Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aunt Edna: RIP

Edna was my mother's younger sister. She was the daughter of Cleo and James White. She was Paul Bagley's wife, Billy and Judy's mom, Kimberly,Michael, Molly and Julie's grandmother. She was aunt to Barbara, Patti and me. She was a hoot. I can still see her at my niece's wedding dancing the stripper song with a feather in her hand. Edna was a registered nurse, graduating from Grant Hospital School of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio during a time when nurses wore caps and capes, scrubbed floors and actually cooked the patients meals. Her daughter and niece(me) and great niece(Rebekah) followed her career choice into nursing. She worked for Dr. Layton Schaffer as his office nurse for over 25 years and retired in his service. She and my mom shared holidays and we grew up with our cousins, sharing special meals, laughter and love. She really had a wicked sense of humor, anything and everything was fair game. I remember times when I laughed till I cried around her.

The last time I saw her was a year ago. She was smaller, older but she was still Aunt Edna. I started to cry and she said "I'm not dead yet, don't cry".

I believe that sometime this morning there was a party in heaven. Her sister Inalee, her husband Paul, her granddaughter Julie and her mom and dad were there to welcome her home. Good bye Aunt Edna you will be missed.

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