Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stimulation or I Am Really Pithed

Remember college anatomy and physiology when you had to dissect the frog? You had to select the frog then you had to have the frog "pithed". Pithing is when you sever the spinal cord up by the little frog neck. That little procedure rendered the frog paralyzed but still alive, unable to move or help itself in any way. Then you placed the pithed frog on its belly and applied an electrical shock to its legs and made it hop due to the exchange of sodium and ummmm... something else. Hey it's been 35 years since I have been in that damn class so give me a break.

As I was driving to work I had an AH-HA moment and drew a modern day analogy to the pithed frog. We the American tax paying public are the pithed frog. The Obama stimulus package is the electrical shock. As long as we keep getting the shock we will hop but when it stops we are on our stomachs in a world of hurt. What happens next is the frog(us) is pinned to a mat and eviscerated by the student(congress)all in the name of forwarding scientific study(socialism). By the way it has been debated whether the frog feels anything. I think we are being numbed by rhetoric and fear to the point of being paralyzed just like that frog. By inaction we are allowing congress to pin us to the mat and gut us financially. Okay you frogs don't get pithed get back in the pond and take charge of your lilly pad


Carrie White said...

Well said! You need to go on CNN and share your a-ha moment.

Sheila B said...

Debbie, I just want you to know that I love and miss you. This is the only way I get to keep in touch. Take care of yourself and all those breaux bridgeian people...Love ya!!