Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Americans Stand Up for Your Country

I have not posted since May and have not posted anything relating to current events in a long time.  Every day I listen to the news and get the itch to blog  my personal opinion of what is occurring in my beloved country.  I then fall into a psychological black hole with the thought of what difference does my opinion  make.  Nothing will change, I will still wake up in the morning and my country will still be a mess and getting worse each day.  Tonight I realized that I blog for my children and my grandchildren.  I want Winston, Aries, and Allison and whoever else is in my daughter's future to know what I stood for and what I felt was happening to my country.  I am glad that others read my blog and even offer opposing views.  That is what I love about my country, we don't have to think alike and we should respect each others views.  I belong to a private face book group that is open to any political view with the only rule being that you cannot get ugly with each other.  I have orally invited progressive/liberal  friends and received comments like "I would never get involved with people who only listen to Fox news" or " really a group of uneducated rednecks... just what I want to belong to" or how about "sounds like a group of racists".  I really wasn't surprised.  To coin a old phrase: Our country is going to hell in a hand basket and adding the addition that it is Obama and his administration that is carrying that hand basket down the merry trail that will lead to the destruction of our United States.  Honest to God if I hear one more time that it is Bush's fault I am going to puke. Bush had his faults but  this administration is plagued with scandals and until recently was largely ignored by the mainstream media.  I will say it again.  I watch all news channels but if I really want to know what is happening I go to Fox and THEN  start looking for supporting data. When I have confirmed the news then I watch with amusement  as the mainstream Obamamaniacs ignore what is happening.   I have said this in face book posting that if this current administration was Republican and if the same scandals existed as they are the progressive left would be screaming, rioting and demanding impeachment and the news media would climbing up the butt of the Republican POTUS.  So I ask you liberal progressives would you accept being targeting by the IRS, would you quietly accept a POTUS who goes on a fund raising trip while the mid east is exploding  and our borders are leaking like a sieve.  I am sure that you would scream about a Republican POTUS who was  the guest of honor at a fundraising dinner that cost upwards 30 thousand per couple to attend while less than 500 miles away we have thousands of illegal aliens, mostly children, in detention centers in horrible conditions.  You would loudly state that fundraising money should be sent to assist those in need.   Would you have accepted the decision to hand over 5 dangerous terrorists for a man who at best is a deserter, more probably a traitor. Think about it.  You are hypocrites, you really are.   .

The world is exploding.  Our friend in the east, Israel, is engaged in a battle for survival.  Let me correct that previous sentence. Israel was our friend in administrations past.  This president leaves much doubt about what kind of friend he is to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a recent OP ED in Haaretz an Israeli news source he condemned the violence against the innocent teens both Israeli and Palestinian.  He praised Palestine president Mahmoud Abbas(Abu Mazen) and did not mention Netanyahu.  For those who do not know: Abbas has a pact with Hamas, a US designated terrorist group that is tied to Iran.  Hamas controls the Gaza Strip.   Obama did say that Israel has a right to defend themselves.  But instead of monitoring the escalating situation, offering military support or at least sending John Kerry(snort) he is at fund raising dinner

Also in that neck of the woods ISIS ( Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is marching thru the mid east killing Shia Muslims.  Understand that the Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims have been at war with each other for centuries so this is nothing new but ISIS hates the West( that would be us) and vows to destroy everything that we stand for.  Oh and on a disturbing note they now have all kinds of weapons including chemical and biological weapons. Obama is really worried about this.  He is at a fund raising dinner in Texas.

Here in America we have continued threats about gun control with the left screaming every time some idiot, and I mean that literally, takes his guns and shoots up a school, movie theater, etc. I am heartbroken at the loss of innocent life but NOT ENOUGHT to give up my right to bear arms.  What I find strange is that over the 4th of July weekend Chicago was subjected to  84 shootings that left 68 wounded and  14 dead.   Mayor Ralm Emanuel is enforcing strict gun laws but it doesn't seem to make a difference.   What is being blamed is lack of police coverage, poverty,  lack of jobs and universally lax gun laws. So if we take all the guns away from the average citizen then they will be safe from the criminals.  Hummm, not sure that is going to work    Ralm you need to call Barrack about the economy...he owns it now, its been 6 years and he cannot blame Bush anymore.

EPA now has the right that if you have a violation against one of their rules that they can garnish your wages without  a court order.  You can fight it but it will be at your expense. The EPA gets to pick the place for the court fight and the judge and you have to pay. So the EPA holds all the cards.  It really is more extensive than that but if I go into it now I will never sleep.

On a final note for this blog, people are saying that the current immigration mess at the border is going to be his "Katrina".  You progressive/liberals remember the screaming that commenced when Bush did a flyby to look over the damage that was left in the wake of Katrina. All because he didn't stop.     They are saying that if Obama does not go down to look at the detention centers that this will be his Katrina.  Huge difference here: Katrina was a natural disaster and if I recall correctly the decision was made for Bush to be able to see the area but not be subjected to the unsafe situation.  The current "humanitarian crisis"  is a disaster but one that was caused by his failed policies and lack of leadership.  But if you heard his speech tonight it of course is not his fault.  The fault lies with Congress.  Poor Barrack.  He stated that he did not want to go down for a photo op.  What he really means is that he is trying very hard to distance himself from the issue and if he goes he cannot ignore what is happening.  We have been "blessed" with a president who has diminished us as a country, he cannot lead, he has no real policy, he has made enemies out of friends.  He has allowed criminal behavior to go unpunished in his administration.  I have an African-American friend who brightened my day about a week ago.  She told me "I should have never voted for that SOB".  We have another 2 years.  God help us all. 

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I love you even more now! Great post!