Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas, Mardi Gras and the Apollo Ball

We had a great Christmas this year. I was of course on prednisone so I was everything to everyone, did it all, wrapped it all, cooked it all, manic over the top happy. I felt like one of those cartoon characters with the big buggy eyes. I think, honestly, that I slept only about 2 -3 hours a day for about 10 days. But boy-howdy did I get things done. I took off the night before our 'Christmas eve" on that Friday and was awake at 3 am and had all the casseroles and jello thingies put together before breakfast. I had the dishes done, cleaned the crystal, china and silver. I was zipping around like a maniac and really didn't think anything was wrong until I decided that I needed to cut my hair ala Brittany Spears..... and stopped myself...thank God. I then did the next dumb thing and got in the car and drove. You see folks to every good thing(the feeling wonderful and no pain of the prednisone) there is a potential down side(crazy manic behavior....whew)I did make it my salon and Laurie Lemelle cut my hair enough to make me happy. She must have thought I was crazy especially when the crying commenced.
At any rate the physical act of getting out of the house and doing something calmed me down enough that I made it home. I never did take a nap and by evening dinner I was in good form. I don't believe I acted stupid but I am telling you I got everything done. It is a somewhat false accomplishment but still I did it. We had 15 people dine with us and it was a delicious meal. I finished up the preparing the breakfast casseroles with help from Ginny and Taylor and bid them good bye about midnight. By 4am I was back up, lit the fire, lit the tree, finished the leftover dirty dishes, mopped the kitchen floor, put the casseroles in the oven, started the meat, beat the eggs and made the Mimosas, let the dogs out and made the coffee. I was READY. Christmas again was good. Shane and Becky came over at 630am and we ate and opened presents. It was a lovely time. Joshua said this was the best ever. Below is our family picture 2007.
Becky and Shane at the Apollo Ball

Next on to New Years Eve. Those of you not from around here may be unfamiliar with the Mardi Gras Season of huge parties prior to Lent starting. There are multiple social clubs called Krewes. Each krewe puts on a party and takes part in parades where you eat drink, be merry and catch beads. It really is a delightful part of the Lenten season. On New Years Eve The Krewe of Apollo put on their bash. We had a blast. This years theme was Gods, Goddesses, Kings and of course Queens. Apollo is the gay krewe and is the best fun to go to. This year you could come in costume or formal with a mask. Becky, Shane, Emile(Shane's friend) Becky's friend from work, Joshua, Desiree and her husband Patrick,Jeremy, Lisa, Lauren, Cory, and yours truly all sat at the same table. You all, did we have a good time...YES!!!!! Becky entered the costume contest, Joshua and Cory escorted Ted Viator(he went as Aphrodite) around the room in a chariot, throwing beads. We danced laughed, visited and drank champagne until midnight then went to breakfast. I haven't been out, really out since I can remember and this was the best time.
Look at my babies. Aren't they just the best!!

I am now off my Prednisone and am waiting to see if the pain in my hands and wrists return. I was able to do so much during the holidays that it will be a shame if I get 'stove' up again but I am feeling more normal now and was finally able to sleep 6 hours the other day and that is a true blessing.

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