Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Same Old Stuff, Different Day...GET A JOB

I have avoided much about politics the past few months. I keep thinking that we are going to wake up but I am losing hope. I had posted a quote from President Thomas Jefferson on my facebook page and no truer words were spoken "The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who will not". Honestly what part of that statement doesn't anyone understand? I have watched with disgust the Wall Street protesters and the left's reaction to the melee. The mainstream media is literally glorifying them while not long ago the same media vilified the Tea Party gatherings that presented with no violence, accusing them of racially slanted views..which there by the way was no proof. The 99% are making horrible comments about the Jews...where are the media comments condemning them?? I still, despite watching all channels can't figure out just what the 99% are really protesting about as when interviewed they have no consistent agenda. Organizers are filtering in to help them decide what they are protesting... isn't that special. Van Jones, Obama's previous Green Czar is on the job. Surely it can't be that they want the 1% to support their lazy asses. In my own little world I have run across people who tell me that they can't find jobs. REALLY?? I have responded that McDonald's seems to hiring and I am met with shocked looks. The most recent response was "I am not working at McDonald's, I want a job that pays more money". You know what stupid, they pay real money, money that can buy food and gas. I realize that working shifts that might cut into your social life is inconvenient but really, get a freeking job..they are out there..some even provide training. You might have to lose the sparkly nails, baggy pants and you might have to pass a drug screen but work is available. If I couldn't nurse for what ever reason I would be first in line at McDonald's and I promise you I would get hired and after a time I would be running the joint. Our fearless leader is now proposing forgiveness for student loans. Well actually he will be using MY money to pay for your stupid choices. The parents of those students who chose a degree that they had no hope in using should be made to pay the loans, not ME. I had a patient the other day who was telling me about their kids. I asked if I could recite their accomplishments in my blog and was given the go ahead. This married couple had 4 children who are now adults. The couple worked low pay, common laboring jobs and needed food stamps and medicaid at times. Their kids worked hard, studied harder, got scholarships and continued to study. When they graduated the older kids helped the younger ones. This proud couple now have 2 teachers, a nurse and another fixing to graduate with a teaching degree. They have so much to be proud about. The mom told me she didn't want her kids to be on the welfare rolls so she made them study and was constantly on guard about their friends and social activities. Wow, a concerned and participating parent. Our President is shamelessly attempting to buy votes with my money by trying to increase social programs. He needs to get off the campaign trail and start running the country. The POTUS CONTINUES to push us towards socialism and vilifies those Representatives for listening to their constituents (like they were voted in to do). I don't want any more social programs, increased taxes, bailouts, and handouts. I want the tax system remade so that you don't need a degree in accounting to fill out a tax form. I want capitalism praised and not condemned. I want lazy people to find a job. I want those who are getting benefits to sit home to be made to work....if we have all this money sitting around we shouldn't be giving it away. People should be out cleaning the highways, scrubbing sidewalks, helping the elderly, and cleaning my house(I had to slip that in). Remember the CCC(Civilian Conservation Corps)? This was started during the Great Depression by FDR to provide jobs for young men across the country. The jobs were unskilled laboring jobs and provided relief to families who couldn't make ends meet. A large portion went home to the families these young men left behind. This would be great today...instead of these single men sitting home drinking, doing drugs, fathering children they can't support...they could be out working for the check they are receiving for doing nothing. I don't want to leave women out of this either.. we can make those unemployed young women work in the community if they have children. The bottom line is, if you don't work, you don't eat. Please tell me in response just what is wrong with this idea. You should not own a home unless you have enough money coming in to pay the mortgage. It is not my fault you stupidly bought a home you couldn't afford. Even if you were given a loan(that you didn't qualify for) you should have had the restraint to realize that you didn't have the money. You got caught and now want to be bailed out. Get something that you can afford. Stan and I never purchased a home that we couldn't afford if one of us lost a job. Wow, what a concept. We have become a nation of lazy, dependent people who want everything for nothing. I am tired of supporting you. I take care of my own and I didn't take you to raise. Welfare if continued should be used for the (really)sick, and elderly. God, I am exhausted... end of rant.