Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams. NPR Sucks

Yesterday Juan Williams, the senior news commentator with NPR, was fired because of a conversation he had on Fox's show the O'Reilly Factor. I saw the show and was in agreement with Mr. Williams. He commented that when flying it gives him pause to see fellow passengers in Muslim garb. I have enjoyed his often counterpoint conversations with Bill OReilly and Sean Hannity. He is an intelligent, decent, NON-BIGOTED, individual who presents his opinion in a no nonsense type manner. I am appalled at the actions of NPR. His reasoning was tied back to 9/11 and the World Trade Center attack carried out by RADICAL Muslims(I don't want anyone to say I'm a bigot)He didn't say he would get off the plane just that it would stir something inside him(not his exact words). I would probably get off the plane. Contrary to Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg's ambulatory exit off the set of The View when Bill O'Reilly expressed his opinion I agreed with what he said. I am sure that there are very peace loving Muslims but they have to stand up and be loudly vocal or their silence screams support for their more radical brethren. I am for religious freedom for all but if your freedom is expressed in killing innocents just because they don't follow your tenets then your freedom should be limited or denied. We have radical Christians who deserve the same treatment. We have no right to violently force anyone to follow what we believe is the correct path to God. I am sickened by NPR and Congress needs to investigate what is happening with the National PUBLIC Radio and stop funds to an organization that suppresses freedom of speech.

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