Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Today we may get a chance to reverse the direction this country is headed. The rah, rah Democrats and Republicans(and independents), who stood behind Obama on TARP, health care, HUGE government and his love of illegal immigrants, have been abandoning his side like rats leaving a sinking ship. But we remember who you are, and I have no love for anyone who flip-flops their opinions based on public opinion. Obama "misspoke"( I am coming to hate that term) when he told the Latinos to come against the 'enemy'.... I guess that would be conservatives ie: Republicans, and Tea Party proponents. In history the pinnacle of success for a LEGAL immigrant in America was the ability to provide a living for his family and to obtain citizenship. Obama and his ilk want to cheapen and denigrate that object of success.. first by the programs designed to keep the populace dependent on the government for their basic needs and second by providing sanctuary for illegal immigrants, in fact encouraging them to stay. Today we will see unprecedented cheating at the voting precincts involving illegal immigrants voting. What a shame that citizenship to my beloved country is for sale for a vote. We are living in the days of "Chicago" politics where cheating(on both sides) is considered normal. The men and women who are our first line of defense don't get their vote counted. This has been going on for years. Come on people, we put a man on the moon years ago and we can't COUNT THE VOTES OF OUR SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN.
If you read my blog then you have a homework assignment... VOTE then come home and look up on the Internet 'the progressive movement' teach your children and yourself what the progressive movement is and how it threatens our way of life.
Finally as a tea-party leaning Republican, Mr. President, I am NOT your enemy, I am your worst nightmare... an educated voting American with a big mouth and the facts to back up my statements.

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