Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dear Janet Napolitano,

It's the GULF OF MEXICO, not "that ocean" you absolute dumb ass. I am amazed with constant examples of Napolitano's ineptitude that people actually think that Sarah Palin is dumb.


P.S. I did NOT vote for Obama

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Say What????

I swear that nothing in Washington should surprise me but it often catches me off guard when I laugh out loud at the news. If you read my blogs then you know how I stand with the Arizona illegal immigration issue. In case you don't want to read my blogs then let me sum up my feelings. YOU GO ARIZONA!!!!! Ya'all up north don't have a clue about what it is like down in Texas and Arizona. Here in Louisiana we have FREQUENT visitors to the ER who can't speak English and who are not papered BUT they have a baby who was born here thus they get to stay and get state benefits...but I digress. Sorry. Okay, well Obama and his ilk all have their collective panties in a twist because of this Arizona law. They have come strongly against it and are threatening all kinds of legal issue with the state. I was watching the news when Eric Holder(the Attorney General for those of you who are still watching "Friends" reruns instead of the news) admitted that he hadn't read the TEN PAGE law. He is threatening intervention on a law that he hasn't read. What a moron. I was giggling at how stupid he is(but he gets points for being honest) but was positively ROLLING around laughing at Janet Napolitano( she is the head of Homeland Security)when she got on TV SEVERAL times talking against the law when McCain asked her if she had read the 10 page bill and she stammered around and said ahhh... no not yet but she clarified that it was something that she wouldn't support anyway. How do you know stupid, you haven't read it. Will someone PLEASE fire her. She is beyond inept. Then Michael Posner the Assistant Secretary of the State apologized to CHINA (of all countries) during a discussion on human rights that was held in Washington last week. He was citing the Arizona law as a problem with racial profiling and our own problematic issues with human rights. Well Phillip J. Crowley, secretary of the Bureau of Public Affairs, came out in defense of Mr. Posner stating he was in fact standing up for our country explaining how debate is handled in a civil society. With friends like that we don't need enemies. But it is important to note that they have not read the law either! Come on guys it's ten pages not 2000. Read the law before you comment. Better yet, don't read it, it just makes you look even more stupid and provides me with something to laugh at.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not Me or It's George's Fault

Remember as a child when you did something wrong? Remember when your mom asked you "who did that?" the answer was almost always 'not me.' As a parent I thought I had a third child named Not Me. Once I came upon a hole in the curtain that was still smoldering(from a lighter... he was 6)and when questioned Josh looked at me and said "it wasn't me". When I found the lighter on his person he gave me a look of such perplexity that I wondered if 'Not Me' had put the lighter in his pocket. When we grow, providing we have had appropriate parenting,(and we are not sociopaths) the need to blame others for our mistakes was left in childhood. Don't get me wrong when you really screw up you revert back to 6 years old and try to figure a way out but well adjusted adults usually 'man up' and shoulder the blame. I used to tell my kids that if you want to do something make sure you understand that "if you do the crime you're going to do the time."

I am about sick and tired of the current administration blaming Bush for everything that is going wrong with the country. I was less than pleased(understatement) when the first TARP was initiated by Bush. Obama has raised the deficit to unimaginable heights and IS STILL BLAMING GEORGE BUSH. Obamacare was forced through and jammed down our throats because it was going to 'pay for itself' Well as of yesterday the 'savings' have been eaten up by amounts not figured in( more or less administrative costs among other things)Every time I hear Obama go off on a 'NOT ME' tangent I want to call him up and tell him that we all are tired of that excuse. You are a big boy now Barack, it's time to understand that this is all about you and your big government agenda. At any time you could have put the brakes on the out of control government spending but you just kept it up and whenever possible you blamed George. Well I miss George. Right or wrong, George was a MAN and he took responsibility for his actions.

Writing this made me realize that Obama gives me gas. It's his fault that I get so upset at the news that my blood pressure raises. I'm missing hair because when he starts in lecturing I start yanking my locks in frustration. He gives me a headache, heartache, and causes me unbelievable worry about the direction he is taking my beloved country. Given enough thought I can blame him for my virus I had last week, my broken fingernail, the rude people that come into the ER, my hemorrhoid, bad vision, saggy butt, fat knees and my dog's worms. I can blame him for my messy house, dirty car, dead plants, dust bunnies and rust in my water. The sad thing is if you really LISTEN to what he says it reminds me of a child (he can't take criticism and all but name calls people who oppose him) This 'child' controls our country.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010

