Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Rebekah 2014

Happy birthday my precious Rebekah.  I remember so much from the past but yet not enough.  I remember so many wonderful things but for some reason cannot remember if you said dada or mama first.  It's the little things that make up the fabric of our family history and I have most of it down and can close my eyes and revisit a time when you were my baby.  I so enjoy Winston because it jogs my memory of you and the things you would do.  The other day I was watching him play and he looked at me and I was transported back in time 33 years ago and remembered that same look from you.  I looked at you last night at Winston's baptism and thought that you had never looked more beautiful.  You have your twin baby bump and you look so.....  I cannot think of a word.  Maybe complete, or regal.... I can't explain but you took my breath away.  I want all good things for you and have wondered if I could, would I wave a magic wand and take away all the things that would cause you sadness?  As a mom you know that you would do anything to protect Winston and keep him happy but it is the bumps in the road of life, the disappointment, sadness, the tears, and the unspeakable joy that brings the fabric of life together to form a garment made just for you. It's those things that make you strong so no I would not wave my wand to give you a life of only wonderful things but as your mom I will promise that I will walk with you during those times that are the hardest.  That's what moms do.  I wish blessings from our heavenly Father to pour down on you this year and the years to come.  You are my joy.  Happy Birthday my sweet sweet daughter and many many more!!!

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