Monday, November 7, 2011

Just One Step Closer to Socialism

This Wednesday November 9th at 2pm our airwaves will be taken over by the government for a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. Now this sounds okay because we are all used to this occasionally happening during the know, the alert sounds and then a tape message goes across the top of the screen. Sometimes you get one that tells you if "this had been an actual emergency you would be directed to tune into...blah, blah, blah. I always listen to the alerts, usually they are about the weather but sometimes it is simply a test. This time it will be shut down for about 30 to 40 seconds. (some reports put that up to 3 minutes) That isn't a problem either because it's testing the system. Right? The problem is that the broadcasters have absolutely no control. So the question begs, who is in control. In the old system, broadcasters still had control of the the system. The new system will not allow that. According to FEMA (and this makes sense) that we need a system that we can use "at a time of a real national emergency, at a moments notice". In other words some government agency can flip a switch and cut off all of our broadcasting abilities to send messages of import to the citizens. The President would of course be able to issue that order. This is kind of what they did in Egypt. But that is Egypt and this is America and they(government) would never do something like that. We are marching towards socialistic government and few are paying attention. The excuse for control of the airwaves is a 'national emergency', how long would it take that disagreement with the current government would constitute an "emergency".

As the unions get more control, socialism is held as the ideal. Power to the worker. Eugene Dabs, thought to be the father of socialism in America stated " the capitalist was originally a socially useful individual, but the evolution of our industrial system has rendered him a parasite, an entirely useless functionary that must be eliminated if civilization is to endure". Another of his quotes that represents what is happening today is "Not many of those schooled in old-party politics have any adequate conception of the true import of the labor movement.....They utterly fail or refuse to see the connection between labor and politics, and are, therefore, woefully ignorant of the political significance of the labor movement of the present day". Our president was elected on the back of the unions. Many of his current and former czars are union activists/sympathizers, or political activists. We have been moving towards this for 100 years but never more so than the last three years since we elected Obama. It all sounds so wonderful, letting the government take care of us whether it's health care, housing, or education. But my mom used to say 'nothing is for free and if it sounds to good to be true then it is". We must resist the slow, insidious ooze that is socialism and use the voting booth to fight for our Republic.


Anonymous said...

The national emergency alert system has been with us since I was a little boy. It was and is a federally mandated system. It has its origin was the early days of the cold war. The US has never had to use it but I am glad it exists and that it is being tested.

As to the economy, we need job! That should be the first priority! Jobs are created by a demand for a product or a service. They are not created by the wealthy. Trickle down, reaganomic, supply side economics does not work. Why? Everyone is greedy. The rich, the 1 percenters, will invest where their return on investment is the greatest. The 99 percenters, the poor, the middle, you and me, create jobs because we spend money. Give us a buck or two and we spend it.

Tax breaks for the rich…. A large part of the Republican Party and the tea party have been bought and paid for by the 1 percenters. Tax breaks for the rich is simply the republicans and the tea party folk pay their debt owed to 1 percenters….A legal payola scheme!

Jack said...

Clicked the wrong button... anonyomous is really me, Jack. My first time at a comment.