Friday, February 1, 2008

Talking Stoves, New Years Resolutions and Missing Teeth

Here it is the end of January and I have yet to enter an obvious blog.. one concerning my New Years Resolutions. Have you ever really thought about how many people ASK you what your resolutions are. This really is not their business and I felt that I could tell the asking party that not telling was my resolution. That didn't work and got very confusing to all.
Ms. X: okay Debbie what is your New Years Resolution this year?
Me: My resolution is not to tell anyone what my resolutions are.
Ms. X; what a good idea, so , now what are they?
Me: I am not telling
Ms. X: Well why on earth not??
Me: Well, its my New Years Resolution.
Ms. X: what is???
Me: Not telling
Ms. X: Not telling what??
My resolution for the three of you that read this is to lose weight and to save money for the wedding. I am not doing well with either one. I must admit though that I gave up on Nutrisystem.. not because it didn't work because it did BUT, I can't afford it. So I started sugar busters again. I am also being faithful to the gym and Joshua is helping me even though I try his patience at every turn. I had a cheating week when I really ate a lot of milkshakes because I had a tooth pulled. My dentist the wonderful Dr. Huff, in Lafayette, pulled one of my back teeth out because it was too far gone to save without a root canal and that was going to set me back 2000.00 bucks. I called Stan because I wanted confirmation that it was the best thing to do. I was hysterical, not because of losing the tooth but because I am terrified of pain. When I was a child my mother took us to a dentist in Columbus, Ohio named Dr. Sparks. That nasty, mean, cruel man pulled a molar from my mouth that was abscessed. I was about 6 and he didn't use an Novocaine. He said bad little girls didn't get any. I felt like an idiot in Dr. Huffs chair. He is an awesome dentist and has caused me no pain but its the POTENTIAL that gets to me... and I cried like a baby. I had snot dripping down my nose and had a death grip on his assistant, Joey's, hand. It came out and I was still alive and still hiccuping from the tears. I drank a lot of milkshakes and fell off the diet wagon. I am still thinking the wedding is a year away... I nearly poopooed when someone pointed out that it was going to be here in 7-8 months. I really have to get on the ball.

I was sitting having my diet breakfast the other morning and Stan tells me the stove is talking in French or some other language. I didn't bat an eye because I have a stove that lets you know by readout if you need to do something. I had noticed that I couldn't read it the other day and was profoundly greatful to Stan that he pointed out it was in another language. I really thought that I was having cognitive problems. So today in exercise I tell Joshua that the stove is talking to me in French and does he know anything about that? To which he says to me "so what is zee stove saying to you madam...queek, queek, zee toast it is burning" and on and on... he just kept it up, it was really funny but you had to be there... he had me laughing till my side hurt.

I went to see my nurse practitioner, the awesome Amy Guidry who is with Dr. Wiltz in St. Martinville. I am off the prednisone and really don't want to take it anymore and she gave me some other pills to take. So today I feel pretty good and was able to exercise without crippling myself. Better living through chemistry and all that!!!. Alot of my aches and pains will be lessened when I shave off the pounds so if taking medication helps me do that then I will take the pills and quit bitching.
I really have a lot to share in the next few days. I am going to post about Josh and Desiree's new business location and I have before and after pics that are just stunning.
Becky and I went to see the decorator and planner for the wedding and that will be another blog... hummmm what else..... I guess I will keep the blog updated as to my exercise regime and weight loss it might keep me on target. Till later dear friends.


Carrie White said...

I am exercising like a maniac and am not losing weight. Could it three snacks at night?! I thought exercising would negate all my eating? From the looks of my butt, I guess not. And how do I know what my butt looks like?! Because my wonderful son Joel, who will NOT live to see his next birthday, took a picture of me bent over! I have since posted the picture on my blog. (NOT! What do you think I am fat AND stupid?!)

Anyway, thanks for the post and for making me laugh. I get sad when I don't see an Aunt Debbie post for such a long time. Does the stove speaking french do "anything" for you?

Anonymous said...

Aunt Debbie: I love reading your blogs. Keep it up! Love, Mindy