Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Poem

It was the night before Christmas, I was alone in my house,
My son was in Iowa visiting my ex-spouse,
My daughter snuggled up to her husband so near,
My husband in a camper looking for deer,
It was Demi and I, she's a faithful pooch
As long as there's food and covers to mooch.
My shopping is done, the wrapping can wait
I have a 12 hour shift to honor this date
Our Christmas will be held in just two days
When all arrive from places away.
I hope that for each of you reading this piece,
That your celebrations are awesome so these words I do speak
That you remember the Son who's birthday this is
and be kind to each other and say a prayer for bit,
For those who don't know him, to help find the way
To really honor the Savior who was born on this day.

Merry Christmas 2008
Love, Deb

1 comment:

Carrie White said...

I am so impressed! Wow, you're a regular Robert Frost.