Sunday, April 5, 2015

Welcome to the World Patton Lee and Aster Leigh Garrard

Early in the morning of March 24 2015 I was waking up to go to Becky's to watch Winston so that she could go to work. She was to have an elected C-section on Friday March 27th. and intended to work up to that day.  Well she did work up to the day considering she worked on Monday.  Tuesday morning I got a call telling me her water broke and they were on their way over to drop Winston off for his Pawpaw to keep him.  I jumped up and got a shower and washed my hair.  I did NOT want my new grandchildren to meet me without hair fixed and makeup done.  Taunte Jill Forbes was notified and made arrangements to come to the hospital just a little later.  Becky was in the surgical waiting area when I arrived and was comfortable.  I was terrified.  I am a nurse and I know what kind of things can happen in surgery.  I really prayed that Jesus would be with her and the babies.   I got teary eyed when they took her in.  The scrub nurse reassured me when I told her to watch my baby.  She reassured me that the twins were going to be carefully monitored. NOT THEM!!!  I told her, of course everyone would have their eyes on the twins I have no doubt about that.  I made her promise that she would closely monitor my daughter. She hugged me and promised that Becky would be her first priority,  Francis Garrad(Grandma Gigi) Taunte Jill Forbes(Godmother to Patton) were with me when we heard the first cries.  And we cried.  They brought the babies out to us and the above are the first pix.  Becky came thru like a champ.  Dr. Bourque came out and reassured all of us that everyone was fine.  Patton weighed 6 lbs 11oz and Aster weighed 6 lbs 10 oz.  I was overjoyed at the blessings that God granted us.   Becky, Shane, and babies came home on the following Saturday.  Poor Winston was sick and did not return home for a week and that took a toll on his mom and dad.  Winston stayed with us and with Grandma Gigi and his poppop.  It is now Easter and I have purposed myself to get this blog out and I am happy to report that the babies are fine.  Winston has had some expected emotional issues but Shane and Becky are wonderful parents and are easing his way to big brotherhood.  On this day of rebirth when Jesus rose from the dead to open the gates of heaven for us I am ever minded of my great and abundant blessings.  Praise the Lord.

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