Friday, February 1, 2008

Is a Clean Bowel really Important

I have been on a health kick the past month or so mainly because I am having so many problems with my hands that I feel are the result of the Arimedex that I take for cancer prevention. ( that was a huge run-on sentence... so deal with it) I am back on sugar busters( with that week break that I mentioned) because sugar is toxic for your body and I feel much better when I follow the diet. I have also been reading about having a clean bowel. You have no idea how many on line things you can get into about cleansing your bowel tract from the everyday toxins. One place a herbal medicine shop even has the most gaggy pictures I have ever seen. These nuts take the herbal bowel preparation and then after they produce the results... they use the hook provided in their kit to hoist that...ummmm product of digestion..... out of the toilet so that they can take a picture to send into the company who then puts it on-line. Excluding them there is alot of stuff out there about poo. I decided after much deliberation after reading pros and cons to err on the side of the pooees and sent off for my first of 3 bowel cleansing kits.... paid 50.00 for the bitch and didn't shit for a week. I then got talked into another radio infomercial brand called Colon Cleanse... I think that was about 35.oo and again did not achieve nirvana from a dirty duodenum. My ER doc tells me that for 10 bucks he could have given me a prescription for go-lytly and I would have crapped for a week. You see though, I don't think the cheap stuff works. I think you have to pay more money to really make it work and have a squeaky clean colon. So I tried my third thing and still did not do the job so to speak. I must have the worlds most resistant intestines to medication because swallow a mouth full of spinach and I am in the bathroom 6 times. So I am still on the quest for something that will empty my body of the toxins that I have been ingesting low these many years and that will greatly improve my quality of life that doesn't involve putting 5 liters of fluid up my behind like one homeopathic doctor suggested. The thought that has occurred to me is that all this stuff that I have been taking will suddenly let loose, all at once, at some place that would be totally inappropriate. You all will be able to tell if it works because I will be wildly healthy looking, , will have abounding energy, will have the glow of well being, and my skin will be alight from the inside, I will lose at least 20 pounds of belly fat, and I think my hair will grow too.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you're talking about this. I was just watching a special on this subject...or maybe it was an info-mercial & I thought that I needed to do this too. Anyway, they were talking about toddlers and how they can "shit a brick" per say and how big their poo can be without ripping their butthole open. They went on to say how this is the way it should be with adults as well. Children's poo is so big in diameter because children are healthier & eat better than adults & have no build-up of "stuff" in their inner pipes - same concept as arteriosclerosis.
(I'm sure you already know this though)
Love, Mindy

Anonymous said...

try Never tried but looks unbelievable... let us know