Friday, July 2, 2010

Jobs in America

Just a short blog on something I heard on the news today. Nancy Pelosi(D-California,Speaker of the House)made the comment that to continue unemployment is good for the country because it is proven to be the best thing to stimulate the economy. This is sort of like when I would hire my kids to do work around the house. They got spending money but it still came out of my pocket. Later in the afternoon they were interviewing an apple farmer in the northwest who was having to go out of the country to hire workers and paying them 11.00 an hour to pick apples. A well dressed man(can't remember who he was representing but it had something to do with unions and workers) said the reason the farmer can't get local people is that he is not paying an appropriate salary commensurate with the job. IT'S PICKING FREEKING APPLES NOT BRAIN SURGERY!! What the problem seems to be is that we have a country of lazy people who expect to be taken care of and who are happier living on unemployment then actually getting out and working. 11$ is not much but working at 40 hours a week amounts to 440$ per week and 1760$ per month or 22880.00 a year. Not including overtime. I had someone ask me if I would work for that. The answer is yes I would if it meant help feeding my family and maintaining my self respect. It's not a career choice but along with food stamps, medicaid and other government handouts that this would qualify me to get, then I could do this until something better came along or the economy improved. But then I can't judge others by what I would do. I tend do be a go-getter when it comes to working. I would be an apple picking fool and making overtime. Something to think about. Our government has created generations of people who expect something for nothing.

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