Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote: This is the Most Important Election of My Life

I have never failed to vote in a presidential election.  My mom used to tell me that it was important that we go to the polls and cast a vote so that we can participate in the election of our president.  The first president I voted for was Nixon.  Look how that turned out.  With current Presidential shenanigans it amazes me that Nixon was impeached.  Nixon lied and he was impeached and resigned.  Clinton abused his position and had sexual encounters with Monica and LIED about it(ohh I forgot he didn't have sex he just got a blow job).  He lied about having a personal relationship with her.  Our current POTUS promised the most "transparent" administration ever.  He hadn't finished the first year before he lied and lied and lied again.  For those you with selective and incredibly short memories  remember Obamacare??  The meetings were supposed to be open so that we could see what was happening.  He promised.  He lied.  During his campaign he said that Bush was unpatriotic because of the 4 trillion dollar debt that he incurred.  Well Mr. PRESIDENT does the amount 16 trillion mean anything to you?  That represents a 36.4 percent increase since Obama's inauguration.  Way to go!! So far our POTUS is a liar and unpatriotic. Obama spent 20 years in a church with Rev Wright but failed to realize that his friend was decidedly anti-American.  Some of Obama's friends are unashamed  past members of US terrorist organisations,  communists and socialists. The majority of his close advisers are anti-capitalists and believe that we should "share the wealth". In his own words his mentor(def: trusted councilor or guide) Frank Marshall Davis made a great impact on him and was like a father. Frank Marshall Davis was a communist.  Obama believes that those that work should support those that don't.  He obviously believes in huge Government and that said government should supply food, shelter, education, health care and everything but apparently jobs. The most ridiculous thing ever is the "Obama phones" that an acquaintance told me is "free and I got 3 of them".  When I commented " you know that I paid for those phones"  I was told "girl, get out of here, Obama paid for this".  That would be the mentality that this POTUS is encouraging.  This same mentality may get him elected again.  Free shit. There are those people that are lazy and they don't want to work. The government nanny state is right up their alley.   I believe that there are more people who really want to work and those people are unable to find a job.  We have a POTUS that has done all he could to kill small businesses.  He does not respect initiative.  Remember "You did not build that" reminding people that we owe everything to Mr. Obama and the government because we didn't do anything alone.  The collective, socialist WE.   I have got news for you.  I am BETTER than the person that sits home  on his or her lazy ass and collects government benefits.  I am EQUAL to the person who wants to contribute and to work but cannot find a job because of this administration, it's taxes, and its over the top regulations.  This president and his health care program are trampling the rights of the church in attempting to force church related businesses to offer birth control when they are fundamentally against that option. If he is successful then what other religious rights will he stop.  He is treading on ground that the Constitution says he has to stay off of and it doesn't make a difference.  He does just want he wants and the majority of the press lives in his pocket and they just smile and write what a WONDERFUL leader we have.  He let the "Fast and Furious" congressional investigation go for over a year while his friend Atty General Eric Holder ducked, dodged and refused to provide requested documents.  Finally  protecting himself and his friend he declared "executive privilege" and called a halt to congressional fact finding.   Most recently we have the Benghazi debacle where four Americans were killed knowing that their country deserted them.  POTUS is refusing to answer any questions and of course the investigation will take place AFTER the election. Then if he wins he will claim executive privilege again.  Odd thing that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has dropped off the map.  She has only been seen rarely on ANY of the news since the incident.  The last time was when she took blame for the incident.  I wonder how much Clinton extracted from the power brokers to lay her neck on the line.  Now to be sure Obama did say that the buck stops with him. He let those men die when help was an hour away.  Shame on him.    If that is the case then he needs to come clean.  But he won't.  He never has and he never will... it is always someones fault but his own. He is a spoiled child in many aspects.  He will never be able to accept fault and he loves just hobnobbing with the celebrity group.  In fact shortly after our men were murdered he was in Vegas, on the View and other TV programs blaming the attack on a video(that we all knew wasn't true the first day) and denying the terrorist aspect even though it happened on 9/11.  I am insulted that he thinks we are stupid.  I am also insulted that he can lie and expect votes.  His renewable energy goal is laudable except that he allowed contracts to go to political cronies and they were not successful and several have filed bankruptcy while absconding with our tax money.  He  has nearly halted oil, coal and gas exploration in our country on federal land. He wants to increase taxes for the very wealthy to help with  the deficit.  ARE YOU SERIOUS.  The amount that we would get wouldn't be a drop in the national debt bucket.  However it would directly affect the economy.  Kennedy and Regan understood that concept but it is beyond Obama's understanding.  It would also go against his socialist leanings.  Our current President has said over and over that with the killing of Usama bin Laden that al- Qaeda is crippled.  He is clueless or living in an alternate world.  They are stronger than ever.  Denying their existence doesn't make it so.  

This President has nearly changed the course of this wonderful country.  He has increased our indebtedness to the point that I am not sure we can recover.  Every time he gets on the air and promises more benefits I want to scream WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM.  Our countries indebtedness is the talk of the world  so I want to thank you Mr. President, even they know it's not Bush's fault.  You are an embarrassment. 

Before anyone calls me a racist(because you know if you don't want Obama you are a racist!) let me tell you that I loved Herman Cain.  Last time I looked he was black.  The big difference between the two was that Cain is proud of our country, he is not a socialist, and he believes that the smaller government the better. 

I can only pray that Obama will not be elected. I do not respect him, trust him or want him leading my country. His actions the last two weeks on TV are not Presidential.  We do not vote for revenge Mr. Obama we vote, as Romney has stated,  for the love of our country.  I pray that tomorrow night when I go to bed, I will know that the Obama reign has come to an end.


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Wow, tell us what you really think. Please, don't hold back. :-) Great message!!