Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Catch Up Time

For those who follow both blogs I have posted on my fat blog. Don't get excited I haven't had any success because I can't say no to anything. I mentioned that I went to the Mississippi lease with Stan over last weekend and was horrified to discover while using the bathroom that I was wall to wall butt. If I don't lose weight I will be forced to go in the woods. If nothing can keep me on my diet that should. We arrived at the lease with both dogs and Stan went in first to turn on the lights and heat. No power. A week ago he had been notified that the lease had been robbed of all the copper wiring that connects all the camps to power. Apparently copper is going for about 4 bucks a pound. His power lines were untouched because they are high up in the trees but the bastards unhooked him from the main box and he was having trouble hooking it back up. It was 26 degrees and I had been cramped in the back seat with Demi the wonder dog for 4 hours. I needed to pee and I was cold. There was no way I was going into the dark camper to pee just in case there was a spider hiding out from the cold. A couple of other men came over and helped Stan hook up. We actually had a good time with some lovely people. The next night we had a dinner with the others... deer meat chili and rib eye steaks. YUM. We sat around an outside fire and visited for hours.
The news has been the same old same old. We are losing ground with the national debt. Our brilliant president wants to spent more money to save money. HUH??? Sounds like he took lessons from me. Listen up stupid. It. Doesn't. Work. You have to cut back and to all Americans it is going to be painful if we take steps to save our country. We are being willingly lead to a socialist type system and we need to stop it now. Obama care is a national health care system. As of 2014 if all hospitals, doctors offices and clinics don't comply with the rules they will be punished financially. I am leaving in a week to go to Kansas City, Kansas to take part in developing a computerized system for our hospital. This is all part of the move to electronic medical records that is mandated by our government. I personally LOVE the idea of computerized charting and totally buy into the fact that it will streamline our charting, increase our ability to provide a continuity of care and decrease the errors and financial loss. I cannot buy into that it is a mandate by MY GOVERNMENT so that they have access to all my health information. Remember as I had stated in an earlier blog that by 2014 all health care providers MUST record and send your BMI( body mass index..the measurement of how fat you are) to the great cesspool in Washington or they will have their reimbursements cut. BAH.. get out of my LIFE.

Egypt exploded. The Muslim Brotherhood is standing in the wings. They may not take over this election but it is coming. I can't imagine what it must be like in Israel at the moment. The only thing I can say is remember the Arab-Israeli War in 1967... the Arabs got their collective butts kicked. My bet and all my prayers will be with Israel.

Joshua and Syd are getting married September 23, 2011. I am going to get to host another party. YAY!! I do so love a great party. This time it's the rehearsal dinner. It's still up in the air but as of now Joshua wants to have a bouchiere (hog roast) at Becky and Shane's house on the bayou. He wants all his aunts, uncles, cousins etc. to be part of the celebration. So I am looking at about 70 plus people. I can do this. Think Martha Stewart does the swamp wedding. I just hope Joshua realizes that fresh pig can cause increased intestinal activity(diarrhea). I may try to get him to chose another type protein. Still and all it will be a great time regardless of the venue. I will need tents, caterers, a zydeco band, porta-potties, bug lights and a lot of fans. I think the hostess gift to all participants will be a can of OFF. The mosquito's are a bitch that time of year. Well, love to all!!

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