Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

This year I forgot to write my daily thankful list on Facebook like I did last year.  I really liked doing that because it brought to my mind daily each blessing that I have.    I am blessed with my husband, my  wonderful children and grandchildren. I love being a grandmother(Mimi) and  each time I see Winston, Allison, Aries and my little twins, Patton and Aster, I am filled with such awe that these little people are part of me.  Watching them grow has given me back all that I missed when my children were growing up.  I get up each day with a new ache and pain  BUT I am still getting up and each day I thank God for that big blessing.  I have a job that I really love and get to take care of people that over the years have become a part of my life.  I took care of a young girl last week and her mom reminded me that I was the one that told her she was pregnant and now the girl is 16.  Where has the time gone.  I quit smoking in May this year.  I still use a Vuse occasionally but my cough is gone.  I am thankful for that but I am having trouble being thankful  about the 20 lbs I have gained since then! I am thankful for the man in the ER who told me that I was a "big booteefull" woman because he made me laugh.  I am grateful for all my friends for without them I would be so much less.  I am thankful  for my interest in politics.  I would have never believed that a news program would be my choice for excellent television. I am thankful that I still believe that I can make a difference with my voice and with my vote.  I am thankful that there are those that don't believe the way I believe because it keeps me studying and on my toes.  I am thankful for the arthritis in my hands because it is a daily reminder that for the past 40 years I have taken care of others in their time of need.  I am thankful for my house with its  worn carpet and old kitchen flooring because so many don't have a home. I am thankful that I am  able to remember the touch of my mom and her voice.  I still miss her after all this time.  I am thankful that I am able to feel even if I do cry a lot.  I am thankful that I am able to cry because it is then that I am most able to go to God and intercede in prayer. I am thankful that each day still brings a new adventure, a new book to read, a new person to meet, a new idea to explore, and a new prayer to offer.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. 

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