Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stanley and Presents

It was a good day yesterday and I thought that I should at least mention part of the reason why. Stanley without a peep got up as soon as I got home and took me to the mall at about 8am to catch the early AM sales to finish off our shopping for our late Christmas. I really was to tired to drive alone and I didn't have any gas and he needed to see that my oil was out and then he would take care of that for me. Sure as shoot he got in the car and said, "you need gas". Then the oil thingy went off and he said "I need to go get your oil changed" Now I know that irritates the snot out of him that I don't pay attention to the cars. In fact he pretty much has a whole family who believe that if the car starts then...hey!!!!! whats to take care of!!! I don't NOT pay attention on fact I see the damn thing blink every time I get in the's just after a few blinks it goes by way of my subconscious. Well at any rate because I work quite a few hours and he is on vacation I know that he will take care of that for me and I am grateful...sometimes I forget to say that so here it is for all my two relatives to read about it. Thanks Stanley!!!!
I am a present hog. I love presents. I love to open doesn't have to be much, just paper and tape and I am in my element. So yesterday I reached a new maturity level after 56 years. I asked Stan if he had finished shopping for me and he said he had a few little things and I sat there thinking about the gas he just put in the car and the fact that I know he is just going to do the oil for me and I told him that what he has was enough. He got pretty quiet and it is hard to figure out what a man is thinking.... he probably thought it was a trick statement that what I really meant was that he had better get his butt to the closest jewelry store... but Stan if you are reading this.... you gave me the generous gift of your time yesterday without complaint, ran me all over town, fed me breakfast, gassed me up and I just know that the oil is going to be fixed AND you are shopping for all the food we are going to be eating at our home with our friends... so sweetie you have done enough.
I love you, Merry Christmas.

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