Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Attack of the Fat

My mirror was most cruel today. I put on my scrub top to go to work and noted that my upper arm fat sorta hung down over my elbow...just a little....well maybe more than just a little. I did the dumbest thing. I undressed and looked at myself from all angles. I previously blogged that your mirror will lie to you and it's true until the age of 57 when apparently the scales fall away and you see yourself. I have cankles(where your calf meets your fat ankles) and I have a abdomo-thigh(where your abdomen meets your thighs...standing up) and last but not least my thighs are starting to overlap my knees. The only thing that doesn't droop is my boobs because they are fake. My implants(due to cancer)have gotten smaller in relation to my belly getting bigger. I am really disgusted with myself. I still remember my size 10 string bikini. I remember being able to dance,and do so wildly I might add, in 3 inch heels. My center of gravity is so off that with 3 inch heels I will pitch forward on my face. I can't cross my legs and I can't paint my own toenails. Wiping my butt is becoming a creative endeavor that even I can't discuss here. Okay today is the day. I start back on sugar busters today. Maybe I have just embarrassed myself(I am not sure that is possible)by admitting all the above but I swear to my 4 faithful readers that I am going to do it... I am going to diet and will report here my success and or failure. At the end when, Lord help me, I have successfully shed what amounts to 400 sticks of butter I will post before and after shots..... won't that be a treat!!!! Keep me in your thoughts.


Aunt Connie said...

Hi Debbie, Make that 5 faithful readers..I do enjoy your posts, they always make me smile..Oh, I really enjoy your pictures too!!
I hope you can obtain your goal,but remember that when you get older and lose weight you will really sag then and look older..Of course there is always plastic surgery.

Aunt Connie said...
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