Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Mopes

I have the "mopes". You know that feeling that you aren't really depressed you are just, well, mopey? I've been feeling this way for several weeks and it seems that the mopey feeling has affected several areas of my life. I let house cleaning go, went of my diet several times and laundry was done as needed only. I am not the best housekeeper on a good day but it was getting bad in my house. I have been of the mind frame that the house fairies could come and do it because I just didn't care. I would walk in the house from work go to the laundry room and strip down, dump it all in the washer and put on jammies that i keep in the laundry room so that I don't have to walk thru the house without clothes. I would let out the dogs, watch the early morning news, put my clothes into the dryer, go to bed, get up, bathe, do the hair and teeth go back into the laundry room and get dressed from the dryer, get some coffee and go to work. Nobody can say that my life isn't exciting. Blah. I sent my blogging niece Carrie a text wanting to know where my sister Barb was. I hadn't even called either of my sisters over the least I don't think I did(see my memory has the mopes too.) For whatever reason I sent her my password so that if anything would happen to me she could get in to my blog and let my 2 faithful readers know that I was..ummm... well, not going to be blogging any more. She texted back was I planing on dying soon?? The whole conversation finally struck me as funny and bizarre especially when she asked me to write a goodbye letter and save it to draft so that she could publish it afterwards. So Carrie, I don't know what you did or what you triggered but I got up and did some laundry, the dishes and started cleaning. I really don't feel too mopey right now and I am glad. My plan is to do the bathrooms and my bedroom tonight and finish the mounds of laundry that I have to do. Life is good. I guess it just takes someone to remind you of that. I feel like blogging again. I hope you feel like reading.


Yvette Burleigh said...

Awwww... Mama Deb..... {{{{hugs}}}... I've felt that way countless times and I just hate that feeling...Isn't it amazing how God uses people to help us to see ourselves and get us out of that funk? I love reading your blogs and I look everytime I get on my computer to see if you post anything. My point is that God uses you in the lives of others... you are a blessing and inspiration because you belong to the next time you get that ole' mopey feeling ask yourself and God... how can I inspire or bless someone today? That's how I get out motivated. I talk to God and focus my attention on someone else. Just know that you are loved and there's always going to be someone who is blessed by your bloggin' and YOU. Love you lots!

Carrie White said...

Yeah, Auntie Debbie is BACK! I laughed out loud reading your blog. I sure hope you don't die soon, but in a strange way I look forward to the "goodbye blog" that I hope you are writing and putting under "drafts." I'm imagining you making us laugh even from the grave. haha! I think that's funny? Maybe not to everyone, but I'm chuckling thinking about it. Thanks!