Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 10, 2014 Event Family Dinner

We got together on Wednesday for a "family" dinner.  We do this every once in a while and it really is fun.  Stan and I just got back from our Alaskan cruise and were anxious to see everyone.  Joshua and Syd came with Allison and Aries and this was likely the last time we will see Joshua for a few months as he is working with an oil field company in Ohio.  Benny and Frances Garrard rounded out the nuclear part of Shane and Becky's family.  We were missing Jess and her two but she lives in Arizona.    At some point Rebekah left the room with Winston and when they returned he had on a different onsie.  I will sometimes see something cute and will buy for the grands so I honestly thought this was something I had purchased.  I asked Frances what it said and she responded that she couldn't tell because he was too busy playing.  I picked him up and read: Oops they did it again I am going to be a big brother.  I got halfway thru and stopped thinking that I was telling something that I shouldn't and Becky said to finish it.  I was teary eyed as was Stan but not really surprised because they had been trying.  Congratulations abounded as was joking recriminations about fibbing.  Apparently Frances had commented a few days before asking Beck if she was pregnant.  Becky responded "Are you telling me I am FAT?".  There is one thing I have learned in 40 years of nursing and that is unless you SEE the baby coming out NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant.  Frances attempted to recover stating no you have spots on your face.  I had to laugh when they told me this conversation.  I don't know which is worse: you're fat or you have acne.  I could sit on the side and greatly sympathize with Frances while inwardly fanning my face grateful I had not said anything.  Then to make matters worse during that conversation Benny threw Frances under the bus stating that he didn't think Becky looked fat or pregnant that that was all on Frances!  They had their first ultrasound and had the picture put on a cake.  Then they got out the second cake and Frances commented that there were two pictures.  Shane stated something to the affect that one cake was for the baby on the left and the other was for the baby on the right.  I was having trouble processing that statement until I was oriented by Frances stating  YOU'RE HAVING TWINS??????.  I  was dumbfounded realizing that morning when I came over to take care of Winston I told her that she should have twins when she got pregnant.  Talk about a prophetic comment.   She is due around April 12 or so.  I just realized that for a person who 3 years ago did not have a grandchild that I am doing well!!!  For a period of  4 to 5 months Stan and I will have 5 grandchildren under the age of three.  I indeed am blessed.

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Carrie White said...

I am SO, SO happy for you!!! I have thought about Becky and twins every day since finding out. So fun!!