Thursday, November 10, 2016


Last presidential election I blogged constantly against BHO.  I didn't like the way our country was headed, I hated the Affordable Health Care Act, I hated the way he was racially dividing the country, I hated the loss of jobs and the horror of our national debt. His success about job creation is posted all the time.  What is not listed is how many people have stopped looking for jobs so they don't count in the over all statistics.  What is ignored is the vast increase in people needing government assistance. What can be said I have often heard in the  months leading up to the election that "that was then and this is now".  Trump won.   I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat into Wednesday morning and when it was announced that he had won I cried tears of happiness and hope. Social media is on fire with people who are crying about Hillary.  I will never understand how those who supported her could over look all the damning emails, the double talk and the outright lies.   I don't like Bernie Sanders because he is a socialist BUT I am very glad he did not get the nomination.  He would have been difficult to beat.  If she had selected him as her running mate I believe that they might have won. How, after the emails came out, he continued to assist her is a mystery.  It is true that money does talk.

I voted for Trump because I am sick to death of the religion of political correctness.  We used to be tough in this country.  "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". I was raised that way.  I don't get offended when a patient addresses me as old or fat.  I am old and I am fat.  If I don't like it I can change.  Well I can change the fat part unfortunately  the age part I am stuck with. I don't need the government or legislation to "protect" me from words.  I can take care of myself,  We now have a generation of wimps, and pussies, who run to an attorney when their feelings get hurt.  We are being forced to accept a "vocal" change of sexual gender and share our dressing rooms and bathrooms by someone who feels like they are a woman.  If you feel that strongly then get a sex change but do not expect me to pay for the process. If you cannot afford it then get a job, save your money and go through the process but until then use the facilities based on your birth parts. Liberals in our country are speaking out about gender neutrality .  No more he and she, nothing that indicates the gender of the person with whom you are speaking because you might offend them. Oh for God's sake  this is just plain horse poop. It is an education watching my boy and girl twin grandchildren.  Since early months there is no question that Patton is a boy and Aster is a girl by their actions.  My daughter  and son in law are not forcing HER into gender neutral clothes(she likes her frilly sparkly things and her jewelry)nor are they insisting that Patton not be able to play with dolls but he seems to like to play with cars more.

 The advent of social media we have witnessed a level of cruelty not ever documented before and the genie can never return to the bottle.  I place the blame of the cruel things coming out of their children's mouth directly on the way they were raised.  Parents who tolerate rudeness and unacceptable behavior are to blame.  Refusal to discipline your little prince or princess are to blame. Never believing that your children are capable of horrible actions is delusional  and I see this daily just going to the store.  Parents who allow their children unfettered access to the internet are to blame.  Children need guidance and discipline and parents need to be able to apply a paddle to their butts without worrying that the state is going to visit them.    What I find amusing is the number of times the police down here are called to homes by parents because their children are acting up. It is not the job of the government to tell us how to raise our kids.  This segues into what is happening just after the election.  High schools mostly in California and several colleges have canceled classes, tests and school to help them "cope" with the Trump win they are so very very fragile.  That is a parental failure.  Gee I can't remember that happening with Romney supporters in 2012.  We just sent our kids to school and went to work.  That speaks volumes  about the type of people that are Hillary democrats.  Look in our streets at the post election riots, burnings, and public damage that is being done.  That never happened when republicans lost.  We take our lumps like adults.  I would make a huge bet that the non college protests are being wound up by a George Soros company with professional protesters. I would also bet that not one in ten of those losers  voted.  I would also bet that most of them do not work.. Looking on TV you see a majority of young people that appear under thirty. Your parent's failure is evident.  One young lady on the news is stating that people are going to die because the election.

