Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy birthday Rebekah

 You are 34 today and on the way to the hospital to have tubes put in the ears of your oldest child. It's a minor surgery unless you're  the mom of the child....I know honey. I have been there.......twice and I was terrified both times because I turned over the care of my son and daughter to a surgical team who didn't love them like I did.  What a start of your birthday.  This has been an eventful year as you have added two  more babies to your family,taken on a new job, and somehow continued to provide time to listen and advise those in your family who have grown to depend on your matter of fact wisdom.  I am so proud of you sweetheart in all that you do.  My wish for you this year is babies who sleep through the night, time to spend with your husband, alone time for you, and a moment or two to have fun in your craft room.  I wish you a year of blessings. You are now and always have been my baby girl and I love you to the moon and back

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