Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Again I Am Blessed

I am so very blessed in my family. I never realized that I wanted to be a grandma until I found out about Allsion River Hart my first grandchild. I was so thrilled from the very bottom of my heart and realized that that is what I am supposed to be: a Grandma.  My sisters all have multiple grandchildren and I have just Allison who I was sure was very lonely being by herself with no cousins.  I hadn't given up on Becky but she is very very goal directed and difficult to nag about reproductive things. One day the middle of October she had come into work for me so that I could stay home a few hours and rest.  We had been a little short staffed.  Becky looked different to me.  She didn't look like she had gained weight but she looked
"fuller"( believe me I have paid over and over for that description) I can't really explain it but she looked different.  When she left I looked at the remaining nurses and asked if they didn't think she looked "fuller" they assumed I meant a weight gain.... I couldn't explain it but said I bet she is pregnant.  Heather said "Wouldn't she have told you if she was?" Nope.  Rebekah can keep a secret better than anyone I know.  And I knew better than to ask.  The next night she and Shane were taking Stan and I out to dinner for her birthday with Frances, Benny, Josh, Sydni,  and Tante Jill.  We were at Charlie G's and prior to eating the manager stood on a chair to take pictures of the table.  Instead of telling us to say "cheese"  he says " okay ready, BECKY"S PREGNANT".  I wasn't sure what I heard was right but then looked at Stan and he was crying, looked at Frances and she had her hand over her mouth and she was elated.  It only took a second or two but it finally registered that Becky was going to have a baby.  Her due date is May 7.  I am so very thrilled.  I cannot wait to be able to hold my second grandchild.  This is the continuation, the future, my mom's genes passing to the next generation.  I have been thinking about my mom a lot since I found out and know that she would be so proud of her youngest granddaughter and all of her success.  I know that she would have loved to see little Allison and her cousin to be.  When I hold both of these gifts that God has given to me I will tell them about the people whose strength, sorrows,  joy,  and  love that has been the steel that has forged this family.  I will share myself and my memories so that they will be able to know those who came before.  Being a Grandma is about sharing not only kisses, stories, cookies, love and smiles.... but it is about sharing history.  It is about being able to say " this is where you came from..........." I am blessed.  Thank you God.

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