Saturday, November 16, 2013

Welcome to the World Aries Hart

My son Joshua Hart and his wife Sydni had their second child this afternoon.   Sydni is doing well after the delivery of this big boy who was 8lbs 11oz and nearly 21 inches long. This beautiful boy is welcomed into the world by his grandparents Debbie and Stan Higginbotham, Stephanie and Kurt Bourg, and Steven and Peggy Hart.  He joins his older sister Allison and his cousin Winston Garrard into my immediate family and I cannot wait for them all to play together.  God is truly good and has blessed me in such a lovely way.  Babies are the hope of a better tomorrow and bring such joy to those around them.  May God bless this baby and keep him safe.  Congratulations Josh and Syd, he is just beautiful!!

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