Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joshua Update and Drive Through Money Making Opportunity

Joshua made the trip. He called me last night and was IRRITATED at me because I made him tense for the trip. He told me that the trip was easy, the highways were clear and nothing like what I had envisioned. He further stated that old beat up cars were zooming around him. What he is not realizing is that those road conditions were an answer to prayer. A lot of prayer.... from a lot of people. Thank you God. So don't get snappy at me..... I just prayed you a great trip.

Last night at work we got hungry and the only thing open at 2am is Burger King. I went to get three meals for the staff. First of all you must understand that they only will take one order at a time if you are paying separately. I have learned my lesson from past trips so I made my first order drove up to pick it up and told her that I was going to be driving around 2 more times. She kindly told me that since no one was behind me she would break the rules and take the new orders at the window. I paid with a credit card for one order and for mine I gave her cash. She handed me my ticket and somehow my change flew out of her hand hit my car and fell to the ground. I had to pull up and away from the window and get out and locate my 63 cents amid the muck on the ground. I hit a bonanza. I found over $1.50 extra that was not mired in dropped milkshake, food and gra-dou(that is nasty stuff that has no identifiable markers). Being in the Christmas Spirit and since she did give me my three orders without me wasting my gas, I gave her the somewhat sticky money as a tip. She was happy and I had an idea. I am going to hit the open-all-night drive thru places and check the place just below the pay window. My problem is how to get the money without being seen. I may have to contract the job out to a child or a short person because I can't squat and walk anymore and God knows I am not going to crawl thru that mess. I may need to start carrying gloves with me. I know!!!! I'll just drop my change myself and then get out and pick up all that loose silver!!!!

Remember despite how great the roads are up north, please pray for the safe return of my son.

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Carrie White said...

I'm willing to pay to see pictures of your new money-making scheme. If you get someone to take pictures of you searching for change at a drive-thru, I'LL send you $10! But you must post the pics on your blog. I'm serious. Is it worth 10 bucks?!