Saturday, May 10, 2014

When Can You First Celebrate Mother's Day

Rebekah has had an issue with last year's Mothers Day and I completely missed the boat on that one. She missed the actual day giving birth to Winston by about 18 hours and feels just a little cheated.  Especially when we told her it didn't count until the baby was OUT.   When we were discussing it this year and I realized how she felt it made me feel just a tad guilty that I was so quick to tell her that this year would be her first Mother's Day.

Last year's Mother's Day my daughter was sitting at home feeling pretty miserable.  But while sitting there she was nurturing, protecting and feeding her son Winston.  Granted she wasn't "holding" him in her arms instead he was nestled under her heart waiting for just the right time to make his entrance.   So my darling Rebekah, accept my apology, because you were so very right.  This is your second Mother's Day!

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