Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Letter 2013

I used to be so very good about sending out Christmas cards mainly because I loved getting them. I have let that go years ago and my mailbox is not as heavy as it used to be.    My favorite cards contained a letter from the sender about what had transpired in their life in the past year.  Not to diminish any person who sends me a letter but my hands down favorite Christmas letter sender is my niece Carrie White.  I usually end up laughing till I am crying because she is so honest that not everything is fabulous as some would have you believe!  I am sending this blog in lieu of my Christmas cards... I know I can feel the eye rolls from here but I am long on desire and short on time.  My tree isn't even up yet so bear with me.

This year has gifted me with two grandsons.  My daughter Rebekah gave birth to Winston Charles in May  and my daughter in law Sydni gave birth to Aries in November.  Both were big boys and are of course beautiful.  I have a granddaughter from Josh and Syd named Allison River who is the spitting image of her daddy.  I understand now what the big deal about being a grandma is all about.   I sit for Winston on my off days and every day brings about changes.  He discovered that his wrists twist a few weeks ago..  only a grandma would find that hysterical and give proof just how intelligent he is.

Rebekah is a nurse practitioner working in a clinic and loves her job but is acutely aware of the negative changes affecting our health care.  Joshua is still teaching dance now at the Acadiana School of the Performing Arts and based on a few videos he has recently posted still has that special "thing" that makes him so great at what he does.

Stan is retired and busy at hunting, and babysitting.  I am still working in the Emergency Department at St. Martin Hospital in Breaux Bridge and love my job.  I just had my 62 birthday a week ago and a very BRILLIANT and ASTUTE  patient told me the other night that I looked like I was in my early 50's.  I love patients like that!

I have been on a diet since a year ago November. I started the diet 2 weeks before we took our last year's cruise and told my nurse practitioner Aimee Guidry that I was NOT dieting on a cruise and for that matter was not dieting during the week before and just after Christmas.  I really like this diet but I love Christmas goodies. I also cook a Christmas feast that swims in butter.  I have lost a considerable amount of weight and I am proud of that fact however I do cheat.  I should have lost 100lbs by this time.  Here we are at Christmas again AND I just got back from a cruise and I gained a few pounds It's a great diet but it has no room for cheating.  The thing is that I feel so much better when I follow the program.  I have more energy and my joints don't hurt.  I will be at my goal by June.

Our Christmas is actually going to on Christmas this year. I am off for the first time in about 4 to 5 years.  We are still going to do it all on Christmas Eve with the dinner and present opening just after.  This year is going to be fun because I got to buy toys again now for the grand kids.

I have been writing this over the last few days and I am now taking a break from picking up the clutter in my house so that I can get ready to re-clutter it with Christmas decorations.  In the past I was always decorated by the middle of November but with the cruise and work I had delayed the removal of all 27 boxes from the attic and closets.  I suggested to Rebekah that since she has the big beautiful house that she host the Christmas celebrations.  She seemed reluctant and now I am glad.  There will come a time(and I can feel it getting closer) that she will be the family hostess for big celebrations but for now I am still the Queen.  Next year I will go all out because the grand kids will be older but  this year I will count myself lucky if I can get up just one tree, get batteries in all the singing animals, position my collection of Santa statues,  and set out 3 or 4 nativity sets.   Jill Mary Forbes is coming over as I type to help me decorate.  For the past several years she has given me the valuable gift of her time for my birthday present to help me get ready for Christmas.   I have cookies to bake and presents to wrap, I wonder if she can stay for a week?

I am making an effort to get this out before Christmas so this should be my last installment.  Jill and I did the house and while it doesn't have half the stuff I have accumulated over the years it still looks like Christmas. I have not really baked because I had to return to work last Wednesday so I will bake after Christmas for my work peeps.  I STILL have not wrapped a single present and I work until the morning of the 24th. I will shop for the traditional casseroles tomorrow on the way home from work and tonight I am leaving early to go get the rest of the stocking stuffers for all my "kids". My plan is to prep all the food on the 23 and leave detailed instructions for Stan on how and when to put them in the oven on Christmas Eve.  I have to pick up the table cloths at the cleaners and set the table and dust off the good china.  This is my holiday and I love it even though I am wondering how I will get it all done in time and still get in a nap.

In all the bustle of the holiday please keep your focus on the Child in the manger who was born to save man.  As the saying goes Jesus is the reason for the season and in all of our gift giving keep your focus on Him.  We are facing prophetic  times that are frightening and our purpose and our Lord are under attack from all sides.  It is not popular to be a Christian and our nation is  so focused on being politically correct that saying Merry Christmas is considered verboten because it might offend your neighbor.  Tough.  MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone.

As you read this I want to request at end prayers for several of my face book friends who are battling cancer.  Please pray for God to heal Susie Stelly and Bob Phillips. I have several friends who are struggling with financial issues and depression.  God can and will answer the prayers of believers and I thank you for the time you will take to pray for my friends.

The best gift I can give you is love.  So this Christmas I send all of you an abundance of love and know that I will pray for your needs and rest assured that this next year God will move in your life.


Paula Dempsey said...

Merry Christmas!

Debi Lalonde said...

Thnx for sharing your heartfelt tribute to Christmas. No one can sy "it" better than you Debbie! Merry Christmas to you and yours!fc