It's been eight years since my mom died. She died on Mother's Day in 2002. I will never forget that morning. I left work and got in my car and was overcome with such a conviction that my mom would not last the day. She was in the hospital but due for release. I called the nursing unit and talked to the nurse and she assured me that she was doing well. She was in the heart unit because they didn't have a step down bed for her yet but allowed her visitors like a regular room. I was so sure that she was leaving me that I was in tears and nothing that the nurse could say would convince me otherwise. I asked her to tell mom that I loved her so much and that she was the very best mom anyone could have. I said other things that the nurse had to ask me to repeat because of my tears. I told the nurse. Mom is going to die today I just know it. I am not psychic but I KNEW. At work that night my sister called me and I was sitting between Linda and Faye and when I heard her voice I knew that she was gone. I didn't get to say good bye. I put my head on the desk and cried. I can only hope that the nurse passed on my message. There were so many things that I didn't get a chance to say. So much love that I wasn't able to show and so many items that I needed to ask her about. I was so selfish in my desire to keep her. She woke up from a nap at about 7pm and told the nurse that Jesus was going to take her home that night. My sister Barb came to be with her and pray with her till the end. Jesus called her home but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish for one more hug, one more kiss, one more piece of advice. At times I have dreamed about her and they are so real. She has 'visited' me in my dreams and provided comfort when I have needed it most. Logically I know that my dreams are a product of my over active imagination but who am I to deny what God can do. Mom, watch over your children and their offspring. I know that you are in a better place but I miss you each and every day.

You Can't Fix Stupid

That saying is something I have heard for years. It's pretty insulting but fairly apt today. Every time I turn on the news I am reminded that maybe it isn't the 'stupid' that is the problem but the out and out ignorance. I listened to our President give a commencement speech where he talked about the problems with all the electronic 'goodies' that we have at our fingertips. He pleaded ignorance about such things but apparently doesn't recall that he was attached to his Blackberry during the election and had to be forced to give it up. What he expounded on was the fact that with the ease of our minute to minute communication that unfounded facts can be disseminated. It's pretty hard for the White House to be able to keep up with the flood of information that somehow gets out there to the peons. It is true that there is ridiculous information being put out as fact. What is IGNORANT is that people take everything they read as fact and not bother to check out the truth of the matter. The government is seriously talking about getting involved in regulating the Internet. Isn't that just wonderful. That folks is NOT a rumor or unfounded. I am in awe of people that don't READ, listen to more than one news channel, and believe everything that Obama says without really listening. Last night I was watching Glen Beck and he was talking about the new Supreme Court nominee Kagan. He showed a film clip of an interview question about citizens who are suspected of terrorist ties. She believes that people can be picked up and held basically till proven Innocent... however long that takes. Don't get me wrong I believe in the harshest punishment for home grown terrorists but with that mandate they could pick up ANYONE for any reason and there wouldn't be a damn thing you can do. Reminds me of Hitler's Germany and the SS. Who would determine who was an enemy of the State? Quite frankly at this current time anyone who doesn't believe in what the current administration is putting out could be considered an enemy. Far fetched..maybe, maybe not. Watch the news. It is scary. Also on Beck he was talking about the First Amendment. I can't wait to see the opposing news networks and pundits after last nights show because he recommended reading Mein Kampf. What was put out is that you need to KNOW everything that is out there to be able to understand what is happening today. He did say the Mein Kampf was written by idiots but he is right. We limit ourselves severely when we are ignorant of opposing ideas. I believe in the Tea Party. Why, because I believe that our government is getting so big it will come to a point when YOU ALL finally understand it will be to late to change. The events that I have attended have been orderly, informative and AMERICAN. What is happening is that there are outsiders that are attending that have an agenda to create a situation that puts the party in a bad light. Those who are IGNORANT will buy that crap and talk about how the TEA party members are moving towards violent demonstration. The Tea Party scares the crap out of the Republican and Democratic parties because those in office are going to be held to a higher standard than ever before.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Oh my, I have been a mom for 33 years. I heard somewhere that we won't know if we have been a success at raising our young until they are at least 40 and out of therapy. Motherhood is a minefield that's covered in roses! I grew up in the age of birth control and abortion and I can only say that even knowing all that I know now, having stepped on a few landmines, I would not do anything different. Everyday, every trial, every failure, and every success have brought me to this age with my two children whom I love more than life itself. I can't imagine what my life would be like without my 'babies'. I would not take anything for that memory of both of my children when they first said 'mama' and really meant me(not the dog, the dad, the cow, or the tree) I have so many memories that my niece Carrie once said, are like snapshots on my heart. In the time period just before sleep claims me I often visit the past and remember events that have shaped my children. So many times with the advantage of hindsight I think of how things would have been different 'if only'. But 'if only' happens in dreams and the reality is that the joy, trials, pain, the good and bad choices I have made created two remarkable individuals. We were not given a test for parenthood and there wasn't a 'Parenthood for Dummies' book to guide our way so it was pretty much hit and miss. I read the Bible and prayed a lot. I think I called my mom at least 4 times a week from the time my children were born. I felt that I turned out okay so she must have known what she was doing, right? She would just laugh, sometimes she would cry and often she was the one that prayed. Motherhood is not for everyone but for me it is the job that I most enjoy. It taught me that my heart is capable of a love so immense that nothing can destroy it. Ever. Becky and Josh.... I love you more than all the stars in the sky.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arizona, Illegal Aliens, Terrorists and Our President(The wimp)

