Friday, September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015

This day is the most difficult day in the year for me.  I wake up and when I realize the day, the tears start.  I cannot express adequately the heaviness on my heart that the memories evoke.  We have moved on but yet not. Our freedoms have been curtailed, we are suspicious of a whole religious group, we have to be aware in large groups for fear someone will decide they want to be a martyr for the cause of jihad.  We are fighting an enemy that holds no value for human life unless their religious beliefs are espoused.  Islamic terrorists are like a cancer that is slowly spreading throughout the world and has its tentacles in our great country.   We have lone wolf terrorists who believe that the killing of innocent men, women, and children is the way to please their Allah and usher their way into their Jannah where untold riches await them.  In their world there is no place for the "great satan" America and the state of Israel.  Our President has chosen to ignore the horrific spread of this cancer thus "they that shall not be named" is spreading  with the protection of political correctness. I worry for my grandchildren and their children. 

September 11, 2001 is the worst and best day that I have experienced in my lifetime.  It was a day that we were brought to our knees  and the last time that I can remember that we came together, all religions, all races, all AMERICANS and told the world that we are bruised but not broken.  It was the last time that our country has been united and stood together shoulder to shoulder.

Oh God, bless the families that were intimately touched by loss 14 years ago.  Protect our country from those outside forces and those internally who are working against us.  Protect Israel and provide safety to those in that country that battle daily for survival. Oh Lord put leaders in place in America that will put our country and its people first in their thoughts.  Lord make this anniversary a day that will reawaken the hearts of those who have become complacent and make them say "Never Again"

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