Friday, July 9, 2010

NASA and the Presidential Directive

NASA's new directive is to make Muslims feel better about themselves. Talk about doing what no man has done before. Wait, killing Americans make radical Muslims feel better soooo are we going to be giving them information to assist them to do that or will we be screening the Muslims that we teach and make sure we only get gentle pro-American Muslims?

NASA administrator Charles Bolden stated that he had three directives from President Obama: 1) to re-inspire children to encourage science and math interest(this is noble and very pro-American)2)to expand our international relationships(okay we do well with Russia on this one) 3)the most important one is to reach out to the Muslim world and help them feel better about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering.

The Islamic peoples have contributed vast amounts of knowledge to the world from Calid in the 7th century to Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor an astronaut and orthopedic surgeon who has already spent time on the International Space Station. Their scientific and artistic endeavors have indeed made the world a richer place. HOWEVER there is a significant group of radicals within their community that would consider their greatest accomplishment the total annihilation of America. So the question should be asked is why waste NASA's time doing a PR mission when we need to be back in space and headed to the great unknown. Is this just a feel good mission of Admin. Bolden or is he going to be sharing NASA secret "stuff"? It makes me very uncomfortable giving information to a group of people who hold us in such disdain.

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