It's all over the news and unless you only watch cartoons you have to have an opinion of what is happening in Arizona. YOU GO ARIZONA!!!!!!!!! My hats off to the brave Governor of the state who passed the law that will enable the police to do the job the government should be doing. The police may ask for papers during the investigation of a legal stop or investigation. If you don't have ID then off you go back from whence you came. Adios. Everyone is up in arms. This says the detractors will let the police stop anyone of Latino persuasion and harass them. Get real, if that happens the lawyers will be standing in line to represent the aggrieved individual. I'm not that naive because it will happen and probably a few times but the majority of stops will be 'good' and send the offenders back south of the border. I am sick and tired of illegal aliens coming into the country, getting WELFARE after they drop a child or two and abusing the health care, educational, and government systems set aside for our own citizens. We have to tighten the border and demand that our federal government follow the letter of the law. The President really came down on Gov. Jan Brewer when she signed the law calling the act irresponsible. He sited the fact that a Latino could be taking their child out for ice cream and be stopped for ID. Well according to the law unless the person is robbing the icecream parlor there is no reason to stop him. He is so damn condescending about everything that doesn't agree with his own agenda. He should be finding ways to uphold the LAW and not allow people to flow over the border unchecked. His problem is that if he supports the ban on illegal aliens his Latino support will dry up.. too bad... MAN UP AND OBEY THE LAW. Protect the RIGHTS of the citizens of this great country who elected you.
We had another close call in New York. A car was left in Times Square loaded with explosives. The Administration has repeated that it was a thwarted attempt indicating that we stopped it... what a joke. The only thing that prevented deaths was the fact that it malfunctioned and the terrorist didn't know what he was doing, thank God. Then the TERRORIST was allowed to get on an airplane bound for Dubai before he was stopped. Janet Napolitano, bless her little heart, is clueless and we need someone who is on top of things in her position. Please, please retire before someone else gets killed in this country (refer to the Fort Hood incident). We are now so disgustingly politically correct in this country that we don't investigate obvious leads for fear of being labeled racist. Obama is so very careful not to use the word terrorist attack and I can't figure out why. There have been more than three attempts on your watch Mr. Obama. You do NOT make me feel safe. Your humility, and apologetic attitude to the rest of the world has not had the desired affect. You have made us weak and they know it. The terrorists only respect one thing... strength and action. You lack both. We are so worse off now than four years ago. Bush had many faults but keeping us safe wasn't one of them. You should take a lesson from his play book and MAN UP.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

REALLY Bad Hair Day

Last Thursday night when I got ready for work I noted that my hair was particularly fetching. Those of you who know me realize that is an accomplishment because I got gifted with the world's worst hair. I have a lot of hair but it is baby fine and straight as a pin. It takes gel, rollers, a hairdryer, teasing and a lot of hair spray to poof it up to resemble the big Texas hairdo that I just purely favor. My hair was so cute I actually put on makeup. I walked in to work and started in helping the off going shift. The man in room one had just peed in a specimen container and I was taking it to the hopper room(dirty utility room) to take the collection funnel off and put the lid on. A portable bedside commode was in the doorway of the hopper room and my foot caught on the leg of the commode and I went sailing into the room. I managed to keep standing but the urine cup flew from my hand, hit the wall in front of me and splashed back all over me. I had nasty, bloody pus filled urine all over my hair and face. Thank God I had glasses on. I just stood there with my head leaning over to drain the mess from my hair while I wiped my face and glasses with Clorox wipes. I then did the best I could with the wipes and a running faucet to get the urine out of my hair. I got the 'willies' several times during the night thinking about the urine cooties that I knew were still somewhere on my person. I sprayed myself multiple times during the night from head to foot, including all over my face, with Lysol spray. I just couldn't get over the feeling that I missed a spot somewhere. When I got home I washed my hair 3 times, took a hot shower and still felt 'yucky'. I can handle all kinds of gross stuff in the ER. I don't mind poo, blood, vomit and even urine but I sure as heck don't want to wear it for the night!