Thursday, August 6, 2009


I may have to go on blood pressure medication if I continue to watch the news. The only good side of news watching is the mainstream media MAY be seeing a glimmer of the truth. I don't hold out a lot of hope because they are still disgustingly enamored with this current President. I swear that my blood pressure spikes every time Nancy Pelosi gets on the air to contribute her vast knowledge into human behavior and every time I hear her tell me why I make the decisions that I make. Nancy, you big ass, I have my own mind. I know what I want and need and if I choose to make a decision that is not good for me then it becomes (again) my choice. I don't need you or anyone else in Washington telling me what is good for me, what I need in health care and how "influenced" I am by outside forces. Read it here first Nancy no one from any insurance company has contacted me nor have they any influence over my thoughts. I am intelligent and can make my own decisions .
I cannot believe that you think I am that stupid that I can't see through the crap that you and your cronies are trying to shovel over my head. Stay out of my life and the lives of my children and grandchildren. The town hall meetings are just that. There is no one standing at the door letting only conservatives in.(like the Black Panthers during the election... only that was to intimidate the conservatives) They are people, Americans who are waking up from sleep hopefully in time to stop the madness. I am deeply amused by the Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs. He is like comic relief every time he gets on camera. He is not quite as good as Biden but then again they make an effort to keep Biden of the air. Robert your statement that the town hall reactions are like "staged, manufactured anger" just serves up what a moron you are. I am PISSED. My anger is not staged or influenced except by my own investigations into what is happening in our country. I am angry what your boss is doing to my country and I will take my anger out at the voting booth. I will do anything to elect a person(Democrat, Republican, or any Independent) who will guide our country from the brink of socialism and take back our freedoms that we have given away by our complacency. I really don't care that our President is a Socialist, that is his choice. I wish he had been more honest about it in the beginning but it was there in front of us for all to see and he got elected anyway. That then was our fault. When I am gone I want my grandchildren to be able to read that I cared for my country, for our freedom and fought to maintain that to the best of my ability.

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