Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our President promised us transparency. When I think of the term transparency in relation to actions it means that the action and outcome of said action are obvious. The past few weeks I think he has kept his promise in a manner of speaking. Let's review two things that have been happening in the news.

The Oil gush off the coast of Louisiana is a major disaster in more ways than one. The effects are not only environmentally horrific but economically as well. Our President has been pushing a very green agenda since his campaign. In March he did an about face and angered the left by proposing to open huge areas of American coastlines to oil and natural gas exploration. Now I'm am not into conspiracy theory stuff but it was a huge coincidence and damn convenient for the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon. Obama was probably doing a happy dance in the oval office. That and his golf game would explain why he has taken so long to do what little he has done. He made the 'right' happy by his proposal of off shore drilling then the explosion happened and he then said there would be no further deep water drilling for six months. Now the 'left' is happy. Louisiana did what was expected and went to court and the decision was against the White House. Now the White House is seeking an injunction against the Louisiana ruling but the WH will more than likely lose. Obama is still happy and has kept his butt firmly on the fence. He can go on TV and look appropriately sober and say we have tried to protect the environment but got overruled.

Illegal Aliens and Arizona
Obama owes a tremendous debt to the Latinos for his election and Arizona just purely put his back up. He can't bring Gov. Brewer under control by criticizing her to the press and since we do have an immigration LAW that is not being enforced by Washington, he has a problem. It also hurts that 70% of the American people support what Arizona is proposing to do. Now, the fact that a majority of Americans are against what BO(Barack Obama) is doing is not going to stop him(please remember Obama care) but he does have an image problem. If this goes to court his administration is going to look really really stupid because they are not enforcing the laws that are in place already. What is his solution? He hedged his bets again and is very transparent (at least to me)by naming Harold Hurtt, a former police chief in Houston and Phoenix,as the new director for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office. Director Hurtt is a firm supporter of 'sanctuary city' policies which goes against the law of the land. Can this man actually support a law that he has no respect for?? This is a gift to the Latinos from BO. I swear that Obama will go down as one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen.. he is even worse than Jimmy Carter, and that is saying something.

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