Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011... Remembering the Past

Flags, cookouts, family, red, white, and blue, potato salad, parades, games, celebration, happy, remembering, West High school, Jack Sherrick Dancers, the mule that could count, walking with mom to the stadium, bleachers, cotton candy, fireworks, OHHHHH.....AHHHHHHH, BOOM, covered ears, sparklers, Joshua in Iowa with Aunt Patti...dressed like a cowboy, Becky in her romper with the red panties her hair in ponytails and ribbons, homemade ice cream and brain-freeze, short-shorts, suntans, iced-tea, innocence, patriotic, loving life, knowing freedom, Lafayette, fireworks sold on every corner, hotdogs, hamburgers, The Declaration of Independence, hands over hearts, salutes, the Star Spangled Banner, live, love, hope, America proud.

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