Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy First Birthday Allison River Hart

One year ago August 1st my son and my daughter in law went on vacation and brought back Allison.  Allison is my first grandchild and was born about 6 weeks early, she was so very tiny I was afraid that she would break.  She is now an independent little princess who knows that she is adored by all and rules her subjects with a smile.  She looked so much like her pretty mama when she was little but now she is all her daddy.  Sydni jokingly calls her JJ for Joshua junior and she is a mini-me!  Her birthday was held at her granny B's and her guests dinned  on cotton candy, cupcakes, popcorn, slushy drinks, cookies and fruit.  Her great-great grandma was there as well as aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles,  family friends and relatives.  Her papa Stan and I got her a rocking princess carriage and I think that I was more excited than she was.  So to my son and daughter-in-law my eternal thanks for the wonderful gift of Allison.  She gives me hope and reminds me what innocence is and how precious that is.  And to Allison:  Happy birthday precious girl and many many many more!

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