carrie, I don't know what you did or what you triggered but I got up and did some laundry, the dishes and started cleaning. I really don't feel too mopey right now and I am glad. My plan is to do the bathrooms and my bedroom tonight and finish the mounds of laundry that I have to do. Life is good. I guess it just takes someone to remind you of that. I feel like blogging again. I hope you feel like reading.