Sunday, June 20, 2010

She is Still HOT

First of all Happy Father's Day to all those fathers out there. I kinda struck out when it came to fathers but I have been blessed to know some awesome dads, so A BIG SHOUT OUT TO DADS.
Now along the same vein, I sort of forgot that this was Father's Day till this morning at 6am when Troy asked me to call his wife to remind her that it was Father's Day and to give her time to get up and get a card(in case she forgot)and to prepare something special. Somehow I refrained from that suggestion(you owe me Jeana). I took off early to go to Walmart to get a card and some gifts. Before I tell you the rest of the story I want all my male readers to just be pea-green with jealousy at all the great gifts I got Stanley. He got Pepperidge Farm cookies(two different kinds!!)shortbread cookies, AA batteries, the movie Avatar,a card and(this is the best)... a SHAMWOW. It was in the checkout aisle and I just couldn't resist(this should end all wonder as to why I don't have any money).
During my shopping foray I was contemplating cards and a gentleman approached me and asked if he could have my advice. Below is the conversation.

Man: Ma'am can I ask you to give me some advice about socks.
Me: Sure(I was pretty much ignoring him and was looking at cards) The young gentleman wandered off and was gone for about 10 minutes and then came back.
Man:(holding a 6 pack of ankle socks with pastel rings around the ankle part) ummm are these socks that a woman would wear
Me: sure.
Man: do you wear these kind?
Me: yup, all the time.

At this point I should have realized that I was temping this poor man beyond all reason. I think he was breathing just alittle more deeply... not quite panting but really really close.

Man: umm do you have bunions?
Me: (looking up at him finally and noting that he was looking at my feet) Nope, no bunions.
Man: Do your feet hurt?
Me: Nope my feet feel great!(actually they hurt so freeking bad it felt like I was walking on my ankles)
Man: Umm I'm doing a study for ummm school and can I take a picture of your feet, with ummmmm no shoes and socks on.
Me: ummmmm let me think.....ahhhh no.
Man: ahh okay you sure?? It's a project?? I be quick.
Me: I'm really sure but thanks anyway.
All in all I feel pretty guilty about this. He probably caught sight of my cankles(remember that's where your calf flows into your ankle) hanging over my ankle socks and was driven by cankle lust. I need to be more careful in the future... he did follow me thru the store at a discreet distance. It's a burden at times to be an object of lust.


Susie said...

"Cankle Lust" He was definitely hot for your cankles!!!

Carrie White said...

Only in the bayou!