I want the borders closed.  I want a wall with a very small door.  You want to move here do it legally.  If you are here illegally then go home.  Now.  The wall can easily be built if you charge a transfer fee to all money sent back into Mexico.  Charge an entrance and exit fee for an administrative cost for anyone leaving the southern border of the United States either by land sea or air.   That is punishing us you might think.... nope it will hit our southern neighbors who depend on tourism for their livelihoods.  My bet is Mexico will make it up on one end or the other. I do not want refugees over here from any country that sponsors terrorism.   Set up camps or centers in countries that have the same values and beliefs.  You know the beliefs I am talking about...  the ones that believe that women are inferior and can be stoned at will, the ones that kill homosexuals, the ones that believe it is appropriate to marry a 12 year old. The belief that Sharia law should be the law of the land.   They can have their own place and we will even protect them and provide food. 

I voted for Trump because I want the Iran deal decimated.  They have repeatedly gone against the "deal" and we are ignoring that fact.  They are an immediate threat to Israel.  Netanyahu is happy with our choice of president.  They are our strongest allies in that region and they need our support.  I want ISIS destroyed sooner than later.  Obama and Clinton's failure in dealing with that group has set us back months if not years.  I want financial and military action to destroy any terrorist group. 

I voted for Trump because of the non-Affordable Care Act.  I said in the beginning in a blog that it was designed to fail.  I actually read it.  I didn't understand a lot and had to spend time researching what the hell they said. It took me months but I read it. The costs are skyrocketing and it will implode on itself.  Don't forget we were promised that it would save us money AND we would be able to keep our doctors.  All lovely lies.    I really believe that we are on an trip of no return into a single payer system.  Keep in mind that is what Hillary and Obama wanted and I believe that the ACA was set up to fail to usher in a single payer system.  I do not think that we will be able to change much.  What I want changed is that working people should  not have to subsidize  your insurance with their coverage.  I am now on Medicare and it scares the shit out of me.  I pray that under Trump we will not have a government group deciding what we deserve.  I do not like what the ACA has done to our hospital and doctor reimbursements they are pitiful and put us in a terrible position of losing funds for many reasons based on how we are graded. 

I voted for Trump because he is an outsider and a businessman.  We are in debt up to our eyeballs our children and grandchildren will be paying our debt.  This can no longer be blamed on Bush.  This  is all Obama.  He has enriched the "entitlement" generation.  We have people who are living off the government and have no intention of working if jobs were available.  I believe that those who have lost jobs and hope will find a light at the end of the tunnel as soon as Trump takes office.  I was at the store and was standing in front of a girl in scrubs. I asked where she worked.  This is a quote " I don't work, I have 2 children.  I told her I worked and I had two children.  She told me that she didn't have to that she had benefits.   By the way she was not married. She does deserve kudos for  talking to me and not telling me to mind my own business.

I voted for Trump because I am tired of our lawlessness.  I am tired that protests are an excuse for looting and burning property.  I love his support of the police in our nation.  Yes there are bad cops just like nurses, doctors, teachers and preachers.  We need to weed them out.  But a group who espouses the murder of police officers should be listed as terrorists.   I voted for Trump because I love our military and they have been forgotten.  He will bring hope to our veterans and build up our military.  We cannot bring over and support refugees when we have our veterans in such dire circumstances.  They earned that money. 

I voted for Trump because I genuinely like him.  I don't like everything he says.  But, and this is a big but, he is brash and says what is on his mind there is no question what he thinks and I like that.  I like it a lot.  I believe he is more moderate then people think and that is okay.  I just want to have my country out of the clutches of the liberal fanatics that have been operating unfettered for the last 8 years.  Half of us are fiscally, emotionally, and morally conservative and we have a voice. What the left CANNOT stand is that part of that half are gay, lesbian, black, Hispanic, those with education and those who are blue collar. Our half spoke on November 8th.    

I do not like Obama in any way but I have never missed a night praying for his safety and that of his family.  I can bet that there are few if any liberals who will pray for our choice.  They are not made that way.  I will pray everyday for Donald Trump and his family.   God protect him and guide him during this time  and during the next four years. 

This blog is dedicated to my sister Barbara Heibel.  She would have supported Trump and praised his victory.  I wish you had been here!!!

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