Saturday, September 10, 2016


I have been asked by the two people that read this blog two questions.  The first being why I have not written in so long?   The answer is I don't know. My that was easy when actually the truth is a bit more complicated.   I think I have been lazy.  I have had so many many blog subjects running around in my head as I live out each day that I have not been able to sit down to write. My most fertile area of ideas comes from the ER but that pesky thing called HIPPA prevents me from capitalizing on what would be a potential best seller. The second question is why, after writing volumes on Obama during both of his election years, I have not put anything down about this current election.  The answer is quite simple.  I loathe that woman to such an extent that my blood pressure rises every time I  see that cow on TV. The fact that our current POTUS is campaigning for her adds to the vomit and headache factor.  Susan Hodge this blog is for you.

We are in an election with a seasoned politician vs. the reality TV King.  Well this would seem like a no brainer except that it's not.  Donald Trump beat out 17 Republican hopefuls, all seasoned 'statesmen' and I use that term loosely, to capture the crown.  He is rude, sometimes crude, insulting, and temperamental.  I  LOVE him.  Every time he opens his mouth he is speaking for me. I love the wall, I love the idea of deporting illegal aliens, I love the idea of getting rid of or revamping the so called Affordable Care Act.  I love that he is a business man and has great successful kids who adore him. I love love love the fact that he is not politically correct. We are rapidly becoming a nation of panty-waist whiney babies where a single word can send a person running to a lawyer because of emotional distress. I love the fact that he has not spent most of his adult life in Washington. I love the fact that he is smart enough to surround himself with brilliant people.   Lets address the complaints about him from the left of center.  He is a xenophobe.  Xenophobia: n. A person who is fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or of people from different countries or cultures. Donald Trump has business interests in Canada, Turkey, Panama, South Korea, the Philippines, India, Uruguay, Ireland , Scotland, Brazil, Azerbaijan, and Dubai to name the current few.  Maybe he had therapy to deal with his xenophobia because he has done very well dealing with all those foreigners successfully.  Homophobia: n.  The irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or anyone in the LGBT community.  It is well documented that he does not support non-traditional marriage.  I do not have any figures to know if he has any workers in the community but I would imagine that in the thousands of employees that he had there are more than a few.  There is documentation of  his friendships in the community. He can change his mind just as Hillary has.  I have gay friends who will be voting for him anyway because as one man put it.  "I trust him and like the majority of things he stands for".  Speaking frankly, because this is my blog I have a huge issue with transgenderism.  If you were born a man then you are still a man until you cut off your offending member. Like wise if you are a woman and want to be a man then until that time that you close off the canal and grow a penis(or have one made) you are still a woman.  You use the bathroom dictated by how you pee. Stay out of my bathroom and my dressing room.... but I digress. (there will be another blog about this issue).  Racist: n. A person who believes that a particular race is superior to another and Sexist: n. A person who has sexist attitudes or behaves in a sexist manner. Racist is most commonly a term used  to  describe feelings against African Americans and now Mexicans by Caucasians. Trump hires the best.  He runs a business and if you are African American, Hispanic or a woman and you are the best you will get a job.  There is no history of him refusing to  hire a person just because of the color of their skin, or their sex.  Bruce Levell  who founded the National Diversity Coalition  For Trump says he has met most of the top execs for Trump and he sees no  sign of discrimination. He is quoted as saying if " you're black, small, white or tall.  If you've got a gift and a talent he's going after you." It is a fact that he supports and encourages women in his organization to reach for the top and promote them in male dominated fields.  Islamaphobia: n. A dislike or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.  Well if you do not want people from countries that support terrorism to be allowed to enter our country at this time  and that is considered an Islamaphobic then I guess that includes one hell of a lot of Americans including me. FBI Director Comey stated to Congress that the government does not have the ability to  conduct  thorough background checks on all the  10,000 Syrian refugees that Obama administration wants to let into our country. Trump is correct.  At this time our borders need to be closed. As far a Illegals from Mexico goes that needs to stop as well.  You should not be allowed come into our country and receive any benefits that we grant our citizens. Mexico would not allow that to happen in their country so why should they condemn us for the same.

Hillary Clinton wants the job.  She is a sociopath. Sociopath: n. a person who  lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others.  A sociopath is often goal-oriented and have little regard or respect for the rights or feelings of others. Do you know how you can tell Hillary is telling the truth?  Her mouth is closed. I wish I could take credit for that.   Hillary is for women's rights.  Um hum.  Tell that to all the women Bill  slept with, raped or intimated. She eviscerated those women.  So women's rights only apply to certain women.   She repeatedly stated that she was against gay marriage but to give the cow her hay, she like Trump, can change her stand on that.  She and her husband have the Clinton pay-for-play Foundation.  I am sure that the Foundation  has done some good.  The main thing that it has helped has been the Clintons.  It is currently under investigation for multiple improprieties.  I do not believe that our current Justice Department will do anything.  The Attorney General Loretta Lynch will never touch her unless she kills someone on national TV. Books have been written about the Clinton and their corruption. I cannot even begin to cover everything.  It is easiest to say that she remains above the law. She has lied and lied and lied to the American Public and justifies it or blames it on someone else.  She has been given a pass from the FBI and the DOJ repeatedly on things that if you or I had committed we would never see the light of day.  I still want to know what happened with Benghazi and maintain that the blood of four Americans are on her.   She perpetuated the lie that the attack was caused by a video.  Her emails have been destroyed and wiped clean.  Remember when she said she only had a Blackberry to communicate  well make that  13 Blackberrys and 5 iPads. None of which were government issued.  She had her own server.  The FBI proved that she lied repeatedly about receiving and sending classified government information and they still did not bring charges against her.  Many of her communication devices were physically destroyed.  My guess is she didn't want anyone to get information about her daughters wedding or her yoga appointments.  When confronted with her lies she doubles down and continues to lie.  When confronted with FBI testimony about her lies her statement was that she heard it a different way.   I love it,  she has selective hearing.  She only hears really good things about herself.  She has condemned  Trump of being pro Russian.  It is darling Hillary that needs to answer how on her watch Russian was given control of 20%of the uranium production in the United States. If your interested look up the creation of "Uranium One" As the Russians gained control of Uranium One  money was given to the Clinton Foundation totaling over 2 million dollars.  At the same time Slick Willie the former president was given  half a million for a speech in Moscow.  He may be entertaining but what could he possibly say worth all that money.   Considering all that there are still those who  look the other way and consider her presidential material. 

I am obsessed with the news and will continue to be so until the election.  I will vote wearing Trump Red so that I can be identified as a supporter.  We need change we don't need another term of Obama. Our country is at stake. Our debt is staggering, our healthcare is in jeopardy, crime is escalating, our borders are a sieve.   I am willing to give the businessman a chance after all 8 years ago the country gave the biggest job in the land to Obama and he had no experience.. and how has that worked out for us.

PS: catty sexist comment ahead.... someone needs to fire her dresser or get her one which ever pertains.  Maybe her vision like her hearing is selective because she looks like hell in those ridiculous pant suits

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