Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015 and (oh gawd....) Resolutions

Its that time of year again when we make promises to ourselves and then backslide within a week.  I have decided to lower my own expectations and be more realistic thus creating a positive outlook for the new year.

1) Exercise 3 minutes a day. I can do more BUT 3 minutes a day is well within reason.
2) Only hit my snooze button twice instead of 6 times.  I set my alarm to allow myself SIX snoozies because somehow it seems like I am getting more sleep.  I cannot explain the logic in that exercise.
3) Keep my room clean and picked up.  
4) Once a week go through my room and dust, pick up my clothes and scrub the toilet.
5) Scrub the toilet if I have guests over, get a housekeeper  or if Milo refuses to drink out of the bowl.
6) Give away at least 10 pairs of shoes that I will never wear. Including the pair of heels that are fricking awesome that I have never been able to wear because they have 3 inch heels.
7) Do not watch QVC or look at anything that promises easy pay over 6 months. Okay this will be tough so I will do this for 6 months.  3months.
8) Go one day without mentioning or thinking about what a horrendous  president we have.
9) Do not say "Laaaad day" Becky will be jumping thru hoops over this one.  She despises that I say this.  I actually have been working on this for the last few months.
10) Throw out my size six thongs.  I will never ever get those on again and keeping them in my drawer will not make it happen.  Likewise my bikini.
11) Get rid of half of the make up in my makeup drawer.  I don't wear purple, green or silver eye shadow. The cherry red blush was an epic fail choice and it won't change color the older it gets.  Oh and all those little perfume samples are going.  Most of them make me smell like a little old lady with BO no matter how many times I try to use them. 
12) Make just enough dinner for two so that there are no leftovers.
13) Throw out ALL the salad dressing that are in the fridge that are out of date by a year.  For that matter throw out everything in the fridge as most of it is out of date, moldy or glued to the Tupperware.
14) Give away at least 20 cookbooks, I think I only cook once a year and that is at Christmas.  Having all those cookbooks will never make me Martha Stewart. 
15)Give away anything in my closet that is a size 18 because God help me I will never get that big again. 
16) Blog at least twice a month.  It makes me happy and  I really need to be happy more often. 
17) Learn all the words to "Let it Go" from Frozen and sing it to my granddaughter Allison.  She won't care that I sound like a frog. 
18) Brush my dog Milo at least 3 times a week.  I'm tired of sleeping in a fur bed.  Teach Milo to hold still while I use the sweeper on him. The accessory hose on my Dyson works like a charm.  Milo however doesn't like it much. 
19)Correct my potty mouth.  I have grandchildren and  I cuss like a sailor.   Sydni and Rebekah will not be happy if their children start dropping the F bomb.  I will not blame Stan if that happens.
20) I will mentally review everything that I want to say before my mouth opens up at least 10% of the time.  Considering I never do that any verbal reticence on my part will be  vast improvement

Happy New Year to all my friends and relatives.  May this year bring you untold joy and blessings.

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